A Passionate Passing Part 4.

The man smiles, grabs your hand and kisses it so gently and passionate and then looks into your eyes and says,

Not only will I show you how a man should treat a woman, but I’ll show you the difference between a man and a boy. He then leans in to you close and puts his lips next to your ears where you can feel his warm breath and he whispers while he gently puts his body into yours and says, I will give you a night where I will treat you like a Goddess.
He then follows you home, you invite him inside, you poor each of you a drink, while your doing that he asks if you have a stereo, you point it out and he walks over and puts some music on, you walk over to him where he looks deep into your eyes, he gently parts your hair from your face and while caressing your neck and the back of your head he leans in, and softly, with intense passion he begins to kiss you, he then stops for a second, your senses are just beginning to tingle, he says can I take you to your bedroom and give you a massage, you lead him to your bedroom, he again kisses you, his hands rub your body with such intense gentle, passion, as he is holding you in close and tight you can feel his cock getting hard and pushing into pelvis. He then again stops, his face close to yours and looks straight into your eyes and says I want to watch you undress. He then goes over and sits on the end of your bed. You then slowly undress for him…………………………

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