adverture two

Now for our second couple, I invited Peter and his wife Linda down for a night of dinner and play. Linda was an attractive lady and Peter was reasonably handsome, around Richards’s height and hung like a donkey. I was, to say the least a little concerned about his size and taking him all. Thankfully I need not have worried as it was awesome to ride a large 8.5 inch cock.
Peter and Linda arrived and we enjoyed a few drinks over a BBQ meal and lots of general chat about the usual things. Following dinner we all decided a spa was in order to relax and feel comfortable with each other.
No sooner had we entered the spa and Linda started playing with Richard enticing his cock and Peter and I enjoyed some sensual play fondling each other under the warm inviting water. Peter moved my clit in line with the spa jets and started fingering my pussy as the warm jets pounded against my clit stimulating it immensely. He suckled by breasts one at a time making sure to give equal attention to both.
Linda was working hard on getting Richard hard and it seemed she was not having a great deal of success. I realised that although she was very attractive she had large breasts and wide hips which was somewhat of a turn off for Richard and he was not enjoying the pleasures as much as he should be.
We all decided to move to the lounge and while Peter and I took the mattress on the floor Richard and Linda proceeded to the three seater lounge, I was trying not to let the lack of erection on Richards behalf spoil my fun and hoped to watch me get off on a huge cock might help his erection issues.
Peter was hard and erected and I climbed on to ride him cowgirl style. The sheer pleasure of taking every inch of him took me to another place and I closed my eyes and went there. My first orgasm hit with total force and riveted through me like a freight train. I wanted more to his cock and more orgasms and was riding him hard and fast. I came three times before climbing off an allowing Peter to come all over my breasts. Linda was trying not to show her obvious disappointment in the lack of erection from Richard who was now blaming the wine for his lack of performance.
Linda came to lie on the mattress with Peter and I and we began to pleasure her together. Linda had never had another woman mouthing her breasts or licking her clit and she wanted to experience it. I was beyond horny and was happy to oblige her needs while Peter sucked on her erect nipples I went down on her licking relentlessly at her hard clit til in no time Linda came hard and fast. I could feel her clit throb under my tongue which made me lick harder until she couldn’t stand it any longer.
Peter was hard again and I wanted more of his thick long shaft. He bent me over the lounge and entered my wet pussy from behind pumping deep into my already throbbing wet box. Linda started sucking my nipples which sent me over the top yet again. I was also sucking Richards cock which was now responding and getting hard.
Linda came round and climbed onto Richards cock and rode him until he came.
Finally we called it a night and although Linda and Peter never came down together again, Peter came and had some one on one time with me, but that is another story.

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