Her eyes widen as he leads her into a large bedroom.  There is an inviting king size bed against the far wall. The sheets look expensive; she imagines what they will feel like against her skin. 

He grabs her hand and gently pulls her towards him, kissing her softly, probing her mouth with his tongue expertly.  He kisses her neck as he unbuttons her shirt and slides it off as he guides her backwards towards the bed. 

He removes her lace bra and sucks on her nipples.  She groans with pleasure.  As she reaches the bed he lays her back and removes her skirt.  He takes of his t-shirt and removes his jeans exposing his muscular body.  She can see his hardness though his jocks. He kneels down and removes her high heels, and gently kisses her foot, kissing his way up her thighs.  She is still wearing her lace g-sting and he massages her clit through them feeling her wetness through the soaked material. He lifts his eyes and smiles at her pleased that she is so ready.

He removes the lace and nuzzles his face between her legs, lapping up her juices.

“Mmmmm… You taste delicious!”

He devours her pussy, pushing his tongue inside her and teasing her clit, sucking and swirling his tongue around it before finding his tongue back inside her again. 

“I love how you do that!” she pants

He slides a finger inside her as he continues to flick her clit with his tongue taking her to the edge before continuing up trailing kisses up her body until he reaches her mouth.  She can taste herself on him.  He leans over her and slides his cock straight in; she is so wet she takes him all at once.  “Mmmmm, your cock feels so good inside me” she moans as she cant help but move her body against him, craving more, arching back and forth, letting his length slide in and out of her.

“You are so wet.”

He rolls to the side and pulls her with him until she is on top and glides his hardness back inside her, she takes him as deep as she can indulging in the pleasure of him inside her.  He rubs her clit with his finger as she rocks back and forth.

“Do you trust me?” he asks

She gives him a cheeky smile, “Yes”

“I have a surprise for you….”

 Her smile widens

“But you can’t look until I tell you, you must only look at me.  Can you do that?”

Just the thought of this causes a rush of wetness between her legs.

“Mmm Yes” Her face is lit up with excitement

“Promise me” he teases

“I promise”

“You can come in now” Jack says to someone else.

She hears a door open; Jack has her positioned perfectly so she can’t see the door behind her.  She hears footsteps walk towards her, the stranger places a hand on her shoulder and runs his hand down her arm, she feels a muscular body against her back as the stranger comes close and slides both hands around her and over her nipples, teasing them.

She has been forbidden to look. It sends an extra thrill down through her body.

She feels Jack harden further inside her as he watches the stranger touching her and kissing her neck.  Jack sits up and begins kissing her mouth, harder this time. 

The stranger moves his kisses down her back; he sucks, licks and nibbles her as he kisses his way down to her buttocks.  The stranger coaxes them both towards the mattress with his hand on her back and then he does the most amazing things with his tongue on her arse, she closes her eyes and enjoys the sensation of Jack inside her at the same time, she can hear jack moaning too and realises he is probably get some extra attention also.

“Look at me beautiful, I want to see you” Jack asks

She opens her eyes and sees the pleasure in his eyes.

“Yes… that’s better, I can see you are enjoying this” Jack kisses her and pulls her ear to his mouth running his tongue around it. Something he knows she loves.

The stranger then slides a well-oiled finger inside her arse and makes sure she is ready for him.  She cant help but moan at the pleasure of the sensations of the finger inside her and Jack sliding slowly in and out of her.  The excitement in her is building at the anticipation of what is to come next…

The stranger slides out his finger and replaces it with cock carefully making sure she is ready for the length of him. 

She is delighted with the sensation of them both filling her, she moans with pleasure calling out without thought, She cant believe it, “Oh my god! Amazing!” 

They are both moving inside her, she cant really move but she doesn’t need to, Her nipples are being gently pinched, her neck is being licked and sucked. She is kissing Jacks neck and her clit is pushing agaist Jacks body.

They get into a rhythm and start to increase the pace, moving faster and faster, she can feel the orgasm building inside her and then...

“I’m going to come…. Oh my god, oh my god” she calls out loudly as her whole body shakes. Waves of pleasure flow through her as she contracts repeatedly around Jacks cock.

Jack calls out loudly as her orgasm draws his out and he comes inside her.  Satisfied she lays on Jacks chest.

The stranger pulls out from behind her.  She looks at Jack.

“Yes, you can look now.”  Says Jack smiling mischievously

She smiles and turns, and sees a very nice looking young man “mmmm, he chose very well” she says to herself. And gives Jack an approving nod as she collapses onto the bed. 

“Did you like your surprise” he asks cheekily.

“Oh yes!” she giggles.

Then she hears a different voice “Would you like me to help clean that up for you?” asks the stranger

“Yes, she would like that!” answers Jack for her with another cheeky grin.

The stranger kneels at the end of the bed and kisses up the inside of her thighs towards her pussy with sex still dripping out of her.  He laps her up, sucking, his tongue cirlcles around her clit and darts inside her then he is back to sucking…

She looks over at Jack and he is already hard again…  She smiles as she realises the night has only just begun!

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