A few weeks ago I asked my partner if she was seeing someone else. She denied it. No problem I thought. I told my best mate about it and often confided in him about my issues.

Last day of January this year we had a great day at the botanical gardens and the swimming pool with our boy. She took him to his Aunty and I dropped into see a mate and got back home two hours later. Suddenly she said “I’m off”. No reason, no explanation. It was about 11pm.

I jump on my bike driving around the usual haunts. Nowhere to be found. Finally I thought I’ll go past my best mate’s place. He’d been a middleman for our differences. We all got on extremely well. I’m not a jealous guy but I know when something’s not quite right. Sure enough her car was parked down a dead end side street where she thought I wouldn’t look. Couldn’t believe it.

Walked up to his tall side gate and it was locked. Just a bit unusual. I knew what was going on. I snuck around through the main gate to his downstairs bedroom. The light had just gone off upstairs in the kitchen. I could see through the curtains my mate standing in the nude staring at my girlfriend just out of view.

We’d wanted a threesome with him a year or so ago but we gave up trying. He wasn’t that type, he’s a jealous fella.

My heart was pumping flat out. They got on the bed and then he opened the window and pulled back the curtains for a bit for fresh air. It’s a wonder he didn’t see me standing there.

Stuff it I thought. “Why should I hide?”. I stuck my head in through the curtains and thought they’d see me straight away. They didn’t.

I watched them in disbelief. He licked her pussy until she squirted all over his face. Then he got up and bent her legs back ankles behind the knees and fucked her pussy. They were a bit awkward, not too much passion and obviously nervous. “Now you put your leg there and I’ll…what if I move here…”. It was a bit stilted. I kept still for about 5 minutes until my alleged best mate thought he heard a noise outside, looked over and saw me. “Oh No!” he said. He rolled over and covered his face with his hands. I didn’t say anything for a few minutes and just stared at him. I had no words.

My probably ex-partner has always been a provocative woman, short dresses, long tanned legs, which most other women dislike but it’s never worried me. He’s a very capable short Italian divorced man, slowly renovating his Federation house. He’s incredibly healthy with a fantastic muscly tanned 6 pack physique, that he coats in olive oil and forever getting around in shorts that look like they’re about to fall off. She’s always flirted with him which I never minded too much but it’s obvious things went too far. I never saw it coming. I just assumed I could trust him and he’d tell me.

We were all the best of friends. Crazy I know but these things happen. We’re all having a break from each other. I’ve been through every emotion in the last week and things are slowly resolving.

Apparently they’d had 3 escapades over the previous week which I had no idea about. She’s a good liar and we’ll probably be calling it a day. There’s no point. Although I’ve tried to keep the friendship going I doubt it will last which is a real pity.

What upset me the most is my mate invited us for pasta at his place and we spent a pleasant day in the park in the midst of all of this and I just wonder how long this would have gone on before he would have told me or her for that matter. Feeling very betrayed and disappointed!

I’ve always been incredibly open with my phone, emails etc and don’t hide anything. She routinely checks it and is sure I’m cheating but I never am. “Who’s this girl? What does she want?”. It does mean keeping platonic friends more distant which is common in most relationships. Just recently she’s put a screen lock on her phone and is very sensitive about its whereabouts.

As broad minded as we both are I’m amazed at the fallout. I wouldn’t have minded so much if one of them had talked to me about it or confessed but what really hurts is that I had to find out the hard way.

His ex-girlfriend who was still keen on him told his kids about his drug habits now he’s having trouble seeing his grand daughter.

My probably ex girlfriend has gone awol, (probably at his place sometimes or all the times) and he’s getting phone calls from her 17yo daughter and other friends wondering where she is and he’s not a happy chappy loosing his privacy. He insists that’s he’s not interested in any type of relationship with her which I find hard to believe and I don’t think she has a clue what to do.

We’ve always been pretty out there sexually with threesomes and group sex but getting cheated on was a bit different.

I’ve always been the fixer in our relationship. Trying to help her out of her problems. Helping her learn to drive, do online courses, write letters, pay fines just a whole bunch of stuff. I went to meetings for people who support others and have to live with their problems 24hr a day.

Sorry to say but I’ve had enough. She can fix herself. I’m tired of paying for her petrol, giving her money for smokes, picking up her clothes, making doctor appointments.

So within just over a week I’ve lost two close friends that unfortunately weren’t. I’m a bit lonesome and her 17yo daughter who’s just come back into her life doesn’t know what to do and I don’t know what to do with her either.

After 9 years I thought I was with someone I could trust and we’d always be together but my intuition knew better.

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