Aidan, Julie and I.

I received a message from a woman (I’ll call her Julie) I met on AMM a few years ago. I had rooted her on a few occasions as she was trying to get as many tools into her as she could at the time. A very worthwhile pursuit I thought at the time. She told me she had throttled back in recent times, concentrating on quality rather than quantity. I think we all come to that conclusion over time. She went on to say that she had met this Malaysian fellow (I’ll call him Aidan) on AMM who she liked. He was handsome and she also liked his dark olive skin and he had a few bob as well. She gave me his AMM name and so I checked out his profile. I immediately saw another feature she might be attracted to, which was his sizeable dick. He had taken her to dinner once or twice and they had rooted a couple of times. She told me he was reasonable in the sack and also that he wanted some photos taken of their escapades and had asked her if she knew anyone. She immediately thought of me as I had taken shots that had turned out really well of us on one of the occasions I had rooted her. Also there were our ages, I was 55 at the time, she was 40 and this guy was 43 and so I thought that she probably reckoned that he wouldn’t see me as a rival which might spoil the mood of the meeting. I didn’t know whether I was offended at that but I didn’t let on anyway.

She told me he had a 50 acre block of bush scrub he used as a weekender in the hills just out of Mudgee and if I was agreeable we could go up there for the upcoming weekend, meet him there and do some photos as well. I thought that would be interesting and I had travelled further to meet women for sex in the past so a weekend away for some voyeurism sparked my interest.

Julie and I travelled up on the Saturday morning and after a bit of dirt road navigating in the back blocks of Mudgee we arrived at his property. The thankfully short access road in from the dirt council road was terrible and my low slung town car scraped the top of the ground as we inevitably drove in the ruts that had been gouged over the years. When we arrived I saw that he had a 4 wheel drive so the ruts weren’t a high priority to fix.

Aidan met us out the front of the house and I could see what she saw in him. He was of average height, well built, good looking and dressed well. Even though he had on his property work clothes they still looked good. The property was a typical weekender and there were pieces of farm machinery he had collected, I learned later, to add charm not functionality. There were a couple of rusty old car wrecks off to one side that had been there from the previous owners and he hadn’t disposed of them. Scrubby grass grew up through them. There were fallen trees around which didn’t look great but at least they were handy for firewood. The house was an old farmhouse style weatherboard and I was fast arriving at a negative opinion of this old shack. I was wrong. After we went inside I found it was very nicely renovated and reasonably modern. The back of the house had a deck built onto it and it had a sweeping view out over the valley and was drenched with the morning sun. It was a great weekender and he had intentionally left the access road in a bad state and the crook looking front of the house as it was, to deter any trespassers that had been known to raid unattended houses in the area. The house was just out of sight of the road anyway and so that probably helped as well. It was also great for getting around in the nude and for having sex in the bush or on the bonnet of the car or wherever. I tend to check out bush settings for sexual potential as soon as I arrive. That’s the kind of deviate I am.

We went in and he showed me my room complete with queen sized bed that practically filled it. Still I was glad of a large bed as I am fairly tall. She was sleeping in his room of course and when he gave me the tour of the house it included the master bedroom, (the only other bedroom of a two bedroom house) which was much bigger than mine and had a queen sized bed as well and its own balcony.

He prepared some lunch for us as Julie and I sat out on the deck luxuriating on our deck chairs in the autumn sunshine. There was a tiny farm dam down in the valley and with the help of a pair of his binoculars I could see a mob of kangaroos up the hill on the other side. We enjoyed our lunch and some stimulating conversation. Aidan asked about my camera and I told him that it wasn’t anything special but it did take videos as well as still shots if that is what he wanted. I had spoken to Julie earlier on the drive up and she was keen to have some videos taken. He looked at her sort of for her approval and said well lets get started then.

