Submissive Excitement

Dominance & Submission are a big kink for many. However it's also daunting. One person's fantasy is not necessarily that of another, moreover we have shifting goalposts of what submission truely means. What has always turned me on, is working out what your version is, and making that a reality. This story is many years old now, back when I had recently graduated university and was first exploring the dom/sub dynamic.

I've always had an interest with anything adventurous. Older women were always particularly sexy. The the thought of taking control of an older woman's body, making her wet with excitement, before making her climax for me over and over, that was and is very erotic. So this day I was particularly pleased when I met Mel.

Mel was around 45 years old (about twice my age at the time). She had a child at home, but was in good shape and still had an active libido. After we started talking it very quickly became apparent she craved a dominant man.

We arranged to meet for a drink after dark. It was right in Melbourne CBD, a perfect venue to suss each other out before we got serious. She walked in wearing exactly what I had told her to. A short black dress, with knee high boots. Her hair was done, her makeup perfect, and her smile was one of a woman already aroused.

We chatted about fantasies, and she told me she was new to submission. She had always fantasies about taking instruction, but didn't want to feel like a slave (although she grew to desire that subsequent meetings).

All of a sudden I stopped talking. I ran my hand inside her dress, up her legs, thighs and onto her very wet knickers. She looked shocked at the suddenness, but quickly her face changes to wild desire. When I finally spoke, the words came out in the form of very clear demands. "Go to the bathroom. Remove those wet knickers. Come back here and give them to me!"

Like an Olympic racer she shot up and half ran to the bathroom. Her fantasy was coming true and she made no secrets about it. When she returned and handed me her soaked lacy black knickers, you could see the desire deep in her eyes. The scent of her sex filled our little area. "You are going to cum over and over for me tonight my little strumpet". With that, I took her by the hand and we walked to the car.

In the car park I pushed her forcefully against the car. We kissed passionately, her hands starting to explore my athletic body. I ran my hands again beneath her dress and felt a veritable waterfall running between her thighs. The car trip back to my place took only 15 minutes, but it felt like a lot longer for her. Across the whole time I had her legs spread and was gently teasing her clit with my index finger. Not enough to climax, but plenty to drive her wild.

Back at my apartment it was time for her first challenge. I poured her a glass of wine and took her out to the balcony. There I sat, and told her before she joined me, she had one task to complete. She had to strip completely naked in front of me. Whilst it's not a terribly visible balcony, it's enough to cause the fear of being caught. Again I was impressed with how quickly she obliged me. Soon she was naked, standing in the warm summer air.

I had her get down on her knees and slowly remove my clothes. She looked at my cock longingly, gently stroking it and cupping my balls. She was instructed to take it in her mouth, but not to make me cum. I've always loved delaying my orgasm so I can leverage the testosterone to best play with you first.

On the balcony I have a small table. I ordered her to get on top of it on all fours. It was time for her 'inspection'. This really triggered something in her, her wetness turned to a flood of excitement as she was forced to display herself to me. Her beautiful petite body glowed in the moonlight, her sexy ass pointing in the air. Now was my time to see her really perform for me....

From behind my tongue immediately gravitated to her sweet spot. She almost jumped with delight as I teased her clit and greedily lapped at her wetness. Her body grew tense with the desire to climax, but every time she got close I would tell her off, and stop playing with her, only to start again shortly after. After a few rounds of this, it was time to take it up a notch. She was already begging to climax, when my fingers found their way to her gspot. It grew instantly, like a water balloon inside her. Loudly she started to pant and beg to orgasm. Then my tongue found her ass and she screamed. The orgasm ripped through her, my tongue on her rosebud, fingers on her gspot. As she came my fingers were crushed by her intense spasm that rocked her over and over for what seemed like a minute or more.

We spent the rest of that night having sexy in every conceivable position. I used ice on her, toys and more. We even fucked over the balcony looking over busy Chapel St. Needless to say, we met up many more times over the years, the submission going further and further each time. We still stay in touch occasionally, just via email, but always with a hint of the fun we once had together....


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