My security guy friend

After four years of living in Melbourne and relocating back here in Sydney I could say that Melbourne curious guys are indeed friendly and hot. There’s something “different” and sexy with Melbournian guys

While residing in Melbourne, I found a local pub close to my place where I met this young 21 year old friendly, tall and charming security guard who always have a welcoming smile every time I come there to have a drink and play pokies when bored at home. I introduced myself to him having just moved in Melbourne from western Sydney and trying to find my way around.

Gilbert (not his real name) usually joins me to have a ciggy outside the pub and we later on became friends. Every regulars of the pub seem to know him well as he always have welcoming smile and very polite to everyone. Plus he is quite a handsome bloke with boyish looks. One time I even joked that he could be a Mens Magazine male model because he definitely got the looks and can be his manager.

One morning before the pub closed at 3 am, I told him I am actually happy every time I see him working when I go to rhe pub. He asked what I do for work and I just casually replied that I’m a massage therapist ( I didnt tell him my real professional job) He asked what type of massages I do. I told him I just do “full body oil relaxation massages including Swedish and Lomi-Lomi massage, but I am not actually trained in deep tissue message”. He was interested about Lomi-Lomi and was asking about it. And so I describe that “it’s actually a nude sensual massage with only the penis covered by a small towel. And that the the massage style uses flowing movements and liberal oil and that it is quite erotic. I noticed that he is beginning to have a semi- hard on and being an almost 7 footer bloke his dick seemed to be directly proportional with his dick size. I pretended to not notice it but “accidentally” brushed my hand to on his bulge to borrow his lighter in his pant's front packet where he usually puts it. He did not move away from my hand and in fact his huge bulge became more obvious in his very neatly ironed black pants uniform.

A bit drunk that morning, I was feeling a bit horny and was wishing to massage my tall, well built handsome security guy mate. . As I live just across the road from the pub I casually told him I would like to give him a free full body oil relaxation massage if he wants to try it because has has been so nice to me. He replied that he might be interested as he is doing a short shift at work that morning and got 2 hours free time before he drives to the next suburb for his next job. He added that he wants to try the Lomi-Lomi massage. I told him that it’s a full nude oil massage and asked him whether he is comfortable being massaged totally nude. He admitted that he had never tried being massaged nude by a guy or a girl before but there shouldn’t be any problem as long as I could be very discrete about it and never tell anyone especially at the pub. I assured him “of course!” considering I dn’t know anyone there at the pub having recentlty relocated from Sydney.

And so I gave my exact address and left the pub very excited short of exhilirated that my fantasy to massage my straight , hot fit and tall security guy friend is happening! . I went home and set up my message table, warmed my massage oil, had a quick hot shower, and turned on the heater as it was winter and very cold in Melbourne at that time. I earlier told him just to send a text message when he’s on his way. Just when everything is ready I received a text message that he had already parked his car on my street and walking towards the house. He added that he is feeling a bit nervous. I reassured him that I’ll make ir sure that he is comfortable in my place. He also texted whether he could have a quick shower first before we start. I replied yes.

Not long after, I heard him knocking on my door and I lead him to my room where I set up the massage table. I handed the fluffy towels and directed him to where the bath and toilet is. Before he went for shower I casually asked whether I could get a video of myself giving a massage to him as “ I wanted to see myself doing my massage routine and improve my massage techniques “(but actually I simply want it to be a memorable experience for me) . I thought he will straight-away refuse. He told me as long as it does not show his face there should be no problem. I promised him its only for my own private viewing . While I waiting for him to finish his shower I fixed my iPhone on nice angle where I can record my massage with a very good view on video. He came into the room after having a shower, and took off the towel wrapped around his waist and my eyes popped out when I saw his huge fully erect thick cock. I instructed him to lay face down on the massage table which was primed with oil. He seemed very relaxed and comfortable. I focused my massage on this gluteal area and To his upper thighs and inguinsk area. He was in a bliss and enjoyed the part of the Lomi-Lomi massage where hands gracefully gides from behind on his medial inner thigh towards the frontal inguinal area and slightly touching the balls in a rhytmic movement while the knee is slightly bent outwards. He was softly moaning every time my fingers seem to “accidentally brushes” on his very hard thick throbbing cock which was already oozing with precum. While massaging his bum I spent a bit of time with my oiled finger around his anal opening. I explained to him that there are lots of erotic receptors there.

