Perfect First Date

Note: While this is written as a fantasy, I have experienced several aspects of this story.

He had been waiting for her in a cafe close to his place. She had looked a bit nervous when she arrived, but he was probably the only one noticing it. She wore minimal make up, her long hair fell gently on her long dark coat. The high black stilettos looked a little bit out of place, too sexy for the venue. She recognised him from his picture and sat down opposite to him without taking her coat off. They ordered a skinny latte for her and a long black for him.
They had a deal. After that coffee he'd ask her 'go' or 'no go'?. 15 minutes for her to make up her mind. He looked very friendly, made some nice small talk and only once or twice, just for a split second, gave her a very cheeky smile. She knew what he had planned. But would her excitement win over her fear? She'd be vulnerable, too vulnerable? Is that man trustworthy? Is he sexy?
There was a lot of anticipation, but the conversation was totally non-sexual. No mention of anything that they had exchanged online, just as they had agreed upon. Then they were down to the last sip of their drinks and he leaned over to her and said: “Your safeword is 'red'. As soon as you say 'red' I will stop everything immediately. If you want me to slow down, say 'mercy'. So, now my question to you is: “Do you want to proceed?”. She wasn't sure. But his sudden closeness, her feeling his breath, his dark eyes looking deeply into hers made her shiver in excitement. Her pulse started to race. Was she getting wet? She swallowed and tried to answer, but there was no voice. Before she knew it, she nodded. “Are you sure?”. She stared straight ahead and finally said “yes”. “Come”.
They quietly walked the two minutes it took to get to his place. He had just closed the door to his apartment behind him when he asked her if she did everything as they had agreed upon. She couldn't look into his eyes. She kept them down, to the side, and nodded quietly.
“Let me see”. “Here, in the hallway?” - “Yes, please”. His voice was very gentle and kind. She took her hands to the belt of her coat, shyly looking into his eyes for confirmation. She sensed his warmth, curiosity and cheekiness. Her coat opened slowly. He kept looking into her eyes, his index fingers slowly widening the gap in her coat from top to bottom, exposing her otherwise totally naked body. She straightened her posture, making her beautiful breasts stand out further. His fingers gently touched her nipples as they moved down. “Breathe!” he said, his eyed now wandering down her body, slowly following his fingers until they reached her pubic mound. “Can you take it off, please?” he asked, still very gently.
She shivered for a moment, then handed him the coat which he placed on a chair. Her back close to the wall, he approached her, his fingertips hardly touching her face, moving behind her ears and neck. He then whispered into her ear: “You will soon be drenching wet and horny. Your lust will take over control over each cell of your body. You will BE your female lust, you will BE juiciness, raw sex, the wild woman you truly are”.
She was still struggling with the reaction her body had on these words. Her knees felt soft. “Come”, he said and led her through a door.

She knew from the emails that they had exchanged that he wanted her to dance for him. "I can do that" she thought. But it wasn't going to be the dance she expected.
"Stand in the middle of the room, spread your legs and put your hands behind your head please" he said as they entered his lounge. A bit perplexed over the power this man had gained over her action, she obeyed. He moved a chair close in front of her, sat down, still fully clothed, and looked at her body. Her wide open eyes, long hair caressing her shoulders, her full beautiful lips, her full breasts. Smallish areolae, erect, large nipples staring right into his face. His head moved down her flat tummy towards her bare sex. Her fleshy labia indicating her arousal. He inhaled the fragrance of her pheromones.
"You think you are naked?" He asked. "You are NOT naked. You only took of your clothes. What you need to take off now is your sexual inhibitions. All of them. I want you to be free, be true to your raw female essence. I will put on music and you will dance. The music will send you into places. Dance sexually. Be a siren, a cheap hooker, be a courtesan, a stripper, a witch. There is only one thing you aren't allowed to be: 'shy'. Be your sex, touch yourself as you dance, use me as a prop, be fully absorbed. Don't dance pretty. Be wild!"
The music started slowly. African tunes with a clear rhythm. Her first moves were insecure. She felt his eyes on her. But she was a good dancer and listened deeper into the music, her body turning, following the tunes. The drums were speeding up, getting louder, becoming the dominant instrument. She started to thrust her hips back and forth, following the increasing pace of the rhythm. Her eyes closed, she felt the heat of the jungle and her animalistic instincts. She spread her legs wide, moving her upper body up and down, her head shaking wildly. Her hands followed the inside of her legs from the ankles up, not stopping as they reached the top, touching her flesh instead. She turned, her butt now facing him, shaking it up and down. She went on her knees, quickly and forcefully moving her pelvis as if she was being fucked in the fast rhythm of the music, then rolled over, spreading her legs wide, touching herself.
The music changed to slow, sensual tunes. She now stood in front of him, looking deeply into his eyes. Having been self absorbed in her dance so far, she now wanted to tease him, arouse him. She stood behind his chair, her head next to his so he could feel her breath. Her hands moved along his upper body, unbuttoning his shirt while she was kissing his neck, gently biting and licking his ears.
His chest now exposed, she skilfully moved her leg across him as she turned and came to sit on his lap, facing him. Her eyes locked with his, she sensually moved the tip of her tongue along her lips, her hands, following the tune of the music, moving across her naked breasts. She felt his breath so close to her body. And she felt his erection. Her hands moved to the sides of his head, resting on her chair as she slowly started to rock her pelvis, rubbing his manhood with her sex. She wanted cock. She wanted his cock. In her mind she could already feel the sensations of fucking.
But then the music stopped and he motioned her to get off his lap. He had a foam mattress that he now positioned in the middle of the room, asking her to lie on her belly with her legs spread wide open. “You have built up a lot of sexual energy in your pelvis. I want to spread that energy all over your body, turning your whole body into a sex organ.” He lit some candles, switched off the light and put on some earthy African tunes.
This is not what she wanted. Not now anyway, she thought as she suddenly felt his strong hand right between her legs, pressing gently against her. Still taken by that sudden attack, his fingertips, now barely touching her, started moving up along the crack of her bum and her body all the way up the spine, his other hand holding the back of her neck. Her body jerked under a sudden electric current that shot up her spine. It was a pleasant feeling she had never sensed before. His flat hands spread the energy further down her arms and back down the sides of her body, down her legs all the way to the feet. The second time he started off by moving his middle finger right at the entrance of her vagina. She moaned as the tip of his finger circled this wet spot and he again moved his hand up her body, inducing another electric release. The third time, he inserted not one, but two fingers inside her, rotating them inside her for a short time before starting the move upwards.
As she still recovered from the resulting burst of energy, he stood up and quickly removed the rest of his clothing, turned her body over so she was now lying on her back, the legs still spread wide. He then sat down opposite her, put her legs above his and moved up close, so close that his erect penis touched her labia. “When I say 'go', take a deep breath in and move the energy up, following your breath” he explained as he started rubbing his erect penis along the entrance of her vagina. “Go”, he said after a minute or so, and an even stronger, blissful energy shot up her body and down her legs as he moved his hands down towards her feet. She started trembling as he slowly, very slowly split her labia with the tip of his penis, inserting just the head. His thumbs massaged her labia, before it was 'go' time again. She was now shaking stronger, entering a sexual trance. He now placed the tip of his penis right on her clitoris, circling around it, rubbing it, stimulating her close to, but not reaching the point of no return, before saying “go”. The energy shot into all pores of her body.
She was now ready.

