The House Party

I found out there was a party on through a local social group. I phoned up the host to ask about the party and she warned me that it might turn into an orgy. I wasn’t really looking for an orgy type party but my cock started to do the thinking for me at that point and so I told her that I would like to attend and she gave me the address.

It was a quiet little street about twenty minutes from my place and I fronted up at the specified time. Our host greeted me, a pleasant woman both to listen to and to view. Her low cut blouse was very nice and she smiled a cheeky grin as I looked down her cleavage before she showed me in. I handed her my entrance fee which was pretty cheap as it was just to cover soft drinks, condoms and tissues etc. She directed me through and into the back “playroom”.

There were about five or six people already there and most were fully clothed except for one guy who was completely naked and standing talking to a woman with a drink in his hand as cool as you like. Interestingly enough, his cock was flaccid and dangled down pathetically. Our host indicated that this was the main room but there was another bedroom through a doorway to our right. The door bell rang and she excused herself and went to answer it. She had instructed me to make myself at home and to help myself to a drink. I poured a coke as alcohol and my cock stiffness don’t go well together and also I just wanted to have something in my hand. I decided to have a look in the bedroom. I peeped through the door way, the room was dim and there was a naked couple going at it on the bed. I watched his arse rise and fall and looked at her face. She had her eyes open and looked directly and intently straight at me seemingly ignoring the guy doing his best to root her into next week. I watched and listened to them grunting and groaning for a while before returning to the playroom. Four or five others had arrived; mostly guys and some of the others had started to get naked. The host had told me on the phone when I first enquired that it was a “get naked after the first fifteen minutes or leave” party/orgy.

I haven’t been to many orgies but some are just come along and watch if you want to and other like this one have set rules. I complied with the rules and stripped off, stowing my clothes in a cupboard and stood there in the main room, drink in one hand and stroking my tool with the other, concentrating and trying not to get the actions mixed up as I stared at tits and arses around the room. The action was hotting up and on a king sized bed on one side of the play room, there were two women and three or four guy rooting them or having them suck their cocks. One guy was doing a woman doggy style and another guy was queuing and waiting for the first to finish, stroking his meat as he waited. The first guy hopped off and the other fellow, who was a little overweight struggled onto the bed on his knees, positioned himself and his cock behind her and after a few attempts at blindly poking, he plunged his tool into her waiting twat. He took hold of her hips and staring blankly over her back at the wall; he closed his eyes and rooted her slowly but steadily. I couldn’t help but wonder what I looked like when I was rooting. The other woman was on her back with her legs bent at the knees and up in the air with a guy mounting her missionary style, his white arse and hips thrusting into her. I have always found that sight of a woman’s feet and bended knees protruding out either side of a man’s body as he mounts her very horny. It is so basic and unladylike on her part and proves that once you get passed the sophistication we really are just animals. One relatively athletic young couple were going at it up against the wall. He was supporting her off the ground, her arms were around his neck, his cock was buried up inside her and her legs were semi wrapped around him but not locked as he held her up with his hands under her thighs, administering sporadic, stabbing sort of humps up into her twat. She wasn’t very heavy looking but I couldn’t help but wonder how long he could keep that up before collapsing. It wasn’t long I seem to remember but it did look horny at the time.

Our hostess came up to me and asked how I was doing. She had stripped off and I replied to her breasts initially and then finally to her face that it was a good gathering with a reasonable ratio of men to women. Some of these gigs are heavily weighted with men in my experience although I have heard the opposite from some women I have spoken to over the years. She was glad I was enjoying myself and I brazenly moved back slightly to check out her body without a break in the conversation. She had nice hips and her thighs curved down to form that lovely V between her legs adorned with a neatly trimmed amount of pubic hair that didn’t in anyway detract from the slit of her plump twat. I asked if I could feel her up and she nodded her head as we continued to chat about drivel from then on as I can’t for the life of me remember what we were saying. Lust had taking over my brain from that point on.

I slipped my finger between her labia lips and onto her clit, commenting on the nice colour of the curtains or something similar as I did so. She bent forward slightly grabbing my arm for support and the conversation went silent briefly as I rubbed up and down over her clit and slipped my finger down into her hole poking away for all I was worth. I do so love fingering a woman. A woman’s hole seems such a forbidden place for a man to have his fingers which is probably what makes it so attractive to me. When she could talk again she told me she had been looking for that colour curtain for so time. All of this time I had been rubbing my tool up and down the side of her leg, humping into her like a randy dog. She took over and took a good hold of my meat and pulled on it as I continued fingering her. There were ooos and ahhs from both of us as we tried to continue our conversation. My tool was like a rock. It was so hard it was hurting.

