My first Swingers party

It was only about 2 months ago
ide always been somewhat interested but never really built up the nerve to go to one by myself, but the bi ones excited me greatly but were never on when i was available.
After a tough year I decided it was time to start socializing again and to try and comeout of my shell so had a look at swinging events on AMM, noticed a bi one but as normal it was on my weekend on so thought i will keep an eye out and promised myself that i will go to the first one that falls on a day off, the next day they moved the bi night forward a week, i booked myself in and organised some viagra.

it started at 8 and i arrived 830, i wore fancy shoes, dress pants, a black shirt and a sports coat and was very nervous.
i came inside and started looking around, I wasnt really seeing anything i liked, i sat down on the coach and watched the porn that was playing, i didnt want to be the weird go sitting by them selves just watching porn, so i made my way out to the balcony, still not much i liked though, and i was wondering what i had gotten myself into
there was a guy roughly 40, dark hair and thick square rimmed glasses, similar build to me(others later commented we looked like brothers, that is disturbing) but i would rather play with men with women at the same time.
i eventually made my way into the conversation and found myself just enjoying being social.
The i could hear high heels walking along the footpath outside and looked over the balcony.
There was a sexy woman roughly 40, gorgeous face, curvey in all the right places, great ass, and tatts all over her back, i hoped she was coming to the party.
i had a great seat on the balcony as i could see through to the front door and see everyone as they entered, at this stage the mix had began to improve, and in walked this girl I saw on the footpath
She begins socializing inside, speaking to a few people as she makes her way to the balcony.
She sits next to me, her name is obviously fake, i wont mention the name she was going by, lets just call her Ravenous, the name she was going by was of similar jist.
We talk a little bit, she goes inside for a drink, i had noticed the open room had began to really pick up, i go inside and grab a softdrink.
Ravenous and i start chatting again, she makes her way to the open room and signals for me to follow, so i follow her.
we stood together watching the action on the bed and the entangled bodies going at it, she leans into me and asks if I prefer open or private, I am nervous, i want to start small so i choose private
We went into the private room and begin kissing as we rip our clothes off, she grabs my hard cock and starts stroking it, i start kissing her neck, then push her onto the bed and kiss my way down until i am tasting her, kissing her clit until she cums all over my face, she begs me to fuck her.
I climb onto her in missionary and start of slow, she insists i go hard, I oblige she begins to moan so i go harder and harder, she cums on my cock, i taste her again, then i take her from behind, i now realise the room has a mirror so i enjoy the show we are putting on and she cums again, we go back to missionary, i wasnt planning on cumming so early in the night as viagra gives me great control, but it was so hot and she wanted it, i wanted it so i came, we had gone a little over the 30 min time limit but no one really cared,.
we went back to the open room and watched for a bit, then went to the living room and made out on the couch
Ravenous asks if there was anyone else i liked or wanted to do to make my first time a memorable.
I mentioned seeing as its bi night, i would love to have a cock in my mouth before the night is over, and mentioned the guy i had mentioned earlier, I had seen him in the open room and he had a very nice cock.
So ravenous went and found him, asked him if he would like to come into the private room so i could suck his cock.
i invite ravenous to join us
i laid the guy on the bed and took him in my mouth making him hard, Ravenous began nibbling my ear and kissing my neck before joining me taking turns sucking and making out while she stroked me to hardness, then she took me in her mouth while i continued to suck this guy(no idea of name and dont really care)
i then laid on my back and the guy hopped on top for a 69, now he and Ravenous take turns sucking me while making out, then ravenous mounts me and rides me, while i struggle sucking cock from the bottom, having an incredible time, he cums, we are all warn out, leave the private room and it had gone past 12 so the party had ended
we said good bye and left

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