Re post Part 2

Part 2 of my re post

Story cont: from Part 1 posted on 8th April 2015
So……. I rolled her over and got her onto her knees, this had been a marathon session and I wanted relief but checking out the view I knew I wouldn’t maintain much longer when I was in her so I dropped to my knees and let my tongue tease her again, I can’t describe how much she was loving this and moaned differently every time my tongue lightly touched her ass so I wet my finger and whilst sucking and licking her gorgeous pussy I rested the tip of my finger on her beautiful arse, she pushed back and it slid in. I started moving it ever so gently in and out a small bit at a time and occasionally she jumped, I asked if she wanted me to stop and whilst trying to catch her breath she managed in a low guttural voice to say “no no I want more” More?? I started working my finger faster and she responded with a growl and a shuddering climax, arched her back the fell forward on the bed burying her face in the bed cover. I moved next to her and held her, stroked her hair and kissed her neck, then asked her what is wrong. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said she had no idea she could feel like this and even though she felt guilty about her husband she was happy to have the experience. She told me she really liked me and thanked me for being so considerate with her, I told her that we could meet several more times before they left the State and she said she couldn’t do it to her husband. Now all this is fine but I am lying next to a naked woman who is exhausted from the amount of orgasms she has had and the man responsible for all of that hasn’t had his yet. She seemed like she wanted to talk so I kept holding her and gently rubbing her back, my hand felt her bottom and I squeezed and rubbed it, the tip of my finger lightly teasing her pussy lips every now and then. She put both hands on my chest and pushed me away at arm’s length and said “All of the things you have done to me I have read about and secretly had fantasies about doing but could never ask my husband as we don’t discuss sex. The conversation went on for ages and got quite deep, by now I had well and truly subsided and have never maintained an erection for that long without climaxing so in my mind the moment had passed. She told me she had always wanted to be on top of her husband and saw him as a bit weak but never wanted to appear slutty in front of him, I responded by saying there are lots of positions to try along with toys, anal, two way oral and basically dozens of different things to do and experiment with. I told her I couldn’t believe she had never masturbated herself to orgasm as she was multi orgasmic and she assured me it was true, at this point she leant in closer and tongue kissed me passionately and at the same time reached down and grabbed my balls, a little too hard and it must have showed, sorry she whispered, can I kiss it better and see if I can wake it up again? I told her she didn’t need permission and with that she slid down whilst still massaging my balls, she forced my legs open and knelt between them and licked the shaft of my half hard cock, she then engulfed it with her mouth and used her tongue like she had done it a million times ( I don’t want to give the impression I’m talking about a head job here, this story is all about her) it felt so good. The funny thing with me is, that when I have been right on the edge of climaxing like I was with her for so long, then I seem to be able to last a lot longer when I get horny again and as I said I have never had start stop sex like this ever. I told her how good she felt and that I was loving it and how good it was to watch her doing it. As soon as I said that she stopped and moved rapidly up and straddled me, she lowered herself straight onto my cock and started moving up and down, she leant forward and then lay on me with our faces next to each other then she sat up and started jumping up and down on my length, her face was contorted and she screamed and shuddered, I felt her warm juice flow past my balls and down my arse, her cunt was contracting and I could feel it. I lay there and thought I will roll her over and fuck her hard from behind but just as I was thinking this she lifted off me, reached around behind herself and grabbed my cock again, she looked into my eyes and said “ I want to try this your finger felt so good” as she put my knob against her arse and lowered herself a little, she winced and shifted her position until she achieved what she wanted. Slowly over the next ten minutes she eased further and further down until I was all the way in then she started moving slowly up and down. She increased the pace and I watched as her finger found her clit and started rubbing it furiously, good effort from someone who has never touched themselves before, she got faster and faster then screamed out “you bastard” just as she climaxed again. She jumped off me and I said I need to cum, her answer was “fuck, we didn’t use protection” I grabbed my cock and started jerking off and shot the biggest load I can remember ever doing, I rubbed it all over her tits as she watched. I’m so late she said as she got in the shower, washed herself then got dressed. She kissed me goodbye and thanked me, I asked again when we could see each other before she left and she just said “ we can’t, today has changed everything in my life and I thank you for being so sweet) Sweet??? With that she left. I don’t know if anyone believes this and I can assure you if I read it I would seriously doubt it was true. My long wait on AMM was truly worth the wait.

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