DTF - Part 2 (Not here to fuck spiders)

Part 2 of a 3 part story.

I teasingly traced my tongue lower and lower, towards his puckered arse and waited for any tell-tale signs of encouragement or discomfort. When he arched his back, widened his legs and placed his feet on my shoulders I knew he was perfectly content with what I was doing. I had to remind myself though that this was our first playdate and that I should probably mind my manners. He did mention a little later that he would love to be rimmed so I've filed that away in my cheeky little memory for future reference. God it was tempting though. Again, I digress ..... his cock and balls filling my view and my senses was very, very distracting. I know he wanted me to turn my attention towards his magnificent cock, but that's exactly what I was avoiding. I wanted to make him wait for it. I lavished his balls with lots of attention, savouring the feel of them in my mouth, tugging at the loose skin and enjoying the feel of them on my chin.

His cock twitched and he was obviously very, very aroused. I looked up at his face frequently and sometimes his eyes were shut, his face just looking like he was being transported to heaven. At other times I caught him watching me and we would exchange a little smile and maintain eye contact while I wriggled around between his legs. I didn't care by now whether he wanted me to take his cock in my mouth or not because I wanted it. Badly. My mouth was watering at the thought of it. I couldn't believe how shiny and glistening the tip of his cock was. It was just oozing pre-cum and well, that is just one of my favourite treats ever. I took my first taste. I had to wriggle up him a little more to get into a better position. I gently wrapped my fingers around his girth. I tasted him again, swirling my tongue around his tip. Fuck. I smiled up at him and asked him if he could feel how much pre-cum he was producing. He asked if I liked the taste of it and I grinned and showed him how much I did. I took the whole head of his cock into my mouth and let my lips create a vacuum around him. I remember asking him just about then if he was ready to get the world's worst, laziest blow job! He told me it felt amazing. I say that about my blow jobs because what you see on porn bores me to death. A beautiful cock like that should be worshipped, teased, lavished with love and attention. And that's just what I proceeded to do.

As I lay between his legs I could hold his cock and enjoy the visual feast. Watching how the veins pulsed up and down it, seeing the tension at the base of his shaft, watching pre-cum pooling on the tip. Occasionally I would feel the urge to kiss his inner thighs, around his hips, his lower stomach. Just loving the feeling of lavishing his erogenous zones with my tongue, lips and mouth. I knew he was getting off on this but boy, was I ever getting wet between my legs as well! I wriggled up a little and let his cock sit in my decolletage. It looked so pretty between the white creamy flesh pushing out over my bra. He reached down and started tugging my top off. I helped him and then threw it over the side of the bed onto the floor. He reached down and squeezed my bra encased breasts together around his cock and we both agreed it looked hot! I wriggled up to kiss him and fuck, our kissing was intense. Kissing while smiling is the best! I wanted to take my jeans off so I sat in between his legs with his cock and balls on my back. While I was unbuttoning them he snapped my bra off and the girls were free! I unzipped my jeans and wriggled out of them, just leaving my white panties on.

I licked my way up his body again, circling his nipples with my tongue and then grazing them again with my teeth. I whispered to him that I wanted to sit on his cock. He grinned and reached down and tugged my panties off. We laughed as we went through that awkward part where getting out of panties becomes a minefield of embarrassing moves, but soon they too were joining the pile of my clothes on the floor. Now we were both naked and I knelt beside him and tackled his cock from a different angle. I felt him sneaking his hand around my fat arse and probing my wet pussy. I sucked in my breath as his fingers started filling me, but I was so ready for him, so wet and so slippery. I eased one leg over his hips and then bent down to take his lip between my teeth. I could feel his thick cock slapping against my pussy but I pretended not to notice it. Our kiss deepened and became a breathless mess of fucking tongues. I could feel him twitching underneath me, wriggling around to hit that sweet spot. I resisted for a few moments, savouring that incredible sensation of his cock nudging at my cunt, but not yet entering it. I was aching to be filled, stretched, penetrated, impaled.

... to be continued! Ms Flirt xxx

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