Drop Dead Engorgeous

30 minutes early I turned up at her house with the limousine to take us into the city. I rang the doorbell and through the glass panes of the front door i see you scurry up the hall half naked holding your hands to try and cover your bossom in a helpless attempt bless it's beautiful abundance. One glimpse was enough to start my blood moving, i knew it would be a night to remember. Twenty minutes later she answers the front door in a stunning navy blue velvet cocktail dress with open back, high neck and left leg free through a high split in the front. Diamonds glisten from her ears and wrists. Her hair worn high, a neck i could hardly resist scented musk vanilla and sandalwood, curves I must be served to feed the urge ive let myself believe will come in time for me. The limousine driver closes the barrier window and immediately my hands are on her.Just enough to feel the comfort i will face stripped bare to lay upon your grace. The chill in the winters night air our bodies have erased nestled dep into each other. Our hearts and lungs working one pace. My hands and mouth must visit every place and learn of every taste. I will obsolve you of your power stealing the nectar from your flower. I will gormadise your engorgeous self and hold that thought til the gates of hell swing open, they've been waiting for me to come inside so let them wait til I live out this ride. The city lights, colours, noise and provokingly bright. Pleasure, pain and joy . Where the gypsy lost her voice , burst into flowers and rejoiced xoģ

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