I whispered to him that what I wanted to do next is no longer a part of Lomi-Lomi massage and asked him whether I can use my tongue to massage and lick his asshole. He answered I can do whatever I like to do! His ass is pinkish with faint golden sparse thin hair and indeed very sexy. He was moaning while I was licking his ass.

When it’s time to turn over I gently place a blindfold in his eyes and reminded him that we are recording it on video to conceal his face as well. It’s also so that he can focus on the erotic sensation of the massage without feeling self conscious or uncomfortable. I continues doing my routine Lomi-lomi strokes with focus on inguinal area with both legs in a semi-frog leg position. His cock was amazingly hard and throbbing. I then ask him whether he will be comfortable in “manhood massage” which is quite a popular in massage parlours in Singapore to improve penis size. He replied that he is now extremely horny and was actually anticipating to have penis massage when he turned over. I asked whether Is comfortable with penis massage using both hands and mouth and agsun explained that this is definitely no longer a part of Lomi-Lomi massage. He asked whether I could promise that I will be very discrete about it and I replied “of course we will pretend this experience never happened at all afterwards”. I then use water-based lube to massage his cock while both his legs are still in semi-frog leg position. I did a “two-hand technique penis massage”with one hand focusing on the up and down motion on shaft of his cock and the other hand gently gripping his knob and with gentle swirling motion. He told me it was amazing and he feels he will cum soon. I paused for a while and told him I dn’t want him to blow yet.

I then very gently wrapped my lips around his cock and inch by inch my warm mouth moved slowly to suck the whole length if his very thick cock. I could not deep throat hum as it was really huge almost 9 inches in length. Giving a combination both hand and oral massage with both hands in the shaft of his cock and my mouth focusing on sucking his knob I could see his legs slowly tensing up.

I paused again this time put a condom on and without asking him straddled and sat on his erect trobbing cock. I did not feel any resistance and he started stroking and masturbating me while I tried fill in his monster cock in my tight ass. It took a while before I managed to get it in. I felt my asshole is being split! When the whole length of his thtobbing cock finally slided in completelty, I asked for him not to move for a while as it was actually painful and uncomfortable. I reached out for my small bottle of amyl and sniffed it. This is the biggest cock that I ever had!! And it is AMAZING!!!

After getting used to the sensation of his thick cock inside me I started to slowly move up and down. I started gliding my ass up and down his cock at the same time squeezing it inside me. I was totally in control when Gilbert started thrusthig his cock and moving in a rthythm of what looks like a “fuck” Flamenco dance on thr slifing cabinet mirror. I then sensed that he is strokin my cock faster and faster while Im pumping his dick. He told me “he could not hold on longer!”. I told him I am also about to blow and the thrusting becomes deeper and faster and I felt I exloded with my cum everywhere in his chest . He moaned so loud and just in a split second, cummed as well. We were both catching our breath while I can still feel his cock throbbing inside. I slowly took his now semi-erect cock out of my ass and I saw his huge load on the condom.

I then took off his blindfold and told him I need to scrub him off at the shower to remove the massage oil. He replied he feels like a “baby” being showered and scrubbed. While at the shower I couldnt still believe of ehat just happened abd that I managed to fit his cock in my ass. While still semi erect I knelt and started servicing his cock again. I was surprised after just a few minutes, he got hard again . He told me he can usually cum twice in a row ( perhaps coz he is just 21 yrs old!). He then facefuck my throat and true enough I felt his warm load squirting at the back of my throat! I swallowed his cum and continued sucking his pinkish knob trying to drain his drop but he pulled out his cock and telling me “its now extremely sensitive”.

He changed back to his black long sleeves security guy uniform and told me he needs to rush for his next job with a big smile on his face.
Back in my room, I checked whether masssage video on my phone recorded well. It was very clear but it also captured part of Gilbert’s blindfolded face. I saved our video elsewhere and imnediately deleted it ony phone. Watching our video makes me always horny and finally decided to post this true story.

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