She suggested that we go inside to say the bedroom or the lounge room but he asked “what is wrong with out here on the deck?” it was a pleasant temperature especially in the sun and he told me that the neighbour’s house was on the other side of the hill and so it was private. There was a short wall at one end of the deck which gave shelter from southerlies when they were blowing but also rendered a fair amount of psychological privacy to those worried about it. We all agreed and Aidan took the lead, shed his shoes and socks and then peeled his shirt off. He was well built as I said before, his pecks were well defined and his areola and nipples were large by male standards. There was no six pack but he was trim and without any noticeable fat. He dropped his shorts slowly revealing this long meat hose dangling down about 6 inches long in flaccid state. It was a little fatter than average but not really fat. Julie and I were standing back and watching the show as this thing dangled threateningly in front of us. She had obviously seen it before but she still couldn’t take her eyes off it. I on the other hand had not seen it before but I was impressed and I still kept sneaking glances at it.

Just about then we heard the crack of gunshots. Aidan said it was probably his neighbours hunting something or other as they often did. Their property was part of the hillside that faced us across the valley. I asked him if they could see us up here and he doubted that they could but on the other hand he didn’t really care and it was a bit of a turn on if they could anyway. I sort of agreed as I have always been a bit of an exhibitionist myself and I am sure Julie wouldn’t mind flashing her tits in the good cause of exciting his neighbours. In any case they were so far away that they would need binoculars which was a bit disappointing to me after thinking we were going to root in front of an audience.

Aiden picked up his clothes and took them inside and he also didn’t want them in shot messing up the scene. As he walked passed us we both stared down at this thing flailing about between his legs in its flaccid but extended state that made it look like a horse cock dangling down. Julie stepped forward and took it in her hand and started to wank him which soon awoke this monster to its terrifying erect state. She removed her hand from it and it sagged slightly under its own monstrous, erect weight.

She was on her knees and slurping down on it before I could blink. The smile on her face was broad and it consumed his meat with total abandon. I quickly went for my camera and got some great shots of her head impaled on this thing. It was stretching her mouth as he held onto the back of a chair to steady himself. She came up for air just long enough to get naked. I remembered her nice big tits. Well good sized anyway. I was getting a little jealous as she devoted herself to his meat. She always did have a magnificent arse. She bent over from the waist to pick up her dress and knickers revealing her lovely twat from behind framed by her legs and buns. As she was bent over he took advantage of her position and presented his tool to her mouth once more. I got more great shots of her from behind showing her twat and then more a little higher as I stood up bringing him into frame over her horizontal back showing his closed eyes, open mouth and the generally ecstatic look of pleasure on his face, his slightly haired chest and pubes before her head obscured his groin area due to his tool being buried deep inside her throat by now. I could hear her gagging slightly but I couldn’t tell whether it was genuine or staged for his pleasure. I unzipped my trousers, took out my tool and stroked it between shots. It wouldn’t be the first time pre-cum had seeped from my fingers into the innards of my camera and it wouldn’t be the last. It was going to make the camera sticky but I would just have to give it a good cleaning later. I was directing them where to put themselves for the best lighting and horniest poses when she noticed my tool hanging out and dripping pre-cum onto the deck. She reached over and grabbed my dick as I ventured close one time and said she wanted to suck us both. He was keen but I wasn’t too sure about that myself. I knew this guy was bi, but I certainly wasn’t. I had had a guy suck my tool before (somewhat grudgingly) and with a woman joining him both times coincidentally. They were both orgy nights and that was different or bordered on ok for some reason that I couldn’t fathom in the urgency of this moment. Before I had a chance to think she was on her knees, her mouth at cock level, with a cock in either hand and was rubbing the knobs together as she tried to get them both into her mouth at the same time. I think it was an “oh well, here we go” type moment in my mind. Being the ultimate photographer as a reflex I started taking photos mostly of the top of her head as she worked away on our tools. I have the philosophy of “spray and pray” as far as photos go, so I just keep shooting and you are bound to get a good photo every once in a while. When I reviewed them afterwards, it would have looked better if I had taken the time to take my pants off but it was too late then. When she had slurped away on our tools for a while and as much as I wanted her to suck me off I was nevertheless there to take photos of them so I pulled my tool from her grasp and after I pointed out that we were loosing the sun as it was starting to go behind the gigantic trees beside the house, I suggested he take her from behind. They were only too willing to oblige and she assumed the standing doggie position, hanging onto the table our coffee cups were on for support and presenting her arse and snatch to him. He approached her (I was madly shooting all of this) from behind, his tool horizontal as he planted his hands on her buns and with his hips thrust out and his knees bent slightly, guided his monster cock into her. He rammed it into her somewhat mercilessly, driving into her again and again, almost lifting her off the ground with each drive. She was letting out a very feminine “oh” every time his groin impacted her buns. Despite the apparent length of this tool he didn’t appear to be bottoming out and yet it seemed to disappear entirely into her poor little twat every time. He was well built and they were a good couple from that point of view. They were both fit looking and so these photos were going to be artistic as well as horny.