Her heart was pounding. The music had stopped – there was no sound. Within just a few seconds she found herself in this position. Her head was pressing into the foam of the mattress, her body resting on her knees, her ass pointing up in the air. Her arms were stretched out underneath her body, the ankles and wrists securely fixed to a spreader bar, ensuring her genitals were totally exposed and accessible. A soft, silken scarf was tightened around her eyes, leaving her only with tactile sensations. She was breathing heavily with anticipation.
The unexpected, soft touch of the tip of a feather on her back made her gasp. Her skin has never been that sensitive. Her nerve endings lay bare. Her feet were touched next. The feather tickled her just slightly before it moved up along the inside of her calves and thighs, stopping as it got close to her sex. Just at the moment she was about to utter a sigh of disappointment, she shrieked as she felt two fingers grasp each of her nipples, squeezing and playing with them for a little while.
The hands had barely left her breasts as she felt something very intense, soft and wet around her anus. Her body jerked. His head in position, he could remove his hands that had spread her cheeks wide apart, moving them along the outside of her legs while continuing licking her opening, then back up on the inside.
She was sobbing from the sensual overload and he let go of her for a few moments, giving her time to breathe, only to send a new shock wave all over her body, pressing a well lubricated plug all the way into her sensitised butt hole.
More gasping, more sobbing. He then started stroking her body with his hands gently, in predictable moves. Her body melted under the touch. His hands wandered everywhere, not leaving out a single square inch of her body, not resting nor accelerating over the sensitive bits. She experienced bliss. Her mind is filled with it. Her surrender was complete. Waves of heat and joy ran through her body.
She barely noticed him opening the quick releases on her ankles and wrists, staying in position as he grabbed her hips and pushed his erect manhood deep inside her neglected, craving, wet and fleshy cunt.
She had never uttered such a deep roar before as the walls of her fuck hole clenched around his hard cock in wild spasms, giving in to wild orgasmic waves that took control of her body, shooting sex energy up her spine and into each cell of her body. This was not a normal, clitoral orgasm. She was a full body orgasm, every pore of her body orgasmed.
His hard cock being milked hard by her orgasmic contractions, he struggled but managed to redirect the sexual energy up his body, preventing ejaculation while joining her in the orgasmic bliss, moaning deep and loud. His body shaking, he moves his fucking rod in and out of her dripping wet cunt at steady speed, rubbing against her sensitive G spot, creating new orgasmic waves each time. The two merged into one, their movements synchronised by magic fucking like that for what seemed an eternity, experiencing oneness and bliss.
She finally freed herself from his grasp, staring at him as if she wanted to eat him alive, wild and raw. She pushed him down onto his back and mounted him, fucking his cock wildly. She grasped his throat so he couldn't breathe for a few moments. Then she smacked his face, riding him like a maniac, groaning, clenching her teeth. He only encouraged he to go even further. She felt her aggression deep inside her belly and in the muscles of her cunt, squeezing hard. She spit in his face. She felt free, totally free as she fucked fast and wild towards another series of orgasmic waves.
Then, just as quickly as it had arisen, the aggression totally disappeared and she found herself in an energetic, loving space, as a goddess in union with a god, experiencing the bliss of non-duality.

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