Neighbourhood Watch

Gary and Deb were an average looking couple. Gary was 51yrs with a "dads body", Deb was 49yrs with curves and large breasts.

They often lounged naked and fucked in their back yard. It was pretty secluded, but I could see them if I looked out of my upstairs bathroom window.

One day they asked me around for a couple of drinks, we relaxed in the sun, talked shit and joked.

As the drinks flowed and inhibitions faded they started to kiss passionately and touch each other. I felt really uncomfortable but so turned on, was this really happening right before my eyes?

After a while, Deb looked at me and saw my bulging shorts, she then asked me if it was better watching them from there or my window.

They both got up and approached me. Deb brought her lips to mine and our tongues wrestled in our mouths. I felt a tugging at my shorts, then a cool breeze as a hand released my now rock hard cock. I thought it was Deb until I felt a warm sensation engulf my shaft, it was Gary, and as I felt my cock touch the back of his throat, he gagged and began sucking hard.

Deb removed her clothes and joined Gary as he removed his. They both licked the shaft, taking turns sucking, feeding my cock into each others mouths until they sensed I was close to cumming.

Deb stood up, turned around and I watched as Gary guided my cock into his wifes wet pussy. Deb began slowly bouncing and grinding down on my shaft while I grabbed Gary by his waist. The salty taste and the soft, yet firm texture of his cock filled my mouth as I struggled to swallow his thick 8 inches, he grabbed my head to steady it as he fucked my face.

Deb climbed off me and she layed back on a table, she wanked my cock into her mouth and started sucking me as I helped Gary lift and spread her legs to reveal a pair of wet pink lips in a sea of lightly trimmed hair. He rubbed his cock over her pussy, then he thrust his entire length inside her, she let out a gasp and started sucking me harder as Gary fucked her hard and fast.

I leaned over to lick Debs pussy while Gary fucked her. Debs body quivered and she let out a series of moans and high pitch squeals as she climaxed. Every few thrusts, Gary pulled out and I sucked him, tasting Debs juices.

I had all I could handle, Deb grabbed my ass and held me in her mouth as I sent my cum shooting down her throat. She continued to hold my cock in her mouth and suck gently as Gary let out a grunt and filled Debs pussy with his load.

While Gary watched, I got my head between Debs legs and I could smell the combination of both of their juices. Garys cum was escaping and running down over Debs ass, which I licked and gently fingered. I turned my attention to her wetness, her body began shaking again, she arched her back, grabbed my head and started grinding her pussy against my mouth as she reached another powerful orgasim.

We all regained composure and enjoyed a shower together where we all kissed and cleaned each other.

I don't always have to watch them from my upstairs bathroom window anymore - I now have front row seats........

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