Our host turned her back to me and backed her butt up against my cock and rubbed up and down. I held her shoulders, sucked her ear lobe and licked and bit her on the neck. She had nice nipples and I pinched and pulled on them between squeezing her tits and cupping my hands below them to feel the weight. I juggled them up and down and enjoyed my squeezing of them and then dispatched a hand to finger her twat again. I grabbed her tits and massaged them and bit her on the neck again. She rocked her head over to give me better access to her lovely neck as we both looked out into the room from our vantage point against the wall. She pointed out her husband who had his cock buried deep inside one of the women on the bed. He was definitely batting above his pay grade (pardon the mixed metaphor). He was overweight and not what you would call a handsome man, whereas she (our hostess) had a pretty face and lovely body for an almost middle aged woman (she was probably 45 and I was about 52 at the time) and a nice personality. That was one thing the husband did have going for himself, as I met him later and he was a nice bloke.

I was enjoying my neck biting, tit squeezing, cock-rubbing-up-against-her-bum and twat fingering of our host when her husband who had dismounted the woman on the bed, walked past without batting an eyelid in our direction, even though I was molesting his wife and had my hands and mouth and penis all over her body.

As I was slurped and munched on her neck I raised my eyes and watched him go past and out of the room before coming back with a large and particularly thick pink plastic dong and returning to the woman he had just dismounted. The woman assumed the doggie position; he took the dong and applied it to her twat from behind. This thing was amazingly thick and it took some doing getting it into her twat but after a bit of work and squealing and insisting he go slowly by her, it went in. The girth of this device, that was obviously modeled on some alien from outer space or perhaps King Kong, must have been the attraction for her as there was no shortage of real penises available but obviously of smaller diameters. He and another guy knelt behind her and took it in turns pushing it in and out of her. She was looking around at them but I couldn’t hear what she was saying. He stood up and leaving the other guy to keep the dong going into her he then took some lube and squirted it on her arse hole before massaging it in for a few seconds. His cock followed shortly after as he did her in the arse with his average length but also quite thick cock. The sight made me wince as I watched it penetrate her. I am sure it must have hurt. As we watched all of this I had my face right beside his wife’s face and I bit her on the neck every so often or sucked on her ear lobe. I whispered in her ear, “what do you think of that?”. She replied “better her than me! I have had that thing (referring to his thick cock, not the dong) in my arse before and it bloody well hurts! However that is my dong he is using on her (it is?! I though to myself). I will have to throw it out tomorrow”. I had to laugh. Then I said “so you don’t like taking a cock in your bottom?”. She replied that she quite likes a cock in her arse but just not his. Firstly it is too thick and secondly so is he. I don’t think there was any love lost between our host couple. She went on to say that she wouldn’t mind me fucking her as well as doing her in the arse but someone had just arrived and so I would have to amuse myself with someone else for a while. I wasn’t sure whether I was getting the brush off or not but there was another couple arriving (late) so I decided to accept her explanation at face value. She seemed to be best buds with the woman of the couple that arrived and they disappeared into the kitchen together cackling away so I wasn’t counting on having either of her hot holes wrapped around my heat/moisture seeking missile any time soon.

I felt naked standing there without a woman. Her body had been nice and warm to be up against. Sigh, oh well. I looked around and spied a woman being chatted up by a guy who she didn’t seem to be interested in and she soon walked away from him leaving him with a dumb look on his face and holding his tool. I watched as she went over and refreshed her drink. She was of average to solid build with as slight bulge of middle age fat on her stomach and big tits which was the initial attraction for me. I approached her and started a conversation, “do you come her often?” sort of thing to which she replied that she knew the host (or is that hostess?) and her hubby and so yes she came here often. I was blatantly looking at her tits and asked her if I could feel them. She obliged by swinging them around for me to fondle. I got rid of my glass at lightning speed and took hold of her magnificent orbs with both hands. Some of my pre-cum had deposited itself on my hand as I stroked myself and it wiped off on her tit as I fondled it for which I apologized. She said that she expected lots more as well as actual cum to be deposited on her tits before the night was out and so it was not a problem.

I bent down and started to suck on her nipple and to squeeze her other tit tighter. She stuck out her chest and reached down for my tool and stroked it slowly. I put my face between her tits and licked them all over, sucking each nipple as I passed it, before rubbing my face in between them. I was having a great time when she stopped me and suggested we adjourned to a mattress lying on the floor in the corner of the playroom. She took me by the hand and led me to the mattress. As we arrived a fellow came up to her and had a word in her ear. It turned out it was her husband and she introduced him.

She explained that he wanted her to suck him but she wanted to suck me and so as a compromise she would suck both of us and was that ok with me. I couldn’t see why not and so she knelt between us on the mattress. My cock was standing out straight in anticipation of what was to come, his cock was only half erect I suppose out of familiarity since she had probably sucked him off many times. His cock was smaller than mine (YES!!!) which made a nice change as usually in those encounters; my standard issue six inch model is monstered by a seven or eight incher(s) which doesn’t do much for ones ego.

