Sensory Overload

This piece is a depiction of a first date with an ex sub, written by him. Not on AMM to give credit.

'You startled me at the door. I was gathering my thoughts, my heart was racing, and I was still trying to get the stupid phone to work. 10 o'clock came around quickly, but when I saw you at the door, smiling at me, I knew everything was going to be alright.

You walked past me, the scent of your body lotion filled my nose, arousing my senses.. Your confidence charged the room, and when you dropped your coat.. My heart stopped !! I wasn't expecting you to be wearing a corset, those heels, a body stocking, leather skirt... OMG.. OMG..OMG!!!

I love the fact that you can walk in heels too, so many cannot. As a firm foot and shoe fetishist, that is such a turn on. You walked to the window, and gazed out, maybe so I could take in your full beauty from behind. As I moved to position myself over your shoulder, our bodies spoke to each other, without words. Your fragrance again hit my nostrils, sending a spark through my groin .. All senses on high alert.

With our wine in hand, I was a little shy, embarrassed, knocked off balance as you sat in front of me. More than I had hoped for. I don't remember our conversation, I was under your spell.. And then you asked me to present to you. I wasn't sure what was it you desired, so I tried to honor your command as best I could. My heart again raced as I undressed before you, exposing my vulnerability, my nakedness... I could not hide my excitement anymore, as my cock swayed ( lol I like that phrase ) before you. I knelt, my head at your feet, submitting to you. My ass in the air, mind in a spin. As I gazed up, I caught sight of between your legs.. Again, I caught my breath as I saw your waxed pussy, beautifully framed by the black lace crotchless body stocking. Another surprise !! Again, lost, my mind spinning unable to believe the stimulation, overload of visual desire.

As you guided me into position to present properly for you, your cold hands sent a shiver to my core. The softness and chill felt beautiful on my flushed skin. Your body warmth sparking off mine as you surveyed your prey. I stood motionless... Not daring to move, bound by your instructions, at your mercy. Your warm breath hit my neck, increasing my pulse yet again, driving passion and desire through my veins, my cock pulsated, my hips swayed gently, out of control, reduced to basic animalistic desire...

At one point I shivered uncontrollably as my senses overloaded with what I saw, and what I felt. My eyes closed as instructed, and I moved to the next level of desire. One sense down, the others elevated as you scanned my body, the heat from you millimeters away and yet your energy surged through me.

As you positioned yourself below me, I struggled to keep my eyes open as instructed. I have NEVER had my cock worshiped in the way you did, with fervor, passion, desire.. My eyes locked onto yours, my mind again reeling as you took me deep into your mouth. It wasn't a submissive act, but one of ownership, Dominance and power. As the receiver I still felt at your mercy, out of control, naked and shivering as the sensations of your technique, and the realization that such a beautiful woman was using my body for her pleasure wrapped me in warmth and security. Your hands and mouth worked in rhythm, your saliva lubricating my shaft, as you worked me ever harder, building my desire to pleasure you in return. My eyes widened as you deep throated me, excitement and surprise filled my mind. I felt your throat open to let me further into your body, the tingle of your larynx on the head of my cock, as it descended your throat. I could feel every muscle, every spasm in your mouth, and with each second my breath shortened. Your eyes gazed up at me, hungry for me to return the favour. As you took your seat, I could hardly believe I was going to be honoured with serving your pussy. Your legs spread, as you guided my actions, gently, encouraging... I didn't want to take a single step out of line. You were in control, giving all you desired, denying nothing, yet in control.

My fingers parted your lips, gently probing inside, deeper as instructed, before recruiting my tongue into service. I nibbled like an amateur, still crazed with desire, and yet unfamiliar with your body. Your clit and outer lips firm like no others. I liked the differentiation between your warm, moist, soft inner being, and your erect hard lips. Slowly you guides my assault on you, "softer, gently, now glide your tongue." I listened, wanting to please you, wanting to learn, and serve my Mistress as she desired. I liked being instructed, enjoyed the praise, and the moans of pleasure, as my rough tongue slid across your clitoris, each taste bud, amplified in size, as it sent a wave of pleasure up your spine. My mouth awash with your juices, as my fingers probed faster and harder, still under strict guidance. Time stopped... I watched your head drop back, your eyes close as I continued to work my mouth and fingers in unison, desiring only to please you... To be of value, and be valued.

I am new to squirting techniques, a fact I am a little embarrassed about, but again, you entrusted me with your body, as I tried to stimulate you to squirt.... I know I can do it.. But as yet, it remains another area for refinement and personalisation to your specific needs. I like the fact that we still have a list of 'firsts'. I am no novice, but I would hate to have become stale, bored, self absorbed. My focus is clearly on your needs, where it should be. I look forward to your guidance, and your words of encouragement... At the very least.. Practice makes perfect...'

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