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I was thinking about this the other day and decided to re post . Hope you enjoy

I have been a gold member in the past and let it lapse due to lack of response because I have been honest enough to state that I am married. It seems that even the ladies on here that are married want a single man, maybe they are looking to leave their spouse, I would have thought that being married it would be safer to have fun with someone who is also attached but not the case it seems. Then out of the blue I received a reply from a lady who was attached but was moving overseas as her husband had just had a promotion in the company. We met and she told me the long hours he worked made him too tired to attend to her needs and that he was boring in bed even though she had no comparison as she had only been with him. In all the time she was on AMM she had never met anyone as she was scared it might become an emotional attachment, but could not do a one night stand either. She said the fact they were leaving Perth for at least 5 years made it different to a one night stand and that is why she answered my AMM message to her 6 months after she received it. We had met for coffee and she was delightful, not a film star but very attractive and looked great in her dress. After discussing everything from people in the coffee shop to our partners I asked her if I could take her to lunch and her rep[ly was a total surprise, she said, "I thought you wanted to take me to bed" so we quickly agreed on a day and time. When the day came I checked in and ordered a nice bottle of champagne, I showered and put a robe on. The knock on the door came at the right time and I opened the door and let her in, handed her a glass and she told me she didnt drink, that was my first surprise and left me feeling a little silly. I made small talk and then she said time is short and we will never meet again so arent you going to kiss me? I went to the chair she sat on and bent down and kissed her ever so gently she sighed and responded by kissing me harder, she kissed beautifully and as I leant over my gown opened and as her arms were around me she felt that happen and grabbed my rock hard cock, she leant forward and kissed it then I watched as she put the tip of her tongue in the eye and tasted my precum, then she sucked me frantically I stopped her as she felt so good, I stood her up and between passionate kisses I undressed her, I moved her to the bed and lay next to her, kissing her and moving to her errect nipples, as I sucked them my fingers found her wet pussy and I teased her clit gently and she moaned and bucked her hips, as I touched it she shuddered and shut her legs on my hand. She started crying and I thought it was because she had been unfaithful to her husband, I explained that we had not been intimate and it was ok but she told me it was because she had never climaxed before. I only touched her for a about a minute and couldnt believe someone who climaxed so quickly had never done so before. We discussed it and I told her she shouldnt fight it by clamping her legs tight together and she said she had a strong urge to pee so stopped herself. I suggested she pee now and next time to not fight it, this time we picked up where we left off and I rubbed and teased her clit befor putting two fingers in her and working her G spot, I positioned myself so my legs held hers wide open and increased the spped of my fingers until she squirted and then squirted again. No tears this time but a look on her face that was priceless. I assured her this was all good and that she was lucky she could cum like that, as I held her I said I would love to feel you do that on my face when I kiss your pussy. I had never had stop/start sex like this before, and my cock was starting to ache and subside a bit. She answered that she had never had oral and had only read about it, never received it and never given it as her husband had never done it to her or asked her to do it to him. Hang on a minute I thought, she just sucked me and felt better than any head job I have ever had and this is the first cock she has sucked??? I asked and she assured me it was and told me she would love to feel me do it to her but was frightened of it not being hygenic, for fucks sake I thought to myself as I slowly kissed all the way down to her naturaly hairy pussy. I kissed all around her outer lips and she started to move and breathe really hard as she moaned, I let my tongue put pressure on her outer lips and thought she was going to have a convulsion she moved her hips so quickly, my tongue teased her and her pussy smelt gorgeous, I found her clit and gently put pressure with my bottom lip as I let my tongue massage her to another orgasm, I kept licking but she was now sensitive and I thought with all this stop start sex its driving me mad so I lifted her legs and flicked her cute bum with my tongue, i did this for a while and she was loving it so I then licked in long wide strokes from her butt to her clit as my fingers held her wide open as it intensified she screamed and gushed all over my eager face, another first for her. I got up on my knees and was between her wide open legs and in the heat of the moment I said now I am going to fuck you, how do you want me to fuck you? She looked at me and said "I dont know, I have only had my husband on top" I looked at her gorgeous inviting cunt that I just wanted to plunge into right there and then in missionary position because I was about to explode but I knew I had to show her as many positions as I could.......More firsts for her.( to be continued....)

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