I no touch you

There's a woman in our town, says she's 33 years old, who advertises that she's 'a cuddle queen' and will cuddle you for a few dollars, in her underwear, for an hour if you're a lonely man who doesn't want to pay for all-out sex.
She's BBw and very soft. I went to see her and she took me to her bedroom and invited me to remove my clothes except my underpants, then she took off her dressing gown and lay on her bed, wearing lacy panties and a bra. I lay down next to her, she has a sweet face, and we started kissing. I held her close and my tummy on hers was lovely, she was so soft and warm. After a few minutes I popped her bra strap and she grinned and told me I was a naughty boy. I liked that. Then she shrugged out of her bra and we were chest to chest. That was great too, so I stared feeling her breasts, then I started licking them and she told me I might get a bit of milk if I carried on, so I really got into the suckling, lips and tongue and all the pressure my mouth could make. She was sighing and I did get a few sweet milky drops out ... I looked and there were spots of watery milk on her nipples. I licked them off and lay next to her, panting. She sorta rolled herself over on the bed, took a bit of doing cos of her weight, and I cuddled her back. I was rubbing myself up and down her bottom and she wasn't complaining, so I let my cock out of my pants and started sliding it down her panties where they wedged into her bum-crack, that was a gorgeous feeling but then she said 'Hey!' and turned so her back was on the bed and said 'keep your pants on please, you can release at the end if you want.' That's what she called it 'release'. So I put it back in my undies. We still had time left so I asked if I could kiss her legs and she said of course I could, so I pushed myself down her bed and started kissing her above the knees, slowly working up to her pussy ( which had her panties over it ) I started rubbing her mound with my lower teeth and she relaxed her legs ( they were so plump I couldn't get near her pussy with them closed ) so I said 'Can I take your panties off?' but she told me that wasn't what she was offering, so I kept on licking at her mound thru her pantie-pouch, I did it as strongly as my tongue would rub, trying to get her worked up. She was making little noises so I started pushing her legs apart, gently at first, then more strongly, and she let me, so soon I was actually licking her panties as they lay between her labia, she had a strong fishy flavor but I was so turned on I didn't care. Then I tried to get my tongue under the edge of her pants and she said 'Hey!' but she didn't close her legs so I only stopped trying for a minute, then i carried on and managed to get my tongue into her cleft. Wow! it was really wonderfully smooth and soft in there. I hated the tight cloth of her pants trying to keep my tongue out, so I hooked my finger round them and very gently moved them aside so I could stick my tongue under. I worked my way up to her well-buried clit and then she started telling me I was naughty again, but in a really nice way so I didn't stop, and I think I made her cum.
After that she asked if I wanted to 'release' on her tits, so I said yes and she sat on the edge of her bed and held her wonderful soft breasts together round my aching cock. I wasn't going very well and she asked if I wanted some lube, so she gave me the tube and I pushed some out onto myself, then it was sweet, I rubbed my cock up and down, she said 'don't cum on my face' and I laughed and very soon that old lovely feeling welled up inside me and I told her I loved her as I squirted onto her chest and neck.
Next time I go back I'm gonna ask if I may kiss her ass.

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