The sun was disappearing fast from the deck. We moved down to the bush area just below the deck and away form the sun shielding trees. I had taken my clothes off to get into the spirit of things. I couldn’t help but feel exposed as we stood there open to the whole valley, despite him telling us that the neighbours were in the next valley, we still heard the occasional shot from afar. I shook off my fears, not that it mattered as I have never been shy on nudist beaches or chancing it on some deserted beach up the coast, this was just new I suppose.

I took a video of them first. I got him to chase her across a little clearing. His tool was flailing about and her tits were wobbling delightfully and jumping up and down as she ran. Fwoar, so arousing. I could so have chased her down and had my way with her then and there in the long grass if he hadn’t been around. It was about then I noticed there were kangaroos watching us from the other side of the glen before hopping away.

I told them ( the people, not the kangaroos) I wanted to get some still shots. So she grabbed a low tree branch and he took her from behind. I got shots from the front showing her face and him behind rooting into her. Shots from behind him showing his physique and him holding her hips as her pulled her into his hot cock.
I wanted a video of him doing her up against a tree. I suggested a plot which they agreed to. She had her spread her legs and she would sort of lie up the tree with her arms lying on the rough bark, with her head tilted back and her back arched presenting her arse to him to fuck. He told her he was going to root her hard. He stood behind her with his tool up her twat and ramming her into the tree. She was hanging onto the tree as much as she could as he pounded into her. She was holding herself off the rough tree bark and rightly so as it would have ripped the soft skin of her breasts. Despite that, I could see her every once in a while intentionally rub a nipple on the rough tree bark as he rammed into her. I moved around to get different angles. I zoomed in on his tool coursing in and out below her buns as his balls swung back and forth. I got a good angle on her tits jumping up and down as her plowed into her with each brutal thrust. I could see he was starting to sweat and breath hard. I heard him say to her “can I put my finger in your bottom?”. She gasped out a breathless “yes” and he wet his finger before slowly plunging it in and out of her arse a few times before resuming his brutal rooting. He proceeded to fuck her and finger her arse. I knew what was coming next and he soon slowed his assault on her sweet smooth skinned body enough to ask her “can I put my penis in your bottom?” She didn’t hesitate and answered “yes”. I move to the side of them and closed in on his hand wrapped around his tool as he applied it to her arse hole and moved it around waiting for her freckle to relax and accept its fate. His enormous knob penetrated her arse hole and disappeared. He moved in and out gently, each time pushing his tool in further until about half of it was gone. He didn’t go any further and proceeded to fuck her arse as they both held onto the tree, moving his arse back and forth in a very sexy way rocking his hips back and forth in a rippling action. She seemed to be enjoying it and looked back over her shoulder with a slight smile on her face that sort of masked the pain I think she was experiencing initially. The pain seem to pass as I heard her say “more” which both he and I assumed meant she wanted more cock up her arse. He accommodated her and she him, ending up taking nearly its entire length, something I wouldn’t have thought possible considering the length of this thing, but there it was on film or video actually. She seemed quite comfortable with it and so he went for it, concentrating on his orgasm. The sweat was pouring off him, he was standing on tip toes on the uneven dirt ground and straining to keep up the effort as his animal instincts drove him to deliver his load into this woman.

