Club Hookup

So there used to be this tranny joint in Sydney and I despite having had a thing for trans women for a few years I’d never actually been with one, so I went there with two of my straight mates ‘for a laugh’, little did they know I was actually there for a perv.

Anyway we watched some stage shows and as I was at the bar this HOT woman rubs up against me and I was instantly aroused. So me and my mates leave and as soon as we’ve gone our seperate ways I was straight back in the club. I looked around for a little but until I saw the same hot woman, she was dancing and she beckoned me over and I tried my best crap dancing for a few minutes before we started grinding. After a few minutes she put her arms around my neck and gave me the biggest pash ever. I was overwhelmed and really wanted to feel the front of her jeans but I didn’t know if that was okay so I just went with it.

After a few minutes she led me by the hand into the female bathroom (which was dead quiet compared to the men’s) and into a stall. It was very bright in there and very clean, not the dark dingy place one might have hoped for. So she keeps tongue kissing me and because were alone I touch the front of her jeans and I felt it! She had a massive boner, I immediately put my hand down inside her panties so I could actually feel it which was a bit difficult with her tight jeans on. She undid my belt and then dropped on her knees and slobbered all over my cock. There was just spit everywhere, like she was trying to lube my cock up.

I was in for a surprise though, she turned me around so my hands were on the sistern and she was behind me and she just started running her hand up and down my ass crack. Then she placed one finger on my hole and just applied a very gentle pressure. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Then I just felt this really wet thing around the outside of my hole, I knew it must be her cock and I was almost in shock. She gently pressed it against my hole and just as my hole started to relax she just popped the helmet in, I was just about to say something like “oh fuck” to express my pleasure it she then rammed the whole thing in me as far as my colon would allow.

She didn’t have a condom on or anything. I knew it was risky but at this stage I didn’t care, I just didn’t want the moment to stop. She just started hammering me straight away, she gave me no time to get use to it or for my muscles to relax, it was just a mix of pain and pleasure. After a few minutes when the pain was subsiding and I was starting to get used to it I heard her begin to moan and I knew what was coming next. Her thrusts slowed down and she made a noise as if she’d just cum in my ass. I couldn’t feel anything but then she pulled out and a few seconds later I knew. When she took her cock out it felt empty, like I immediately needed it back in there. I wasn’t really sure what to do so I turned around with my jeans still around my ankles and she was tucking her singlet back into her jeans. She grabbed my neck with one hand and gave me another passionate, deep kiss and then she left the stall and left me in there. I took a few minutes to get my composure back and then I left. I’ve never since had another experience like it...

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