Being a bottom 4

As my first year past with being fucked by three guys that turned into good friends
The second year was looking eventful a guy friend of andys contacted me he wanted to pop by i had a day off so after we chatted for a bit he came over i greeted him at the door we went into the shower and i sucked him as he stood there water running down our bodys he said open your mouth and i did with that he pissed in my mouth it ran down my chin and then he stuffed his cock back in my mouth he said get in bed bitch seeing how it was my first golden shower i was surprised i got in bed he said that was hot he lubed up pulled me onto all fours and stood next to the bed and slide in he fucked so hard held onto my hilps and pumped away he was pulling my cock as he fucked me when he was ready to cum he pulled out removed condom and blew into my mouth he was happy and he came a couple times after that

A few weeks later i was speaking to a guy he wanted me to dress in lacy panties and fish nets i Drove to his place and knocked on the door he opened the door we went into the lounge he siad suck so i opened my mouth and i sucked down a nice seven in hes i sucked him hard and he was getting harder on your back he said i did he pulled my panties aside and sucked me as he did he lubed my hole then got up and pushed in he lifted my legs and pushed deeper he was grunting on every stroke and he was calling me a slut and how sluts need to be fucked he pulled out and blew on my face i scooped it off and licked him clean that was the being of my second year of being a bottom that year there were some great cocks and some shockers one session that stood out was being fu ked by andy infront of his ex who he use to have sex with when she was horny she was hot as and we had fun but that is the next story

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