Mystery fuck

My first story so be kind.

This all happened about 4 months ago, I had been chatting to an attached woman from Adelaide, after alot of talk and feeling the hormones rise, we decided to meet halfway between where I lived and Adelaide, so pt Wakefield for those in SA.

So we meet at a park near the water and go for a walk, it isn't long before I pull her into me and kiss, she reciprocates, and our hands are all over each other, our tongues in each others mouths as our hands explore, we take a break and walk back to our cars where things get hotter.
I quickly run my hand down her back, moving around and along her long legs, I rub her pussy, hearing her moan, I then slide my hand inside her knickers, feeling her hot wet pussy for the first time as my finger slides into her, nothing can beat that feeling as so many of you will testify to, while this is happening, ( we will call her Allison) has undone my pants and is sucking my cock, my god she was amazing, I pulled her back up and kissed her, I said to her let's go get a room, so we drove to the local motel, Allison got a room while I parked, she opened the door and beckoned me over.

The second we were in the door I had her up against the wall, both of us pulling each others clothes off, another great moment, what an amazing feeling to feel her naked body against mine, our skin touching and sending shivers throughout our bodies, we fell onto the bed rolling around kissing, touching, feeling, Allison sucking me and kissing me all over my chest, I maneuvered her onto her back and started by kissing her neck, working my way slowly down her body, pausing to suck her rock hard nipples, feeling her squirm, then continuing down, running my tongue over her stomach then down to her pussy, I love to eat pussy and I couldn't wait to flick my tongue over her clit and tasting her sweet juices, I licked her as she held my head and didn't stop until she had cum on my tongue,I then moved up and rubbed the head of my cock up and down her wet pussy, teasing her, then the moment, I pushed into her, filling her up, god did she moan, as I did, sliding into a lover and fucking her, especially for the first time is truly a great feeling, I started with long hard strokes, listening to her moans and body to work out what she enjoyed, we ended up with her riding me as we both orgasmed powerfully.

We fucked all night and did everything that she wanted to experience and enjoy, she was insatiable, especially as she was in a sexless marriage.

We ended up seeing each other for about a year when our schedules allowed it, a truly amazing woman and one I will never forget, an amazing sexy body to go with a great mind, a very rare find, I was way out of my league, but just goes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover and that amazingly wild sex can happen with all types of different people.

Hope you enjoyed reading.

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