Hi to you all
As you can see from my profile I’m a lot older than you however you might enjoy getting off on my experience the other night
This guy contacted me and said they want a older experienced man to help His lady cum as she had never had an orgasm
I have this massage table Sue was as nervous as kitten
Started on the toes She was on her stomach face down as I
worked my way all over her body
Neck shoulders then back to her great Voluptuous arse
Gently parting her thighs
My lubed fingers parting her now wet lips
Knowing she was responding turned her over
Great smile upon her face
Nipples erect
I then started slowly massaging her again
Nipples between my thumb and forefinger soft hard harder
Then to her wet lips
Fingers and thumb only to start back and forth
starting to whimper the she gets louder
My entire hand wet from her juices

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