A feeling I am sure all here have experienced at one time or another, I certainly have. Heart attack? Hang the heart attack, veins standing out on the neck, sweating all over your partner, just a little bit longer and then I can die with a smile on my face. I remember that feeling well. I am sure the ladies do as well, just hold that finger on my clit, keep working it, don’t move, (don’t tell me the veins don’t stand out on womens’ necks, I’ve seen them,) followed by BANG, an explosive toe curling orgasm!

Back to Aiden doing Julie in the bottom, he finally exploded into her arse, his tip toed stance turned into a slight tip toed stagger as he strove to empty every last drop into her, driving his hips into her in ever weaker thrusts. After a little pant he pulled out and his cum ran back out of her arse and dripped onto the ground. They were both fucked, even I was tired and I had only watched. I got some great shots and audio as well. We retired to the indoors and they flopped onto the lounge and lounge chairs as I had a look at the footage. It was good. It is so much better having a third person with a camera rather than a tripod and hoping that you are in the shot. I have taken some good shots with a tripod but not as good as these.

After they had rested and showered we went into Mudgee to eat at a nice little restaurant on the main street whose name I will leave out of this report, but the food was good.

We were driving back to the property observing the speed limit when the conversation turned once again to sex and we all sounded extremely horny. We agreed we would go back and do it in the dark in the lounge room with just the light of the open wood fire place. The trip back reached breakneck speed as the three of us got randier by the second. We skidded to a halt on the dirt out the front of the house and were all naked in front of the wood fire in seconds. We decided to leave the camera out of these proceedings and it probably wouldn’t have worked well anyway due to the light level and I didn’t have the time or patience to fool around with settings when there was a woman’s body to be pleasured. The flickering fire made for a very sexy setting. Aidan bent her over in the doggie position and was massaging her ring with baby oil. I sat in one of the lounge chairs and sipped on my drink as I watched her taking his tool in her arse. He crouched over her, with his muscular legs taking the strain of his body as he almost casually and certainly slowly raised and lowered his tool into her. Their silhouettes looked great with the fire behind them flickering and pieces of wood cracking as they were consumed by the flames. An ember dropped out of the fire onto the hearth as he dismounted wiping his tool and they sat and rested; her on the rug on the floor and leaning against the lounge and him in the other lounge chair. There was a silence and he asked me if he could do me in the arse too. I was sort of expecting that at some stage as she had told me he was bi before we left Sydney. I declined his offer and then he asked if I would do him in the arse as he likes older men doing him in the arse as they are more forceful than younger men. Told him I was flattered but I wasn’t bi or gay and so I would have to decline his offer. He asked if I was sure and I told him I was and so he said that if I changed my mind as I might be a bit apprehensive due to not having done it before then as he put it that it was only a matter of getting over that first “bum” in the road and then I would be used to it and I might enjoy it after all. I told him I liked his little joke but I would once again decline his offer. Julie was listening intently to all of this and even in the half light of the fire I could see the wide eyed look on her face and I couldn’t help but smile.

I was out to it so I didn’t hear them bonking during the night and awoke the next morning to bacon sizzling in the kitchen. Aiden always the diligent host had breakfast prepared and set out as I arrived at the table. There was fresh squeezed OJ or pineapple juice and coffee or tea. Everything else was steaming hot with your bacon and eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, anyway the full spread.

They said that they wanted more photos out on the deck in the morning sunshine. That sounded good to me and they soon had their gear off and we were on the deck. It was a beautiful day as I prepared my camera and swapped the memory card for another. As they waited they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. She played with him until his erection came up. That is something I don’t usually need done for me. If there is a naked woman in close proximity my tool is usually standing and ready for action. I do only have a standard issue 6 incher whereas maybe an 8 or 9 inch monster which Aidan appeared to have might need arousing. They wanted some stills of them each by themselves. I took some of her fingering herself as she lay back on one of the sun lounges and another few of her fondling her own tits. She could just reach her nipples to suck and so I took a few of those shots.

On a similar vein, I have always wanted to reach my cock to suck on it but it is always just out of reach. All of the guys out there can probably understand that. Even if I try to extend my lips in pouting desperation and looking something like Angolina Jolie, I still can’t even get close. I wouldn’t care if I didn’t have photos of me doing it I would just be happy sucking myself off.

