Backseat Brutalisation

*obviously I'm a big believer in consensual non-consent. "No" always means "No"... unless previously agreed on that it actually means "Yes, don't you dare stop". In that case I strongly recommend a safety word..... from my experience, "banana" is not a good choice, nor is "carrots", "cucumber" or "9 inch black dildo". Something like "Tony Abbott" usually works perfectly to stop any erotisism dead in it's tracks.

Now on with today's bedtime story.......

We had talked about it for so long it’s hard to fully comprehend that we’re actually going through with it. My wife (K) and I are driving around town, we’re looking for a plaything. She’ll either be a dirty slut who will give her body away to anyone with a pulse, or an innocent who is incapable of preventing her body from being used. We don’t care as long as it’s someone we can possess and use however we desire.
After finding such a specimen we offer her a lift and I move to the back seat to ensure she feels safe, but who am I kidding, it’s so I can do whatever I want to her. Before driving off into the night K adjusts the rear view mirror so she can get a good view of what’s going on in the back seat.
There’s no need for small talk so within moments of the car taking off I’d ripped her clothes off, leaving only her blouse draped from her otherwise bare torso, held in place by a single remaining button. I’m sure to give K good view of her sweet little tits and pussy as I spread her legs open wide. As she drives around the dark streets I occasionally take requests from K and I’ll squeeze our playthings nipples or take hold of her labia to open her pussy wide. She pretends to struggle but in reality it’s not hard to control her because deep down she loves the attention. She loves that a man wants to touch her naked body all over and she especially loves that someone, another woman, is watching while he does it.
The fact that she is turned on by all this attention is proven as her pussy starts to become wet, her juices glistening as I use them to lube my fingers as they enter her. One finger to start with, but quite quickly it’s obvious that isn’t enough so I stick a second finger deep into her cunt which seems to fill her sufficiently for now. She doesn’t know herself as well as I do so she shudders slightly as I pay particular attention to her G Spot. It’s a sensation she’s not totally familiar with but somehow knows it will lead to great things. But that’s enough of that for now, this isn’t about her it’s about me and K and the reason for being so generous with my fingers was to ensure they were dripping with her juices. With her scent literally in the palm of my hand I gesture to K who eagerly sucks her scent from my fingers. With the taste of our plaything in her mouth K’s now feels a rush of adrenalin take over her body as she, for the first time, physically experiences what is going on. Then with our possessions juices still covering my fingers I force them into her mouth, and she gets a similar adrenaline rush from experiencing her own physical embodiment of the pleasure I’m giving her. She knows that it’s wrong to feel so good about all the things we are doing to her but she also knows that it feels so good she’ll give herself totally to us and allow her body to be used however we want.
Of course by this stage I’m as hard as a man can get but still trapped in my jeans. It’s clear that she is totally powerless to refuse any of our requests so K orders her to remove my belt and undo my jeans. With my jeans undone and only the slightest opportunity to escape them my cock unleashes itself like a spring as if it has a mind of its own. All eight inches of excited cock is trust in her direction. With my cock now erect and demanding her full attention, her mind is dizzy with the thought of what I’ll do to her with it. Taking the belt she had removed I arrange it into it’s secondary use, being a set of rather versatile restraints. In this instance fashioned into handcuffs, I use them to restrain her hands behind her back which has the added bonus of forcing her face forward and down towards my awaiting cock. But I’m in no hurry.
Ensuring I’m positioned so that K will get an excellent view as I fuck our playthings face, I grab a handful of hair at the back of her head so I have total and complete control of her every last movement. Then with the precision of a swiss watchmaker I move her face to my cock so that her lips ever so lightly meet the tip of my cock. She can’t understand why, but she so desperately wants to feel me slide down her throat. It’s almost an obsession and she can’t understand why I don’t just fuck her face until she passes out from lack of oxygen as my cock fills up her mouth and windpipe. She can’t even comprehend why she would want anything like that done to her but at that moment she wants nothing else. So I hold her head back, and only allow her moist lips to brush over the head of my cock. She feels the hard but warm and delicate head of my cock penetrate her lips slightly and she hesitantly takes the opportunity to let her tongue slide out through her lips ever so slightly to meet my cock. She only hesitates because she dare not anger me and prolong the torment of not being allowed to feel my cock deep in her mouth. It takes every ounce of restraint she can muster to not rip her hair from my grasp and force her mouth down over my hard, throbbing cock. After what seems like an eternity to her, and because I’m a considerate person and see how obedient she is being, I reward her and order her to open her mouth and extend her tongue. While I know it’s only serving to torment her, I still do not enter her mouth but rest the end of my cock on her extended tongue as K tells her to lick it, all over, and not to leave even the smallest area of my cock untouched by her silky warm tongue. She eagerly accepts her fate and like a woman who hadn’t consumed water for days she licks away at every inch of my cock as if it were made of that lifegiving water she so desperately craved. From base to tip her tongue becomes more familiar with my cock than anything she has ever had in her mouth. It feels so good that eventually I think she has earned what she really wants.
I pull her hair away and her face is withdrawn from its position in my lap. I can see she is confused, not knowing why she isn’t being allowed to continue. Did she do something wrong, she thinks. So when I ask her to, she doesn’t hesitate to open her mouth and stick out her tongue slightly to rest on her lower lip. With her head held firmly in place by my grasp of her hair I move to rest the end of my cock on her extended tongue. As I feel the soft flesh of her tongue stimulate the underside of my cock, the warmth of her breath embrace it, and think of the utter pleasure I am about to experience as I punish her face I cannot help it and a perfectly clear drop of pre-cum drips from my cock onto her tongue. It is like the most powerful drug she’s ever experienced and the moment she tastes me in her mouth she is like a woman possessed. She rips her head from my grasp and trusts her mouth down over me. Without a moment's hesitation nor any attempt to accustom her mouth and throat to my presence she has taken my cock to its base, and yet she continues to force herself onto me. It’s glorious as I feel the end of my cock tightly embraced by the deepest recesses of her throat, her tongue forced up against the underside of my shaft and her face pressed hard into my stomach. For what seems like eternity she holds me there with only the slightest back and forth movement of her head to increase and maximise the sensation, until at last she slowly retreats and K and I watch my long hard cock, glistening with her saliva, glide out from deep within her mouth.
As my cock finally slides out from between her lips, I hold her chin and lift her face up to my view. She has tears from the effort streaming down her face, her makeup is a mess, and her lips are red and swollen. But as she looks up at me with those beautifully expressive eyes, I can tell she will remember that moment forever and thereafter dream of having that experience again, if only one more time.
But the night is still young and K has barely become involved so……………………………….


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