Brothers - Part 3

If I’d been flushed before I was positively nearly on fire now! I’d been caught, by my boyfriend, perving at another man. Not just any other man. His brother. A man who detested me and who quite honestly scared me. I was officially a class act! I quickly tried to compose myself and went over to the brothers. Their contrast was stark that night. I mean Shaun looked amazing, he always did. But Damien? Well, let’s just say he had made an effort and it was impressive. He just about radiated testosterone and looked so manly. Every single part of him seemed designed to entice and entrap women. His new hair style was banging. It looked as if he was channelling Ragnar Lothbrok with the whole sexy viking look. It was undercut at the back and then he had this boyish flop of hair over one side. He had grown his beard too. No more three day growth, this was a proper cared for and groomed viking beard. I felt as if I was seeing him for the first time.

I gulped and tried to act normal, greeting him as if he was a normal friend (instead of some angry brooding scary guy who lived in the same house as my boyfriend). I reached up to kiss him on the cheek and say hi, but just as I did he released Shaun from the brotherly headlock and that movement caused me to misjudge the distance. I ended up teetering forward and lunging towards his body. I was awkward at the best of times but wearing those high heels and being so flustered ended up a potent combination and within moments I found myself being gripped by arms of steel and pushed back upright. I braced myself on one of Damien’s arms and wow. It was as if we had just given each other an electric shock. I looked up and his eyes widened and then darkened, the familiar scowl creeping back onto his face. I bit my lip and mumbled my apologies, my cheeks flaming with embarrassment. ‘Are you ok babe’ asked Shaun in a concerned voice. I’d forgotten all about my boyfriend! I turned to see him watching me with an anxious look on his face. ‘Oh fine, just fine’ I reassured him. I looked back at Damien who was now glaring at me and then followed his gaze as he looked down towards his biceps. ‘Oh god’ I cried as I jumped back. I’d been gripping his biceps, subconsciously loving the feel of my hand wrapped around his tensile muscles. But I’d forgotten to let go and had been caught hanging onto him like a creeper.

As I let go of his arm he ran his other hand over the place where I had released my death grip from. I’d never noticed his hands before, so big and wide and so masculine looking. He seemed to be rubbing his arm as if there was a possibility I could have hurt him with my grip. As if! It had felt like I was holding onto a chunk of living marble. I could see though that I had creased his gorgeous shirt which no doubt his mum had spent ages ironing for him. My eyes flicked from one brother to the other. One was shooting me death stares and the other one was looking confused and a little hurt. I was making a huge mess of the night already and my plans for a calm evening with the brothers seemed to be going out the window. Sometimes I felt like I should just stay at home as I seemed to have a knack for working myself up into a nervous wreck and getting myself into awkward situations. Thankfully, Shaun was the brother who was able to compose himself first and I was so grateful to him when he reached for my hand and kissed the back of it. He smiled at me reassuringly and I beamed up at him, grateful for his attention. ‘I did tell you though that those shoes were too high for your body shape’ he admonished. ‘There’s too much weight on them and that’s how you lost your balance sweetheart’ he added. My cheeks flamed even more and I snatched my hand back from him. I know he didn’t mean to be hurtful about my weight and I knew he loved me. It’s just that sometimes he had a way of saying things that cut me to my core.

‘Stop being a dick Shaun’ came Vanja’s familiar voice from behind. ‘You should fucking love her curves and celebrate them, not give her shit about them’. ‘Plus’, Vanja added, ‘I’ve seen those stick insect chicks you’ve been out with before and I bet they don’t feel as soft and lush in bed as she does’. ‘Vanja!’ I admonished. She was hopeless. She was my greatest fan and highly protective of me, but she struggled to keep her thoughts to herself and although I loved her dearly for it, sometimes I wish she would just leave things be. Right. Someone had to be the grownup here and get things back on track. I drew myself up to my full 5 feet 5 inches height (thanks to my 5 inch heels!) and looked Damien in the eye and said ‘sorry about that Damien, nice to see you’. I turned my back on him and grabbed Shaun’s hand ‘come on, let’s go and check out the view from the deck’. I cheekily waved goodbye to Vanja and laughed as she pulled a face at me in return. We walked out onto the deck and immediately I could feel the breeze lifting my auburn tresses in the air and felt instantly calmer. ‘Vanja is such a bitch’ Shaun complained to me. ‘She’s just protective’ I replied, ‘but I don’t want to worry about other people, I want to focus on us’. ‘Fair enough’ he reassured me, ‘let’s get a drink and then go and have a dance’. I grinned cheekily up at him and leaned up to whisper in his ear ‘na ah, I’ve got a better idea!’. I tugged him along the balcony over to the corner where there was an outdoor shower set up in a little ferny nook. There was a slatted cedar timber seat in there and I shoved him down onto it.

