First time with a squirter.

Back when I was living in Brisbane I would frequent the pages of amm and other sites looking for some "interesting" women. I night I came across a very wicked looking young woman from the GC. Her profile was very safe and didn't have that she was looking for much other than fun. We ended up catching up for a drink one day, I was hoping for it to turn into a night but unfortunately, I was shut down. She was a bit shy at first and I thought maybe I had come on to strong.

Over the next week I got another message from her, she offered dinner at her place. I jumped at the chance and Friday night I knocked on her door with gusto. She opened it wearing her house trackies, still managing to get a stir in my pants from how good she was looking. Dinner was great, conversations flowed about past and future. Even though we had not much to drink she was excusing herself quite a bit. not thinking anything of it, when desert came around she said we should retire to the lounge area to watch some tv while we eat it.

I walked in and sat down, she sat next to me her legs across my lap and turned on the tv and proceeded to put on a movie. Boy what a movie! She was giving me a private screening of her encounter with her uni friend she had over through the week. My cock was instantly hard at the sight of seeing these two girls sharing a double ended toy and making out. She obviously felt the stiffening under her calves, there was a deviant smile spread across her face and she shifted to straddle me.

We kissed passionately and were tearing at each other tops in what could only be described as a game of who could get the other naked first. I let her massive DD's fall out and took them in my hands to tease her perfect nipples with my mouth.
She reached down between us and pushed past the waist of my pants and boxers and took my cock in her hand and started pumping up and down. I'd had enough and threw her back on the lounge, stood up took off my pants and boxers and freed my cock. She leant forward and swallowed it all, I am sure i took a deep breath as i felt her throat close around the head of my cock. Never to this day have i had head like it. After what seemed like eternity but was probably only 5 minutes, i pulled her off my cock and removed her trackies and panties.

Manicured heaven. A perfect mound, I kneeled and pushed her thighs apart. Inhaled her scent and let my tongue work its way into her liquid core. Once her clit was being danced on and around by my tongue she started whimpering, i slid a finger in and curled it to start stroking her spot, well, this opened the flood gates. She moaned like crazy and then tensed up, then hit me with a tidal wave of squirt. I had never had a squirter. This was all new, i just pressed my lips to hers and tried to contain as much of it as i could in my mouth. I got a few good gulps before she relaxed and joined me back on the couch. She was a little embarrassed, she said she tries not to squirt but sometimes can help it and wasn’t sure if I would be ok with her if she done it. I told her to get some towels to mop up the floor, and then we can go have some fun in the bedroom.

As soon as her back hit the bed i was on top sliding balls deep inside her, we had a great rhythm going on, and then i felt her tense, and my balls get soaked in some warm liquid. I just smiled and kept trying to find the bottom of this pussy. we rolled over and she jumped up, so she could control the pace, it wasn’t long before i was getting wet again. the contorted look of pleasure on her face and the way her pussy gripped my cock had me at boiling point. I told her I was going to cum and cum hard, she begged me to coat her insides with cum, I am a lover of creampies so I couldn’t say no. As the head of my cock swelled, she leaned back and slid up slightly and let a gush that hit me on the chin and covered my body. I cumming so hard I was sure I done damage to my balls that night.

After a shower and a hug, we parted ways i seen her for quite a few months after that, I found out that she even squirted when I would take her up her ass, which was even more of a delight as I could watch it flood out her pussy. We ended up always in the shower to end the night and then change the sheets. Sadly, we lost touch. Any squirters up my way please let me know i need to bathe in that sweet juice again.

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