The doctor

My name is Jane, I’m the lonely type
I go to bed at ten each night.
And just before I go to sleep
I read the stuff that makes you creep.

The night I read the haunted train
I became aware of a nagging pain.
I gently felt the tender place
This I thought is a Doctors case

I rose at once and dressed with haste
And off to Doctor Mole I raced.
I gave the door a lusty knock
‘Twas quickly answered by the Doc.

He led me to an easy chair
and looked at me with a tender stare
Now tell me dear what’s troubling you
Have you got a touch of flue?

Oh no it’s not the flue I’ve got
But a pain in a very tender spot
So please forgive me if I’m shy
It’s at the very top of my thigh

In that case take off all your clothes
And bend right over and touch your toes
And without a seconds waist
His finger found my private place

He probed me as there I stood
And then said it’s no good
You’ll have to sit in the gyno chair
I can get at you better there

So in the gyno chair sat I
With my legs spread wide and high
And to keep them firm in place
He strapped them in with great haste.

And then to my dismay
He strapped my arms the same way
.and now he said I’ll cure your pain
And his fingers began to probe again

He probed and poked
He felt and stroked
And after a bit
He found my clit

His fingers made it dance and jiggle
And after a while I began to giggle
And as I was unable to move
He soon had me feeling in the mood

As I relaxed and after a bit
With his other hand he found my tit
He gently squeezed and gave it a twist
And I soon began to enjoy this

He soon had me writhing with his hands
And as I thought this is grand
His fingers entered my throbbing hole
And I was finger fucked by Doctor mole

He worked with more speed in my hole
And soon I lost all control
The pain was gone, on more hurt
And then I began to squirt.

And as I came I writhed and bucked
But my pus kept being fucked
He fingered for half an hour
To stop him I had no power

I came and came and came again
Until thought I’d go insane
Eventually it came to a stop
And his fingers withdrew with a pop

But my treatment was not done
As he said Its my turn now to cum
And when he stepped out of his jocks
I saw one of the most enormous cocks

A full ten inches and very thick
It was a most enormous prick
A veiny shaft and great bulbous head
I was filled with great dread

My pussy was already slick
And could not resist this huge prick
And with my legs strapped open wide
He slowly slid the thing inside

My legs felt as if they were jelly
As it thrust up into my belly
My G spot was rubbed by the veins
As he thrust in and out again

I soon found to my surprise
That I could take this enormous size
And as it spread me very wide
It stimulated every nerve inside

Soon I was heaving and bucking
In time with this terrific fucking
My cunt was now madly throbbing
As it received this great knobbing.

Again and again he made me squirt
And my pussy squeezed him till it hurt
Until it felt like it did explode
And he pumped in his load

My pussy drained his balls quite dry
And he withdrew it with a sigh
Are you feeling better now perhaps
As he undone the straps

Oh yes I said as I regained my feet
I found your cure very sweet
And if there’s a recurrence of the pain
I’ll be sure to come back again.

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