Fun at the Bar

Fun in the bar
I am sitting at the bar awaiting my date Lance to arrive, as instructed I am dressed in my stockings, heels and tight corset, all covered in a sexy wrap around dress, as i sit poised on my stool sipping on my G & T, thinking to myself, what am I doing, I have never met this guy, i have only chatted to him online and on the phone, we decided not to exchange photos as i had revealed my fantasy was to have sex with a total stranger ! I shuffle on my stool as my pussy is getting wet and excited by the events hopefully about to happen, with my movement my dress slips apart to reveal my stocking top, i see a guy not far away looking at me leeringly ! Mmm I straighten my dress and wonder is he my guy ! 
As i am lost in my thoughts i feel the heat of a body close behind me, a sexy deep voice says "dont turn around, let your dress fall to the side" i let go of my dress and again it falls open to reveal my legs, "m m thats better, don't hide those sexy legs", i glance across the room and that guy is still watching me, im liking the attention, so i decide to cross
My legs allowing my dress to fall Even further, LOL it worked he is now shuffling and readjusting himself in his seat. 
I feel a hand on my shoulder and sliding down my arm, gently brushing against my breast. Oh thats horny, the mystery guy leans in to me and kisses my neck, i moan with pleasure, enjoying the moment, his hand caresses my breast discreetly, but firmly, my nipples harden under the tightness of my corset, i feel him breath hard against my ear, " i want that tit in my mouth" "is your pussy wet for me" i cant believe this is happening here, my pussy is dripping and twitching just at his slightest touch, is it because we are still
At the bar, and i can see the guy still watching me ! 
"Lets move to a Booth, i want more of you,l" lance orders us another round of drinks to be brought over, he directs me to the booth discretely located at the side of the room, i slide across the seat behind the table and he joins me and moves in against me as the waiter brings our drinks I see him pause and take his time placing our glasses, i note he is enjoying the eye full of my breast that is partially exposed
Over the top of my corset, my date takes An ice cube from my glass and runs it across my cleavage , i try to move but he tightens his grip on my thigh and says "stay still" he looks up at the waiter and says "isn't she hot" - the poor kid blushes as he nods his head and says "fucking hot indeed, you lucky bastard" he then realises what he said and mumbles "sorry" and turns away quickly back to the bar, i giggle and so does lance " thats the effect you have on guys, with out even trying, im going to enjoy running ice all over you later, watch your nipples harden under the coldness" with that he put the ice to my lips and said "open" as i opened my lips he popped the ice into my mouth, "good girl, you know how to obey" ! I just nodded my head, "ok sit still, and causally drink your G & T," - as i lifted my glass, keeping eye contact with him, i feel his hand move on my thigh, sliding up under my dress, past the top of my stockings to the naked flesh of my thigh, his finger tips brushing against the silk of my knickers, i gasp for breathe and try maintain my composure, i feel his fingers continue to play with the now moist fabric covering my pussy, he keeps eye contact with me, i see he is enjoying me fighting to remain in control, he smiles that naughty sexy smile and leans in to kiss my lips but as he leans in his fingers have moved past my panties and slipped deep into my pussy, he kisses me hard to suppress the yelp i want to release ! ! He moves back slowly allowing me to catch my breathe as he slowly removes his fingers and puts them to his lips and he slowly licks his fingers clean of my pussy juices. I breathe deeply and close my eyes trying to gather my senses, "now go to the ladies and remove those panties for me, come back quickly, i want this evening to fulfil both our fantasies" ! 
He stands to allow me to move out of the booth, his hand grasps my ass tightly as he kisses me before allowing me to move past him.
I straighten myself before the walk across the room to the ladies, i feel all the eyes are on me, im loving the sensation,
As i am in the ladies, fixing my make up, a lady i have never met before approaches me, i must admit i couldn't but help admire her beautiful breasts, and wonder what they would be like to kiss and fondle ? 
"Sorry, i don't mean to be rude, 
She said, but i couldn't help but notice you and your husband out there, you are a hot couple"
I giggle, " he isn't my husband, we have only met for the first time tonight " 
"Whow, you too are in for a good night then, you are on fire" lucky bitch, he is a stunner, what i wouldn't give to have a piece of him" 
I think for a moment, lick my lips and ask her her name, "Pat" she said, well Pat do you want to make a fantasy of his come true ?, "yes of course" but what is it ?" - "nothing risky or too kinky"i said, he would love to have a MFF with women he hardly knows or in your case doesn't know at all, i know he would just die for your tits, in fact I'm loving them myself," Pat laughs and takes my hand and places it on her tit, OMG its awesome i fondle it for a while, "so do you want to do this ?" "Yes I do" awesome, "so I will go back to him and work out what room we are in upstairs, as we leave i will let you know the number, give us 10 mins and then come up, i will let you in, this is fantastic, " pat then took me by surprise by stepping forward and kissing me full on the lips. 
