A Passionate Passing Part 1

You are on your way home after a long and hard working day. You’re going back home to your place tonight all alone. You have a date night organised tonight again with some random guy you met on the net. You know its going to be a typical night ending with going to bed with him and the sex will be just in and out, he’ll blown his load and fall asleep before you know it, and as usual its always up to you to finish yourself off.
Just before you get home to get ready you decided to drop by the local pub for a drink. While sitting at the bar you spark up a conversation with a guy, a gentleman, in his 40’s who compliments you and speaks and listens to your woes as if you are someone of importance. After a while you notice that this is how he speaks to other women coming up to the bar ordering drinks. While talking to him you start to feel an attraction, a comfort, something you have never felt around guys your age. You then thank him for his company saying how you need to go home and get ready to go out on your date, he too says he is going now as he has an early start for work tomorrow. When you get up he kindly takes away your chair and places it back under the bar for you, and says he’ll walk you back to your car, as he opens the door of the pub to let you out first.
On your way to your car you ask him…………………………………….

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