The Club

you look forward to visiting the club - to being attended to by some bulls who will suck your nipples to your instructions - 2 guys at a time while their lubed fingers caress your labia and sex and slip inside you 2 fingers 2 guys finger fucking you while they suck long and hard on your nipples - don’t hold back and give them a surprise as you squirt on their hands and they feel the spurt, you lean back in the chair in ecstasy and you feel someone no 2 guys standing behind you and their members stiffen and rub on your neck and cheeks until you turn your head and extend your tongue to lick at one and then the other and again until you have them in your mouth , still being sucked and fingered you relish this position you taste Previn and the mustiness makes you squirt again and then climax - 2 no 3 times - you relax and ask to be left alone - they stand up dripping cocks proudly erect and you take 2 in hand and 2 for your mouth and rotate them all until you have tasted and swallowed saltiness and felt the warmth flow and spurt on your neck and cheeks and your Breasts shiny with spit and your puffy nipples - there are a couple more bulls eager for attention and you lick and hold and squeeze their balls until they spurt and gasp ... smiling and gracious you excuse yourself and walk to the leather swing harness - eager hands assist you to get comfortable and ease your feet into the stirrups where you lie back as hands and tongues and mouths carress your body parts and turns are taken and you don’t know whose hands and whose mouth belongs to whom and you cum again and again and you spurt in torrents on the floor - your mouth is filled with cock which you eagerly receive and you are entered by a lovely sized demanding cock who rocks into you steadily and strong and someone’s lubed finger is in your ass just at the entrance going around and around and all three of you cum at the same time .... you relax and after a while you are wiped with a towel and helped unsteadily to your feet - time for lunch I’d say .... thank you ma’am

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