We parted and i bent down and removed my knickers and put them in my handbag and glanced back at pat and smiled at her, as i walked back to my table, i couldn't believe what had just happened, 
Lance stands again as i approach and kisses me again full on the lips his hand grabs my tit this time, "easy sir, we will get thrown out" - "i don't care I have a room upstairs", maybe thats where I need to get you and have my wicked way with your hot body, isnt that what you want, hot sex with a stranger" - "oh yes Sir defentily, let me show you how much" i take lances hand and slide it back under my dress where my pussy is naked, shaved, and very wet, im very excited about what I know is going to happen, i part my legs to allow him full access to delve deep, i slide my hips to the edge of the seat, lance cannot hide the shocked look of pleasure from his face, he leans in again for a kiss and finger fucks me at the same time, i cannot supress a moan, im being driven mad, lance suddenly pushes me back and says "damm this is trouble, we need to get out of here before I cannot stand up at all"
"Ok lets go" lance starts looking through his pockets for his key, and sets it On the table as he puts his wallet away, i take note of the door #, as we get up from the booth, i notice where pat has positioned herself at the bar near the door, i lift my glass from the table and take a sip as i walk, as i get to pat i lean across her to place my glass on the bar, whispering the room # to her, she smiles knowingly at me, I wink back at her" I turn and move into lances arms as he directs me towards the door and the lift doors are open, we got into the life and as the doors closed, you grabbed me from behind and clasped both my breasts and "i want to fuck these tits" as i spun around to kiss you the doors opened on our floor, we scrambles out quickly and you pulled me as we ran down the corridor to our door, you fumbled with the key as i take the opportunity to fondle your ass cheeks through your pants, mmmmm shapely firm ass, you opened the door and grab my hand and pull me inside, closing the door and pressing me against it and you kiss my hungrily, we break apart and start to strip, i remove my dress slowly watching you reveal your hard shapely body, Jesus my pussy just did a flip, she wants to be filled with your hard cock, not taking my eyes off you, i remove my dress and watch you smile as you see me before you in heels stockings and tight black satin corset, breasts heaving with excitement, you move forward slowly, come here you sexy lady, i want you now ! You kiss me and i slowly lower myself down your body kissing as i move lower, until I am kneeling and now face to face with a beautiful hard cock, i lick my lips and go to work, licking and sucking every inch of this hard cock, while massaging your balls, i hear you groan as you take my head in your hands and thrust your hips until
Your cock is pounding against the back of my throat. "Stop, i want to taste you" you take your cock out of my mouth and help me to my feet, and guide me towards the bed, "lay down" i do so as you kneel and part my legs before hungrily delving deep into my pussy with your tongue, as you nibble on my clit i feel your fingers explore the debt's of my pussy and you commence finger fucking me, omg im going to explode already, i yell for you to stop please, you raise your head and smile at me, "turn over, on your knees"
I do so and you grab my hips and pull me back against your hips, taking a moment to direct your cock into my wet pussy, thrusting deep until your balls are slapping against my clit, "oh fuck yes, slam my pussy hard" you keep pumping hard, "im going to cum, keep going, Yes Yes" "cum for me baby, let those juices soak my cock",
On that word, my body shook as a massive orgasm raged through my body, my pussy clasping on to your cock.
As i calmed down, you slid your cock out of my pussy and said " turn and clean my cock" mmmm i got to lick my pussy juices off your cock, as i am enjoying your cock there a faint knock at the door, you turn in surprise, i grab your arm, "trust me please, lay down on the bed, face down" you do as i ask, i open the door to Pat, she is smiling in anticipation and appreciation as she looks at me and my attire! "Come
In Pat" i plant a kiss on her lips, she licks her lips and says "M M M you taste good, I like pussy tasting Lips." 
I take her hand and lead her into the room, she strips off her blouse as we go showing her buxom breasts in their full glory, i was shamelessly staring at her, I called "Lance, I have a present for you" he turns around and the look on his face was priceless ! "hello sexy, have all my dreams come true"? " well if all your dreams are to have two ladies, pleasure each other while you watch, and then they turn their attention to you, finishing with you fucking them both, them Yes your dreams are coming true" lets get it started ! ! 
Pat stripped off the rest of her clothes and stood beautifully naked before Lance and stepped into his reach and squashed her tits against him as she kisses him. 
I am getting turned on watching them knowing shortly i will be wrapped up with them fucking the afternoon away.
Watch this space to hear what else actually happened that afternoon ! ! 

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