Night time Quicky

This is a true story.

So we were Child free for the evening. We decided to go out for dinner and enjoy a drink.
So we decided to have showers and get dressed for dinner whilst Mrs Open was blow drying her hair I decided to find her butt plug. It’s only a little one and she is wanting to try anal (when she is comfortable). So I put it on the bed with the desensitizing lube. When I went back in to the bedroom it was no longer on the bed and I knew by the walk that it was somewhere else.
We went to dinner nothing exciting happened and we enjoyed a few drinks and a good chat all the while I knew I had prepared for after.
So Mrs Open has always had the desire to find a quiet road and have outdoor sex. Well tonight I knew that was going to happen.
We finish dinner and Mrs Open asks if we want to get some ice cream on the way home, I cheekily say nah not yet might go for a drive first. So I knew of the spot I want to head too. We drive about 10mins out of town and I pull off the road into a spot where the headlights would light us up a bit but not be seen unless looking hard.
I pull the tailgate of the Ute down and put a prepared towel down for Mrs Open to sit on. Mrs Open is wearing a skirt so it gets slid up exposing her now wet pussy. I proceed to go down on her and can hear a car in the distance. Her breath starts to increase and I gat taste her juices even more. My cock is hard and ready to go.
I get Mrs Open to turn around in a doggie style so I can fuck her from behind. We continue to fuck oblivious to what is happening around us. Another cars headlights really light us up and as it does Mrs Open starts to moan louder until we both cum.
We tied ourselves up and hop back in the Ute and drive home.

We got ice cream as well.

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