Not the sexiest place on earth...

By the time make it to Cobar I’m exhausted, dusty, thirsty, unshaven and reeking. I pull up outside the Occidental Hotel; park the bike, head straight to the bar, order a schooner and a key to one of their rooms and head outside to the beer garden.

It’s a weeknight and the place is deserted, except for a couple of women sipping beers and smoking. One of them is a slender forty something with a small face and delicate features, big doe eyes and high, well-defined cheekbones. She's slim, but not skinny, with long, silky black hair. We exchange nods and polite smiles. She gestures for me to join them.

We talk shit and drink, where I’m from, where she’s from, where I’ve been, what she’s doing in Cobar, star signs, kids, partners, travel, relationships.

“Well,” she says, finishing her drink, “It was lovely to meet you. Very refreshing. You didn’t even try to pick us up or anything...”

Is that a line? Does she want me to?
“Well it’s early yet.” I reply, trying to be charming. Failing.
“But you’re married,” she says, feigning outrage.
“We have an arrangement.” I reply shooting her a glance over the rim of my beer glass.
“Me too!”
(That's got to be a line)
“I’m staying here tonight. Do you want to stick around?”
“I’d love to.”
When we get to my room I excuse myself to have a shower. I’m still in my dusty gear and a hell of a sight. When I emerge from the bathroom, she’s on the bed playing with her phone.
I kiss her, her mouth, her slender neck. I lie her down and unbutton her pants, pull them down. She’s freshly waxed, and not wearing any underwear. Her pussy is a thin slit with just the slightest sliver of pink visible between the fleshy lips. She takes off her top and her bra. She has small, perfect breasts. Perfect nipples. I suck on them briefly before moving down.
I spread her open and lick her gently, she tastes strong but good. I slip my middle finger into her. She’s hot and wet. I push upward gently. Her G-spot is pronounced, swollen and easy to find. I finger her hard, rapidly, keeping upward pressure on the swollen spot inside her. Her breathing becomes a series of short gasps and she squirts all over the bed.
I lick her clean and push my cock inside her. She’s not deep, and the head presses against her cervix, I push against it hard, then start to fuck her, withdrawing as far as I dare on each stroke and stretching her open each time I push back into her. She cums.

She repositions herself and starts to suck my cock. I reach down and pull her hips towards me, she takes the hint and straddles my face and continues to suck while I lick the stickiness from her sweet, wet cunt.

I push two fingers inside her and find the familiar G-spot; I’m hoping I can make her squirt again. She doesn’t disappoint, only this time it just sort of dribbles out and I position my mouth under her to catch it on my tongue. I can feel her muffled groans tickling the head of my cock.

She straddles me and rides me, grinding my cock against her cervix. We cum together and I pull out and watch it drip out of her thin slit.
She gets dressed and says “I have to go or I’ll stay here all night fucking you.” I don’t protest. It’s been a long day.

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