With the Christmas Holidays approaching, I wanted to buy a good used caravan. I found one that came with extras that weren't in the ad.....

I found the address I was given and there, on the front lawn, was the Caravan. There were a couple of good looking men, in their 40's or 50's, giving it a clean.

The sun was high and temperatures were soaring, the men were both shirtless and tanned - The man with a muscular chest and arms, "Kev", was wearing footy shorts, while, "Matt", the other man, wore cargos and had a little extra padding.

Matt went to get us all a cold drink from the house, while Kev showed me inside the Caravan. I noticed Kevs ass looked firm and his shorts were straining to contain the prize within. He was giving me a horny look that was turning me on when he asked if I liked what I saw while he pulled his shorts to one side. His semi erect cock fell out, with it's large vein running down the shaft, and his foreskin stretching back over the growing purple head, I was speechless and just nodded.

I pushed him against the kitchenette cabinets, got down on my knees and I tried to swallow his cock whole. It’s salty taste and soft, yet firm texture filled my mouth and I gagged as it's head bounced against the back of my throat.

I didn't hear Matt come in, I just suddenly had another cock in my face, not as long as Kevs, but thicker, circumcised and still a hand full. I opened my mouth wide and sucked on both heads together while I looked up and watched both men kiss passionately. It wasn't long before Kev moaned that he was going to cum, so I continued sucking Matts cock while Kev wanked and released his hot sperm in my face. After seeing that, Matt let out a moan, jerked and twitched, then he too covered my face with his cum.

They stood me up and proceeded to lick their cum off my face, we all kissed, sharing the flavour.

They told me it was my turn, undressed me and led me to the bed. They layed me down and took turns sucking and licking my cock, balls and ass. I watched as Matt got behind Kev and buried his face between his ass cheeks before applying some lube, Kev then stood over me and lowered himself over my cock. He felt warm and tight as he took my entire length in his ass. Matt sat over my face so I licked and fucked him with my tongue as Kev continued to ride my cock. I grabbed Kevs hips and thrusted up, fucking him harder and faster, before moaning, and finally filling his ass with my cum.

Needless to say, they got their sale, I got my caravan and they occasionally join me for "boys weekends" away.

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