I then took some of him wanking himself as he watched her playing with her tits. This guy had a nice physique. He stood there like a slightly shorter version of Tarzan. He was nicely balanced, had a good grip on his tool and his shoulders and arm muscles tensed as he wanked away. I got him to hold his balls out to the side to show off their size and another of him wanking himself with the valley and dam behind him. A nature shot so to speak. He wanted more of her sucking him so he offered his cock to her face as she was still reclined on her sun lounge. She sat up properly and sucked him and played with his balls. I called “hold it” when I saw a good shot and they froze accordingly. She said she wanted a shot of her holding both of our cocks and I didn’t mind that so I stripped off. My cock sprang out ready for action and after a quick wipe down of pre-cum that is always oozing out of my knob in such situations we took position on the either side of her and she took our cocks in hand and smiled for the camera. I held the camera at arms length, sort of an awkward “selfie” and took as many as my arm could stand. We took the obvious shot of her kissing both of our knobs and then tonguing the eye of each knob with a cheeky look on her face before she turned her attention to him solely and sucked down on him, making deliciously wet sounding slurping and sucking noises as she did so. She asked for shots of her sucking me and so I handed him the camera and he took them. Then she dropped the bombshell and asked for photos of both of them sucking me. I had been sucked by blokes twice (yes, I could count the times) before and those times were both at orgy gatherings which for some reason were different. I didn’t know how I felt about this guy sucking my knob or any part of my cock or balls for that matter.

She worked her womanly ways on me and sure enough a few minutes later there I was standing out in broad daylight on a brightly lit sun deck overlooking a valley where there could be people with binoculars watching and I had a guy kneeling in front of me with his lips wrapped around my knob and then shaft, right up to my balls. He even licked and sucked those into his mouth after he swallowed my tool a few times. I put my arm around her shoulder for support as she stood beside me. The hetero in me didn’t want to touch him in this situation. Holey moley, I imagined I could feel my knob passing his tonsils heading for who knows where as his nose hit the base of my cock and abdomen. To make matters worse, he was better at giving head than she was. He really went for it and the inevitable happened and I unloaded down his throat as she had her arm around my waist and was feeling up my slightly hairy chest at the same time. He was gagging most of the way through it but he was doing the driving and could have stopped at any time. After I blew I could hear what I thought were choking noises but he was just gulping down my jism and eventually surfaced with a big satisfied smile on is face, wiping residual cum off his lips and face. The look on my face, I feel sure was probably wide eyed and one of uncertainty.

We stopped for a rest and sat and enjoyed the view out over the valley. The afternoon arrived and we went for a walk down to the dam and up over to the boundary fence to spy on the next door neighbours place through the trees. A fairly long bush walk ensued including both of the guys doing her missionary style in the long grass at one point. I found it quite lustful doing her in the long grass. She stripped off and lay on her back with her legs open. I had stripped off my shirt but only dropped my shorts to my knees before kneeling between her legs. Supporting myself on one elbow I positioned my meat and then pushed it inside her which felt incredible as her tight little box squashed my tool. I took my weight on both elbows as I lie on top of her, giving a few instinctive thrusts. I popped my head up to look around to see if the neighbours were watching before resuming pumping my tool into her lovely little snatch. I was having a great time sliding in and out of her and I could hear the squishing noise of our juices. She scratched her nails down my back which made my dick harden even more and also produced the desired result shortly after of hot cum exploding into her. I rolled off her and Aiden eagerly hopped on top of her. He had stripped naked and I watched his arse rise and fall as he proceeded to root her for all he was worth. She initially wrapped her legs around him but he was going nuts pounding into her (he obviously had the energy of a younger man than I was) and so she dropped her legs off him and left them with her feet up in the air and jiggling about as he pounded into her ruthlessly before finally blowing, letting out a loud grunt of effort as he did so and putting and end to his efforts as he slumped down on top of her. I had stood up and hitched up my shorts and was standing around viewing the scenery as he was cumming into her. He rolled off her and laid there panting for a while as I helped her to her feet. I went down on one knee and inspected and wiped her box for her. There was quite a bit of cum still oozing out of her and dripping onto the ground so she took over the wiping. We eventually made it back to the house on dark.