‘Babe’ he protested, ‘you can’t do anything here, we’ll get caught’. ‘So?’ I replied quizzically. ‘Isn’t that half the thrill’? His eyes were darting nervously towards the entrance and it was obvious he was way out of his comfort zone. ‘Give me your hand’ I whispered throatily. I took his hand in mine and while maintaining eye contact with him, I drew it in towards me, under my dress and towards my pussy. I could feel the heat radiating from my cunt already and I was desperate to have his fingers inside of me. ‘I’m so wet for you baby’ I added, tugging his fingers even closer to my throbbing clit. It was true, I could feel myself squelching as I walked and even mused to myself that it would start trickling down my inner thighs soon. ‘Nah baby’ he said, ‘I’ve got a much better idea’. He pulled his hand away and grabbed my shoulders and started forcing me to my knees in front of him. ‘Shaun’ I cried out as his actions took me by surprise. He started unbuckling his belt and pushed me towards his crotch. ‘That’s not exactly what I had in mind’ I protested, ‘trying to wriggle out from his grip’. ‘Come on baby, you know you love it’ he crooned. ‘Look how hard you’ve made me, you know you want it’. It was true, he was very hard, that was obvious due to the bulge in his tight fitting trousers. And I did want his cock. It was a beautiful cock. But sometimes it would be nice to switch things up a bit. ‘Let’s just relax a bit first’ I replied. ‘Slow things down a bit’. I licked my lips as I focused on his mouth. Leaning in to kiss him passionately. ‘Don’t waste those luscious lips baby’ he demanded, ‘get down and suck me off good’. He gripped me even harder and shoved my face towards his now open jeans. I could see cock clearly outlined under his bright red boxer shorts. It twitched as my breath drew closer and I could see he was very, very aroused.

‘Shaun’, I protested again, ‘you’re hurting me’. I struggled against his grip but his hours and hours of gym workouts each week had made him very strong and he just kept pushing me. My knees were on the tiled floor now and the hard surface was starting to hurt me. He had pushed me into an uncomfortable position and I couldn’t even get a good grip on the floor to push myself away from him. He yanked his cock out of his boxer shorts and slapped it against my face. He pushed it onto my lips and tried to force my mouth to open. ‘No’, I shouted. ‘Stop it Shaun, I don’t want to do this and you’re hurting me’. He just kept murmuring ‘come on baby, open up for me, you know you want it’. He moved his hand to my head and pushed me even closer. He knows I hate that more than anything, that feeling of being forced, and something in me just snapped. I reached up, pushing myself off balance and shoved hard at his legs. He just laughed and took advantage of my imbalance to drag me in closer. ‘We are doing this baby’ he growled, ‘whether you like it or not’. ‘And I know you like it’. ‘Shaun’ I cried out ‘stop it, get off me’. You’re scaring me’. I looked up into his face and could see that he was in a lust driven craze. All he could think of was my lips wrapped around his cock. As I watched him though his face changed, his eyes widening suddenly and he started to release pressure on me and amost cringe back into the wall. ‘You fucking cunt’ I heard a man’s voice yell. ‘I’m going to fucking kill you. Fucking stand up and fight like a man’. Horrified at being caught in this compromising position, but grateful for being saved, I scrambled to my feet and looked to see where the voice was coming from. God. It was Damien. He was standing at the corner of the shower and he was absolutely furious. His neck muscles were bulging, his eyes were glaring and his nostrils were flared. ‘You’ he yelled at me, ‘get the fuck out of here, now!’. A surge of adrenaline rushed through my body and I instinctively moved in front of my boyfriend, determined to stand my ground and not let them fight. ‘No’ I yelled back at him. ‘You can’t make me’. ‘Oh you just watch me little one’ he replied, lunging towards me.

To be continued.

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