Birdie Beach fun

I was heading south and planned to spend a couple of days camping at Freeman campsite near Birdie beach. I have always had a great time at Birdie the closer i got the more excited i became. By the time I arrived i skipped setting up the tent and went to the beach. I shed clothes the moment I passed the sign stating 150m to the beach.

it was an average day at Birdie and fast coming to a close when at around 5pm a woman arrived on the beach. It wasn't long before the first guy approached her and starting having a chat. I went back to my book and looked up 5 minutes later to see this guy working her pussy. Three other guys were on the way. I wasn't going to miss out. I too made my way over and it wasnt long before I was sucking a gorgeous pendulous breast, another guy was sucking the other breast and the original guy was hammering that pussy. I reached and grabbed the cock of the guy sucking the other breast and worked it. It didn't take long for him to cum. he moved down and started to suck my cock - well i just couldn't contain myself and he took my cock out just in time for me to cum over his face.

I just love Birdie.

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