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Here is my fantasy for our up coming trip to GOLD COAST IN
( JULY )

We are enjoying a gorgeous sunny day at the beach and we are astounded by all the sexy people here in GOLD COAST , my wife is so turned on and continues to point out sexy guys or girls and saying , I wonder what they are up to later ? Then shyly giggles and says I'm only joking I don't want that anymore .

We go back to our room and my wife spends an extended period in the shower and then longer than usual getting dressed for tea . I know what shes thinking and hoping will happen but would never admit it . She is wearing a gorgeous tight short dress , hair and make up perfect . I can tell shes excited so I ask her is she would like to hook up tonight and she quickly and abruptly tell me that its not going to happen tonight . LITTLE DOES SHE KNOW ...I have other ideas .

When we enter the restaurant people stare at her , her legs tanned and toned . She is eye catching and both woman and men are noticing her . I can tell that she is scanning the room and secretly fantasising about the sexy people in the room .

The meal is amazing , drinks are flowing and the sexual tension is obvious . My wife excuses herself and walks confidently to the toilet and then stops at the bar to organise a nice bottle of red . Its then that Danny the barman makes his move , I see him rush to serve her and I can tell that he's impressed with how sexy she is . I had met him here a month earlier and we had exchanged messages and organised this night to the minute but he had never seen her in the flesh until now . They chat and I could see that they are clearly flirting . My wife walks back to our table and looks at me with this cheeky , sexy look on her face . ( a look id seen before)

She sits down and I said . whos that ? She says , Dan ..and , I ask . oh nothing we just chatted . ok I say , yes she replies he's sexy . I knew then that i'd found the right guy .

My stunning wife is drinking slightly quicker and occasionally I catch her looking over to the bar but I ignore it . I don't want to spoil the moment . The restaurant is about to close and everyone is cleaning up then Dan walks to our table and I ask if he can point us to a nice club or bar . He stopped and chatted to us , even taking the time to introduce himself . We chat for a few minutes and he boldly say , I can take you to the best bar if you like . LOCAL KNOWLEDGE he said . We finish our drinks and follow Dan out the door , my heart is beating and so is something else

Dan knows the security and we are whisked in the door , he walks us over to a dark booth and says , my shout I will get us some drinks and be straight back . Thanks we reply and sit next to each and look around and comment on how nice the bar but at nothing is said about our new friend ..Dan its next to my wife who is now positioned between us , that was part of our plan ! We are all chatting and I can see that my wife is very attracted to Dan but is trying to make sure that her attention is also on me . Dan is a really fun guy and wife is responding to all his conversation and I can tell that she is turned on by being between the 2 of us . Dan leans over to speak to me and discretely touches my wives leg , I'm getting so horny now . My wives hand reaches and I see her touch the top of his hand and squeezes it , then she pushes his hand up her leg and see her slightly open her legs so that he can get better access . I told Dan that he would know if she was keen as she will always take control when she wants to make things happen . The tension is rising and my wife is becoming bolder and so is DAN , I was going to miss out so I too touched her leg so that she was at ease to continue .

My wife looks at me kisses me then turns to DAN and says excuse me I need to visit the ladies . Dan slides out of his seat so that she can get out and I look down to se his huge bulge in his pants . My wife walks away and he quickly turns to me and says she is gorgeous and so horny . She amazing , I cant wait to get her home . I ask him if he has touched her pussy and he said not yet but wanted to know if it was ok . God yes I replied , everything is up to her . H e said that she had grabbed at his cock and leant over and complimented him on how big it was and that she couldn't wait to see it later ..I'd explained to Dan in our conversations that I wanted to have some fun with her in a bar not just race home and fuck . She walks back and climbs over me and kisses me and grabs my hand , kisses me again that's when I realise that she is handing me her g string ..With a sexy grin she then leans over and passionately kisses Dan . All of us looked at each other without saying a word and sculled our drinks and quickly left the bar .Not a word was said ..Our motel is just around the corner , That too was organised ..We walk into the room and my wife moves straight between us both and kisses us in turn then says , LETS HAVE SOME FUN

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