My Girlfriend In The Bush

Does anybody know the Glow Worn Tunnels at Newnes, NSW? I used to go there as a young fella so that was many years ago. My brother in law took us there when I was a teenager and I had been back once by myself since then. I met a girl a couple of years after that who was a keen explorer of the outback and loved going on bushwalks that involved staying out over night or even for weeks at a time, sleeping in a tent or just a bed roll or swag for crying out loud! Now that wasn’t my idea of a bush walk. I liked to go for a few kilometres or even the whole day provided we got back to our motel or hotel room with its hot shower and comfortable bed at the end of the day. Having said that, this girl was very nice and I wanted to give her the impression that I was into the outback and bush walks etc, so I asked her if she had been to Newnes glow worm tunnels. This question sparked her interest and she immediately asked when we could go. Up to then we had been on a few dates but mainly out to dinner and a couple of times to the drive-in. She was a Pom and had the loveliest pair of tits you would ever hope to meet.

I have known three poms I can remember and they all had nice “generous” tits. I know I have picked a small group (three) to sample and that other English women do have small tits but I suppose I was just lucky. One of these women (the one with the largest tits of the sample group), I can still remember looking down at my tool completely covered by her tits as she pushed them together except for my knob sticking out up under her chin. What a lovely person.

But I digress. This woman (she was 22) lived with her parents even though she had visited the old country a couple of years before with her then boyfriend she had returned to Australia and had moved back in with the old folks after she split with the boyfriend. Except for a couple of brief sojourns out into the world I had returned home to live with my folks (I was 26, yeah I know, 26!!! and still at home, but economics dictated that situation) and so we didn’t have anywhere to root except for the car or the bush. We had indulged in the car a few times and it was cramped but it was also still winter then and the middle of the bush was too cold to be naked in. Oooo, it makes me shiver and my sac tighten around my balls just thinking about it.

We would go to the drive-in and after the movie started, she would recline the seat and I would shift to the front passenger’s seat and she would lie on top of me. That way we could slip a leg between each other legs and rub our pussy/cock up against the other’s thigh while having a torrid session of arse groping, tit fondling and tongue lashing (she was a great kisser – interestingly so was the other pom with the big tits I told you about) and general debauchery as much as you could in the front seat of my car. One time we went to the drive-in and she wanted to actually watch the film! Bloody hell, how unreasonable can you get!

So, one weekend rolled around and she said that she would like to see these glow worm tunnels I had told her about and we could find a secluded spot in the bush along the way and fool around. That last bit sold me on the idea immediately. She had gone on the pill and so we didn’t need the dreaded condoms. Yeeees!!! AIDs wasn’t on the scene then or we didn’t know about it if it was. I picked her up from her parents and we set off for Lithgow which was where the road to the glow worm tunnels started. I am being generous here with the word “road” as it quickly turned to dirt and by the time you got near the tunnels it had deteriorated to a pot holed disaster for a normal road car. Off road vehicles would have had no trouble but they were few and far between then, not as they are now and anyway I didn’t have one. When I had been there before it had been rough but if the council didn’t grade it regularly it suffered. This particular time the road had been washed away completely about a kilometre (I think) before the tunnel entrance. You had to park the car and walk in the last little bit. To be fair, the national parks service does suggest you consult them before making an attempt and that would be very wise.

We had been bouncing along this dirt road, dodging some pot holes and coasting over others that were only passable because there was a car already in them (as the old joke goes), for what seemed like hours when we came to a washout in the road where you had to climb down twenty feet or so and back up the other side before proceeding on foot for about a kilometre or so before arriving at the tunnel.

The road we had been driving on from Lithgow was the old railway track route into Newnes which naturally ran through tunnels of which the glow worm tunnel was one and the last before Newnes. The tracks and sleepers had long since been salvaged for scrap which just left the rail bed which became a high railway embankment in places as it crossed small valleys and gullies which it was where the wash away had occurred.

We clambered down through the washout and were proceeding along the road to the tunnel, when she said that she wanted to have a root and now. I loved the way she said “root”. She was a reasonably refined little thing but when “root” came out of her mouth she became my little twat on legs. Far be it from me to deny her my cock and the contents of my balls and so we left the road and bashed our way through the bush. The greenies reading this would be horrified except they are probably busy playing with their tools or tits and clits right now to care, and good luck to them.

We must have been about a hundred metres off the road and down a gentle slope well out of view of the road when she pronounced that this spot would do and would I please take her right here and now. I looked around and there just wasn’t any clear space on the ground and so I enquired just where she expected us to root. The area had cleared up from the trees we had been making our way through but it still had low bushes about half metre high everywhere in an almost continuous ground cover! Probably with a “tsk” of impatience, she grabbed the picnic blanket out of the back pack and threw it over the bushes next to us and hopped onto it thereby flattening the bush enough to make a bed for us to copulate on. I was impressed with her bush person skills, it was quite comfortable and the bushes made it springy. Heaven knows what sort of wildlife was underneath us but she didn’t seem to care and my cock didn’t seem to care so why should I be the odd one out? I leapt onto the blanket and we proceeded to take our clothes off. She asked if I minded if she left her shoes on (a lot of women have asked me that in the middle of the bush. It is such a considerate and downright cute question) and I didn’t, so except for her shoes she sat there stark naked on the blanket, leaning back on her elbows as she looked at me expectantly as I stood up as well as I could and got naked myself.

