Off To The Races

Quite a few years ago (I was about 40) I had finished work early and headed off to the races. I was high up in the lounge bar area at a stand up table with a great view of the track. I had been talking to a group of three women and a guy standing at the next table for most of the afternoon and they had had similar luck to me. I had been getting looks from one of the women and she was reasonably talkative and had a nice smile and a slim body and an educated voice, possibly from England.

The short priced guaranteed favourite a friend had recommended, that I had backed in the last race grew long ears in the back straight and eventually ran fourth. I finished off my drink and said my goodbyes to the group and told them I had to head off now. They said they were also leaving and so we all headed off together. When we reached the gate the group split up and as luck would have it the woman I had been getting on with turned to head off to the train station and the other two women and the guy went over to their car in the car park. The woman and I worked out we were both going in the same general direction and as we stood on the platform she said she wasn’t really into racing but had gone along with the others for the day out. It turned out she was from England and was visiting friends for a few weeks before heading back home. She asked if I was seeing anyone and I replied no one in particular as I was leaving to work in Western Australia for six months and relationships didn’t stand that sort of separation. She said she had a boy friend back in London and it was fairly steady but they saw other people occasionally. We got on our train and as we hurtled along I summoned up my courage and suggested we might have a no strings night together. She went quiet, looked down at the floor of the carriage thinking about what I had proposed, and then said she was interested but she was staying with friends and was leaving in the morning for Queensland anyway. She did stress that she wasn’t trying to put me off and that she would like to have sex with me if we could arrange something as she hadn’t had a root for some time.

My mind was racing as we arrived at our station, alighted and proceeded down the ramp and out of the station. We were walking along a long road beside the train line that had a fair amount of bush beside it fenced off by a chain wire fence. The fence had a few breaks in it so I suggested that if she didn’t mind the roughness would she let me fuck her in these bushes. She smiled and seemed eager and we quickly looked around before squeezing through the fence and into the bush. We found a sheltered area and checked we couldn’t be seen and I unbuttoned her blouse as she fumbled with my belt buckle. I took her breasts out of her bra and proceeded to suck on them. She had lovely nipples and as I sucked on one I pinched the other and rolled it between my finger and thumb, pinching it hard occasionally. She was swooning at the attention I was lavishing on her nipples and held onto my shoulders for support. She orgasmed as I pinch her nipples, making a fairly loud noise as she did so. The spot we were in was miles from anywhere and on the other side of the road to houses and so I reasoned that were safe from being discovered. I let her moan as I assaulted her nipples until, with her orgasm drained, she begged me to stop. Still panting slightly she knelt down and fished out my cock and my balls as well. I undid my pants and they fell down around my ankles as she pulled my undies down. Not very dignified but what can you do? My tool sprang up to the horizontal as soon as it cleared my undies. She sucked on it for all she was worth and fondled my balls, rolling them around in their sac. This woman could have sucked the chrome off a trailer hitch as the saying goes, it was almost hurting but also felt fantastic. I could feel her tongue racing around my cock as she sucked. Such attention to detail. She had a handful of my balls and was squeezing them gently. I eventually stood her up, turned her around, pulled her jeans and panties down in one movement and bent her over. Her lovely arse was a sight to behold. She braced herself grabbing hold of a small tree trunk as I felt between her legs, squeezed her pussy and slid a finger into her moist hole. I couldn’t restrain myself any longer, I plunged my hot cock into her with such satisfaction it made me light headed but not so much that I couldn’t ram into her again and again with animalistic lust. I slowed a little but she turned her head and blurted out “harder, fuck me harder”. Randy little devils these Poms. I did as I was told, planted my feet to get a good foot hold and fucked into her with force, ramming my groin into her, making her buns ripple with each impact. I was starting to sweat but I kept up the pace. I gazed down at her little ring and asked if I could finger her arse. She agreed and I massaged her ring and slipped a finger in up to my knuckle a few times, all the while banging into her pussy. “Can I stick my cock into your arse” I asked. There was a short silence and she gasped out “Yes”. I slipped my cock out of her pussy and squeezed it against her ring for what seemed like an eternity until it slipped in, engulfing my knob and then shaft as her ring tightened around it. I waited for her arse hole to get used to the idea and then pushed almost my entire cock into her which she took without complaint. I rooted her arse until I came with a gush. I pulled out after a few final pumps and cum ran back out of her arse hole. We cleaned ourselves up, dressed and walked to the end of the street where her friends lived. We had a lovely passionate session and parted. No phone numbers, no addresses, no nothing and she was probably in Queensland the next day. I wouldn’t have minded hooking up with her again in the future but it wasn’t to be. Mind you, I do have a great wank when I think of her and all of her holes. In fact, if you’ll excuse me, I have something to attend to urgently.

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