We stood either side of her face and she took both tools in hand and wiped the knobs on each other which I wasn’t really ready for before she sucked both at the same time, endeavoring to get both knobs into her mouth. She failed. I wasn’t sure how I felt about having another guy’s cock rubbing up against mine. Before I had a chance to complain, she slurped down on me first and gave me a vigorous right seeing to which nearly made my knees buckle with pleasure and made me lose whatever thread I was thinking at that point. I held onto her shoulders for support. She switched to him for a few sucks but she didn’t seem terribly interested in him as I suppose she can suck him any old time and she was here to after all to fuck other people. He wandered off and left us to our debauchery. She concentrated on sucking me for all she was worth, alternating between toothing (something that has never really done anything for me) the knob and sucking just the knob and then going for it and gobbling down the whole device, shaft and all. There was nothing to lean on or support myself against, so my legs just had to put up with the situation as I stood there with my hips and groin thrust out enduring her oral onslaught. I had to hold her head if for nothing else, support but also it seems more animalistic to hold the woman’s head when you are fucking her face and if she doesn’t mind (and she didn’t seem to) it is even more horny.

I must have been slowing or maybe she wanted a break, or maybe she had taken mercy on my weakening back muscles or her knees were hurting but she took me by the hand once more and dragged me down onto the mattress and onto my back. She sucked down on my cock once more, slurping away making deliciously horny sounds and fondling my balls as I lie there almost loosing consciousness as the waves of pleasure washed over me. I lifted my head up as much as I could to watch and so I could remember the scene for future wanking. It was so horny to watch, I could feel my orgasm welling up in me and I had to stop her as I was about to blow my load and I didn’t want that just yet. I told her I should be reciprocating and she got my drift and moved to my head and threw her leg over my face. She positioned her twat over my face and lowered it down engulfing my nose and mouth. My eyes were viewing her clit and labia close up at first hand as I licked and slurped around her snatch trying to breathe at the same time as she took hold of my head and pulled it into her twat. She rubbed her twat up and down my face and generally ground into me. It alternated from being pitch black when her twat engulfed my eyes to dim room light and not being able to breathe as she covered my mouth and nose. She was relishing having my tongue dart up into her hole. She released my head long enough to see if I was alright and I could see her husband had returned and was standing there with another woman as he pulled his tool. The husband had a word in the wife’s ear and she turned to me and told me that they had asked if he and the other woman could suck my cock.

I hadn’t had a guy suck my cock before and I wasn’t too sure about that but then I couldn’t really see what was happening down at my cock and so I agreed. The room went dark again as she ground her twat’s plump labia lips into my face briefly before light returned once more. The husband and the other woman had disappeared out of my view but my cock and balls were being pulled on and played with by what must have been four hands and then I felt a mouth slurp my knob in before engulfing my entire shaft briefly as I could feel the lips around the base of my shaft. I didn’t know whether it was the woman or the guy and the wife still had her body between me and the others. I had stopped servicing the wife as I wondered about the gender of whoever was gobbling me. The wife wasn’t impressed and insisted that I concentrate on her twat. It was difficult to concentrate but I resumed and nibbled and sucked on her clit. After a few sucks and slurps she seemed to be enjoying herself again judging by the moans and groans emanating from her and the quivering vibrations of her thighs that were wrapped around the side of my head. The cock and ball sucking was excellent and combined with the hand job at the same time, it was difficult to control my orgasm and I blew with a gush which consisted of at least two of good squirts that I could feel and a couple of small ones as well. The wife hopped off just about then revealing that the other woman and the guy were still attending my cock. She had hold of my shaft, giving a last few jerking pulls and then squeezing the last cum up my urethra and out onto the top of my knob. He was still hovering over my knob and had my cum shot over the side of his face and some was dribbling down out of his mouth. He wiped the cum off the side of his face and slurped in the remaining cum she had just squeezed out of my knob. He had a big smile on his face and I wasn’t too sure how I felt. After all, a guy had just brought me off with one of the best head/hand jobs I have ever had and was gulping down my hot jism with delight and that rocked my heterosexual mind to its foundations.

That party stuck in my mind for two reasons. The first was the excellent blow job from a bloke which unnerved my hetero side somewhat. I am happy to say that since then over the years I have had other memorable blow jobs from women that were even better than the guy’s effort which cheered up my hetero side no end and the second is that I got together with the hostess a few times after that and although she didn’t mind taking it in the arse, we usually just chatted and humped the morning or afternoon away. I prefer one on one with someone you like to orgies.

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