Miss P

She was nervous and excited as she entered the hotel and took the elevator to the 5th floor , she had walked a few blocks and the buttplug that was in her felt comfortable although it made her conscious of her mission and she was sure it was pressing against her bladder from within, she was dressed smartly and walked along the corridor till she got to the room - the door was held slightly open with a towel caught in the bottom of the door - she stepped inside - it was dark with some low jazz music playing softly - as instructed she undressed down to her stockings and high heels- she knew where to go - she found him inside the spacious bathroom prone on the floor- his cock lying on his thigh , she lifted her heel and pressed it on the shaft then the sharp point of her toe prodded it and it awoke and slowly became erect she knew he was looking at her she let him and she felt good as she turned around knowing his eyes were feasted on her sex , she stood and looked at him a sneer on her face and she pressed her bladder a stream of hot golden nectar spilled out and drenched his hard throbbing cock she inches forward still in stream until his chest was sodden the warm shower spraying all over and finally she stopped the stream and squatted over his face and once again let go - she directed the stream into his open mouth and it filled up and over spilled and he gulped some of it down ... she stopped and turned around her butt towards his face and edged forward to his chest and in a crouching position she delivered the last of her full bladder forcing the jet from her and with the force and the effort the plug flew out of her ass and with it a deposit which he smiled at while he wiped it off - she then squatted over his huge erection straining to be released and she opened her bottom and swallowed him inside her -6 thrusts later and he came in spurts inside her and she noticed with delight that she had squirted adding to the mess ...

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