I'm a good girl

Sir says I've been a good girl and I deserve a reward. I can have what I've been asking for.

Sir says he has found someone he is willing to share me with. I ask him to send me some photos, Sir is very good to me, he always has my pleasure in mind with any suggestions. Not surprisingly, he has chosen well.

He gives me my instructions to prepare for him, I rush around madly. Sir knows me so well, he has given me very little notice as he is aware I would go mad with lust whilst waiting.

I'm shaking badly as I prepare the space and then myself. I even changed a few times, except for my stockings (my naughty weakness, almost as bad as my shoe addiction, I'll have to count later and compare). I'm clean and smooth, just as He likes me.

Just as I'm ready Sir is on my doorstep, he does a quick inspection. Repositions my box of toys and then tells me he is pleased. The plan had been to wait for our extra guest, after sighting my breasts and giving them a few pinches he thinks we could have a little play whilst we wait.

I love His cock. I can barely hold back to get me mouth around it. The length is great and width is perfection, I can barely fit him in my mouth, there is no way I can take him completely in my mouth. The nuzzle into the tender spots just to the side of the base, He always groans at this. “We mustn't get carried away" he murmurs as he runs his fingers up my thighs. “My my, my good girl is very wet and horny. What do you taste like?” he slips a long finger inside my cunt and then into my mouth. Yummy, I'm always greedy for my taste.

Sir moves around in front of me. I need Him inside me. I don't want to wait for our visitor (who is late, Sir is not pleased, I would be lying if I didn't admit that I was looking forward to Sir taking out his frustration on me). The head of his huge cock is rubbing up and down my slit, He's teasing me, telling me how wet I am. I push forward off the edge of the couch to force him inside me, I earn a slap on the thigh for being greedy – this does nothing to abate me desire. He knows that and as a response slowly, much too slowly, pushes himself into my cunt before quickly removing himself, instructing me to lick him clean (much to my delight).

I'm royally rewarded with a hard finger fuck and a delightful suck of my clit. I was already on edge waiting for our new friend to arrive that I cum very quick, unusually remembering to ask permission to cum before I do. For being a good girl and using my manners He expertly tips me over the edge again.

Our guest is due any moment now. I reclined on the couch as my blindfold is put into place just as the front door is opened, my tits on show (Sir made sure my nipples were hard), fish net stockinged legs spread, black lace panties covering my pussy. The guest politely asks my Master's permission, and seeks my consent.

Permission from Sir is given with the instruction to kneel between my legs and please me. The guest eagerly abides and is shocked at how wet my cunt is, amazed at how easy I am to bring to climax again. All I knew about the stranger between my legs is that he possesses an 8 inch cock, now I know that he has an eager tongue, with lovely manners.

Sir reminded our guest my kisses and my ass belonged to him, the guest had his tongue buried deep in my cunt unable to reply. At that Sir grabbed my neck, giving me the deepest kiss possible then asking “My good slut, is this what you wanted? Two cocks looking after you?”. I grinned back “yes Sir, thank you”. With that I came on our guests mouth again, soaking him with my cum.

“Now my slut, time for two cocks”. Even with my blindfold on, only able to see the occasional shard of sunlight, I knew Sir was instructing our guests to move, his mouth had moved up to my hard nipples and his cock was being positioned at my pussy. Sir told me spread my legs and open my mouth, I was to have two cocks for the first time.

Our guest was eager to impress Sir, following his instructions and fucking me hard as Sir controlled my head, pinching my nipples – knowing exactly how to bring me to edge, again. (I honestly don't know how often I came, Sir commented later that he was amazed). This was all too much for our guest and he growled as he came. Sir, ever so efficiently turned me around so that I could clean our guest whilst he then took me. Sir fits me perfectly and fucks me oh so right. Our guests is in awe of well Sir takes care of me, controlling my responses and watching wave after wave of orgasmic bliss roll through my body.

More than anything I want to be tight between two gorgeous men with two large hard cocks in me, feeling them move against each other inside me (my ass belongs to Sir). Well, that was what was supposed to happen. Still waiting to fulfil this fantasy.

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