You surprised me one night with a strap on. A big dick, and you were all like "You want to dress and act like a girl, I'll make you like a girl"
You dressed me, in a short skirt , tight top, heels and stockings. You even got me a wig and did my makeup.
You told me to get on all fours while you showed me you big cock.
You asked if I wanted to suck it. I was hesitant, but you said you'd teach me. You put it at me mouth and you let me lick and kiss it, and then you encouraged me to put it into my mouth. You gently pushed while I sucked your strapon, fingering you at the same time.
After a few minutes I felt a set a hands grab my hips, I panicked and went to look but you held my head and told me it's going to be ok. The hands lifted my skirt and played with my ass.
I kept sucking and fingering you, as I felt my ass being lubed up, and fingered. Then a big cock slowly made its way into me.
I squirmed I wanted to see who it was. You wouldn't let me... I was being fucked in the ass and mouth and I was loving it. I came, with out anyone touching my cock...
The thrusting continued, and after a minute I heard a guy moan of relief, as I felt warm cum being squirted all over my ass and back.
You jolted as you too began to cum on my fingers... you said thanks to the stranger and he left leaving you and me in each other's arms...

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