62 year old wife gives me lesson part 1

I'd met Susan with an older couple who used to throw parties at home. But I didn't meet her at a party...met hear one night the Jerry and Jane came to see me perform in the city at a jazz venue. J&J were experienced mid 50s swingers who loved music and dancing. I probably had more non sexual encounters than sexual with them but they were honest fun and cool and I appreciated their company. Any way when I saw them walk in the place I thought who is that gorgeous friend with them. She was blonde with and amazing yoga body wearing a glittering gold and black dress with legs for days.
I finished my set and hurried over to chat with them. We had a few drinks ..and chatted. Everyone was having a great time. At one point Susan left for the ladies....that's when I asked what's her story. J&J said she wasn't in the lifestyle but she was recently divorced and had been wanting to experience quite a few things now that she was free...one being a big black cock. .I had to chuckle...but I wanted an experience too a lady over 60 and Susan was 62. Any way they said no guarantees ..but they had to leave shortly and if Susan wanted to stay I should entertain her.
So she returned..they asked if she wanted to stay or go with them. She said she liked the music and wouldn't mind a dance if I was up for one. I said absolutely and wid bid them adieu. We had a couple fast dances and the rhythm changed...it slowed..so we slowed..getting closer with every beat.....at this point...I'm as excited as a virgin at the prom and my cock was visibly and noticeably hard as it touched her ...yet she pulled me closer and we grinded for the next couple songs ..hands ..our eyes met for a moment and the kiss was inevitable. We kissed and embraced several times before going back to our booth. We got back had a few drinks and joked about how that last dance was the ice breaker. Because we didn't speak much until then.
Susan..put her hand on my knee and said " I'm having a great time...would you like to come to continue...I have some great music champagne that I got in my divorce"...I leaped at the chance. Paid the bill and hailed a cab..we started kissing and touching as soon as we entered the cab. We kissed deeply as I slid my hand up her dress...she welcomed me by spreading her legs..she had a lovely pair of red lace panties that were already soaked with her juices. I had barely gotten started and we had arrived at her home. I paid the cab and we held hands as she led me into her home.

We popped a nice bottle...kissed. she put on a Fleetwood mac album...original vinyl....she started dancing....then sat on my lap...we kissed as I cupped her tiny ass in my hands. She began to grind and my cock got rock hard. I lifted her up...laid her down on the rug on the floor. I raised her dress and slipped off her panties...she had a lovely light bush..she opened her legs and I began to eat her ..tasting...licking whipping her clit with my tongue and lapping inside...until she began to rythe in ecstasy...leaving my face glistened from her pussy juices..she pulled my head up to her lips and we kissed more..she I did my pants...grabbing my cock...she said "I really want to taste you but I need you inside now" my cock head was teasing her pussy lips...and before I knew it...she pulled me deep inside..we didn't slow down...we bucked and moan...until I couldn't hold it any longer..I said " if we don't stop..I'm gonna cum" she replied " you better..I want it all inside my pussy....and I totally ablidged..I increased my pace and her pussy tightened around my cock..as I exploded inside...

And that was the start...part1

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