Good girl, naughty night pt 1

Good girl, naughty night(fantasy part 1)
Taking a deep breath, I step forward into the pub. Looking around there are couples everywhere but no single men, only women. There’s music playing and a general relaxed feel about the place.
I make my way to the bar and order a drink, my phone buzzes in my pocket -“Bring your drink to the booth in the far corner”. My pace quickened reading the simple message.
Okay, so maybe I’d missed seeing my mystery guy. I was here to break my good girl habit, I wanted to be someone’s dirty girl, even if it was just for one night. It had been an embarrassingly long time since I’d had a cock to play with. But tonight I was over pleasuring myself, I was horny and needed to have a cock buried deep inside me. I wanted to be bent over and taken.
I take a good deep sip of my drink before heading to the corner booth – nothing like a bit of liquid courage.
“Hello there” a dark haired man smiles up at me from the table. He stands and greets me with chaste kiss to the cheek. “Hello back” I say shyly. His hand slides around to my hip and guides me into the seat.
“Don’t be nervous, I will only bite if you ask me nicely” he grins. I laugh quietly at his bad joke, the needed ice breaker. Mr M is well aware of my shy nature and my journey to enjoy the new year with some new adventures and fun.
“I’m glad you decided to come, I’m looking forward to tonight’s pleasures” Mr M says. He places his hand onto my knee and begins to trace a finger up my thigh. I smile at the feeling and move closer to him. “Good girl, but later you will be my dirty girl won’t you?”
“Yes Mr M I will” I say as I nod my head slowly. “Excellent, I will remember that” he says and smiles.
I take another deep sip of my drink, my imagination sparked. “Will you do something for me?” Mr M asks. “That depends on what it is” I reply.
“Oh don’t worry, you’ll enjoy it and we’ll be leaving soon after” Mr M says as he leans over and reaches into his bag. “You said you wanted to be less of a good girl, this is your chance to start that journey”. I feel something small placed into my hand and a kiss placed on my lips – this one with a promise of fun times.
“Head to the bathroom and place this inside you, I have the remote with me” Mr M looks at me with an unasked question. Will I take him up on his offer or chicken out? I stand and make my way to the bathroom to begin my night of fun.
I enter a stall and lock the door – looking down to the palm of my hand, I think “why the fuck not, this is what I’m here for, don’t wuss out now”. Lowering my jeans and underwear, I run a finger over my clit and labia feeling the growing wetness. I gently insert the vibrator inside me, ahh it feels good.
Heading back out to Mr M, I can’t help but feel everyone in the pub knows what I have done and what is about to happen. Looking around, everyone is carrying on with their conversations and enjoying the music.
“Glad you came back Shy One” Mr M greets me as he casually takes a sip from his drink. Sitting down,
I suddenly feel a vibration deep inside me, making me gasp and blush.
“Sit, nice and close to me. I want to finish my drink then we should go” Mr M raises an eybrow and pats the seat next to him. I do as he says, my thigh brushing against his thigh. “Good girl, I’m glad you have decided to play”. I am rewarded with two short vibrations deep in my pussy and the feeling of wetness spreading. I can’t sit still and wriggle in my seat. Mr M smiles and quietly laughs to himself. “Sit still. Or would you like more intense vibrations right here?”
He wouldn’t, I think to myself. I decide to test this theory and wriggle my ass against the seat. Buzzzzzzz, buzzzzzz, buzzzzz. “Holy fuck” I let slip and my cheeks flush.
“Testing me huh Shy One?” Mr M whispers into my ear. “You’ll learn. Now, lets go. I need to get my mouth on those tits and my cock in your …….”. He leaves the last word unsaid and stands, holding a hand out to me.
I down the remainder of my drink and take his hand, looking forward to the pleasure that is to come.

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