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I first saw her at a party she hosted, friends of friends, so no real connection, I did not know her or her family, she looked really good, being host I think she went all out, she was 5'5 5'6 very curvy , she wore a dress, a summer one, in at the waist buttons on the front, long to nearly her ankles ,it showed off her curves but only just, it fell great around her butt and because it had sleves she was covered up around her chest.
I introduced myself and see told me about the party about herself and family, I told her I was single, no kids, I could see her thinking when I said it, she told me how bust it had been to get the party organized as she had no help really from her kids and husband, and on top she had herself to gat ready as well, well I told her she got 10 out of 10 for her choice of dress, that sheshe look amazing. She thanked me for noticing her as it was hard to get a response from her side for all the effort, i said nonsence i really do like it, a woman who takes the time and the effort to do it should be told, and should be rewared, rewared she ask, yes , i laughed and left it at that.
As the party went on we glaced at each other i got caughty looking at her as she walked around , she bent over to pick up food that was dropped and she caught me looking, i just knoded in approval of what i saw. When it was winding down i saw her said i liked the party and that she had done well, she said she caught me looking, i said i was human after all and we both laughted, i said if she would like my number, we went to kitchen i gave it to her as she put it in phone.

A week went by then i got a text , it was her, she said she was thinking of party, how i was looking, and that she liked that i was, i text that i could look at her all day in anything, it was how she conducted herself that was part of the sex appeal. i told her curves are fu that i loved curves. loose tight fitting any outfit curves are sexy, she said she really didnt wear things to tight, her husband didnt like the look, well i said here you can, anything and anytime. i said i did get a little excited last week watching, she laughed. i said i would love to see more.

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