I looked around this meadow as I stood over her, almost hoping someone would see my mighty dick and balls and my he man chest. Ok, I will settle for them just seeing my mighty dick as the other stuff wasn’t anything to write home about as I was somewhat skinny at that stage. She had a lovely, trim, young body, we both did. Good bodies are wasted on the young and you don’t realise it or value it at the time. She was 22 (did I say that already?). She had nice firm well rounded tits, not overly large, I can’t for the life of me remember her areolas or nipples, not that I hadn’t sucked on her nipples enough in the car at the drive-in but I was to intent on sucking to actually look at them and we didn’t have digital cameras or phones available back then. Today I always get a photo of my woman’s tits, arse and snatch (preferably with my tool hanging out of it) as mementoes if she is willing. Most are but not all, has been my experience. As I said previously she was a great kisser and so we started off with a lovely kissing session, embracing as we sat side by side on our picnic blanket, eventually falling back with her on her back and me lying with my chest on her breasts. She usually sent her tongue into my mouth straight away, our tongues thrashing around and her trying to give me tonsillectomy (if I still had them) which turned me on no end and had my tool springing to attention if it wasn’t already. During all of this my hand wandered to her tits and then down to her snatch until my finger fell between her lovely plump labia lips and into her warm, wet, slippery little hole. I could feel her spread her legs to give me better access. There is nothing hornier than a woman who opens her legs for you. She took hold of my tool and gave it quite a few pumps before instructing me to mount her. She grabbed the back pack and put it under her head and lay back with her legs apart and bent at the knees. I climbed on and supporting myself on one hand I took hold of my tool and tried to insert it into her. As usual in that position I had trouble and so she reached down, took hold of my tool and inserted the tip into herself before letting go and leaving me to push it home which I did right up to my balls. Very satisfying, burying your tool deep inside your woman’s twat.

We had a lovely time fucking out in the middle of outback New South Wales in the sunshine on a bush sprung picnic blanket. I couldn’t see it but I could imagine my white bum rising and falling between her legs and her feeling my chest or shoulders and arms as she liked to do and sometime locking her legs around me so she could pull my cock into her snatch, fucking me as much as I was fucking her. We didn’t have to use a condom and I love that feeling of my tool inside a woman’s twat “au naturale”. I reached down and felt my tool sliding in and out of her. She had a slightly hairy twat and I could feel my own hairs on the base of my shaft as I hadn’t shaved it for a week or so and the stubble was prickly, which she complained about a bit. I really regret not having some photos of that day but it’s no good crying over spilt pussy I guess.

We finished up, I didn’t cum but she did for the second time. Once due to me fingering her clit and once when I was bouncing up and down on top of her on the blanket. She liked it rough and told me off for not giving her “a good seeing to” (a fine Pom saying that) on more than one occasion as I was humping away in too much of a gentlemanly fashion and not behaving like a brute as she required. Pumping into her as I lay on top of her was to her liking.

As far as orgasms went, she mainly liked me to suck her tits as I fingered her clit slowly. Clit fingering only was acceptable if that was all that was possible at the time but the tit sucking made it just that much better and I seem to remember it seldom failed. That was her favourite method for a body shaking, hip bucking orgasm. She was relatively quiet but she would go red in the face and hold her breath only giving out a small “aaagh” sometimes as she shot her load or what ever it is that women do when their endorphin blast arrives.

The reason I mention “if that was all that was possible at the time” is that I brought her to orgasm with clitoral stimulation once on the train to Gosford. It was night time and the carriage was only about a quarter full and she restrained her scream to a quiet release of pressure that was a muted gasp. The train was fairly noisy; track noise etc and older trains back then so it probably wouldn’t have been heard even if she had been a little more expressive. She had a coat over her lap but my arm appeared out from under it somewhat suspiciously if anyone had looked into her lap which they didn’t.

Re the screaming, some women I have been with scream the house down which is alarming to me as I am worried about passers by or the neighbours depending on the situation.

Anyway, back to the bush outside Newnes. We dressed, packed up our blanket and did our walk though the glow worm tunnel which were their usual fantastic selves and walked out the other end of the tunnel under the fronds of the giant tree ferns for a hundred metres or so to view the vista out over the valley, then headed back through the tunnel to the car and turned for home.

Seeing as I hadn’t cum when we were rooting she attempted to pull me off in the car as I drove home. It was very pleasant but I still didn’t cum and so I received orders to pull over. I held her head in my lap and thrusted slightly as she slurped and sucked me until I unloaded into her mouth with the first spurt by which time she had withdrawn her mouth and I shot the second and third spurts up into the air and over the gear stick and steering wheel I seem to remember. She continued to stroke me as I strained to drain my balls. I was informed that I was going red in the face with effort. She cleaned me up as we drove off and I squeezed her snatch through her shorts an hour or so later when I was feeling horny again. Talk about distractions when you are driving, it’s worse than mobile phone use today. She wanted to drive on the way home and so I took advantage of the situation of her having her hands on the wheel and therefore occupied, to open her blouse and to feel up her braless tits and to finger her snatch. She went braless for me every so often and I really appreciated that. I still get hard imagining her tits wobbling around in the satiny blouse she had on. Mind you, it might be a few women’s tits I can imagine. Soooo horny, don’t ya reckon guys?

She complained about me feeling her up but not too much, screaming something about not being able to concentrate and “we’ll both be killed” I seem to remember. What I do remember is her spreading her legs more to give my hand easier access as she drove, bless her. Such a lovely sight viewing the gentle curve of her breasts exposed by her unbuttoned and partially opened blouse. Her nipples standing proud and jutting out, making little tents in the front of her satin blouse. Every time we overtook a tourist bus she pulled her blouse shut and then I opened it again shortly afterwards. That continued for a while but then I grabbed the backpack to use as a pillow and as she drove us home I had a snooze. I was rooted in more ways than one.

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