I headed to bed soon after dinner as I was fairly drained.

The next morning I was up first and in the bathroom when they came in naked heading for the shower. He asked me to get the camera as they passed me, so I finished washing my face and retrieved the camera from my room. They had jumped into the shower by the time I got back. I was too busy perving at her tits until his penis came into shot as he wiped it over her tits. It was flopping around and he squeezed it down at the base to keep his erection. The problems guys with big dicks seem to have. She was helping and after a bit of wanking which included his knob banging back and forth on the end of his still flaccid, floppy hose, on either side of her hand, his tool finally coughed into life. She was soaping it up which always does it for me in that situation. He rubbed it on her tits and stepped around to rub it up in her arse crack as he played with her tits. He was having a lovely time and I wished it was me doing the fondling of her lovely soapy orbs but I kept the camera rolling. I do like soapy tits! He started to finger her between the legs. Her stance changed to a bow legged style as he inserted fingers into her hole and increased the tempo so that his hand was splashing the shower water as it pounded into her twat. She started an “ooh, ooh, ooh” as she neared her orgasm and then she climaxed with a scream that was so loud I am sure the neighbours over the valley would have heard it. Well, maybe not, but it was loud. She was weak at the knees and had to recover a little. I got all of this on video complete with audio. They were both still in the shower and he went to dry off but she insisted on bringing him off, be it by wanking or gobbling. He said that he would like that but she wanted to see if I could get a shot of him blowing his cum up in the air. She went down on him and slurped in as much of his tool as she could comfortably accommodate and fondled his balls, holding onto the glass shower screen for support in her bent over stance. I was hovering about getting the best angle of her head engulfing his tool as I could and also having a feel of her buns and twat. Ok, so I am an opportunist. What can you do? I could see from the look on his face as he looked straight at me that he was about to explode in her mouth. I said loudly and clearly “he’s going to blow” at which point she stopped sucking and grabbed his tool to finish him off by hand. I moved closer to his tool’s head and kept the camera on standard zoom but leaning towards a wider angle shot. I wanted to get the knob and part of the shaft but mainly the cum being ejected. Her hand was moving fast and would probably blur in the video but I couldn’t do anything about that. We waited for what seemed an eternity, with him hanging onto the shower screen and the other hand on the wall. I was watching the camera screen but also I looked up at his face as he tensed, his muscles in his chest and arms were tight, his mouth was open slightly, his eyes closed occasionally and I couldn’t help but think “is that what I look like when I am straining to cum?”. It also occurred to me later that I probably look like that when I am straining for a good crap as well. I am not sure which is more satisfying sometimes. But I am spoiling the moment here, he finally exploded, his cum shot up and through the air landing on the bathroom floor. He gave another few good pumps, staining to empty his balls. She let out an “oooo” as he ejaculated and had a big smile on her face. I think she was impressed at the amount of jism he produced or maybe it was just how it flew through the air. I haven’t blown like that for years now and if ever for that matter. Memory always exaggerates these things I find.

We all dressed and we had some breakfast before she and I hit the road back to Sydney. He farewelled us out the front of the house and we ran the gauntlet of the rutted drive before hitting the council dirt. There ensued a noisy, dust churning (I could see it in the rear vision mirror curling around in the vortex behind the car), teeth rattling ride until we found the relatively quiet bitumen highway and settled in for the long drive home. We discussed the weekend. She said she liked his really big tool and that he was good looking but also she had the feeling he had a boy friend and that they were fairly serious. She came out with the old chestnut “all of the good looking ones are gay” followed by a big sigh. Hear that all of my fellow heteros out there? We’re ugly relatively speaking. “Oh, thanks for that” I blurted out. She realised what she had said and grabbed my arm consolingly, telling me she liked me as a friend and a root and would I like a blow job by way of an apology. I accepted (like, I am going to turn down a blow job!) and she gobbled down on me as we drove. A nice way to finish a lovely weekend.

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