Being Looked at

This time last year l decided to get another split system installed up stairs. Looked on Gumtree and there was a guy that sold and installed and good price. So booked him in to come on Saturday. He arrived very pleasant guy young and attractive didn't think much more than that. So took upstairs to the spare room which had porn bi porn siting on the side tables next to bed, which i completely forgot. He started to do his stuff then i thought l will jump in the shoer as he will be a few hours. Im in the shower and i thought he was on the roof doing what he had to do, so i left bathroom door open just in case he yelled out and needed a hand. Washing away and cleaning my bits l tuned around and looked at the front of the shower and here is Matt, with this huge hard cock in his hand, stroking it. I asked him do you need to be washed as well, he relied yes, so he jumped in shower so started to clean him and his cock. On my knees sucking this big fat lebo cock. Matt thrusting his throbbing cock down my throat calling me a slut and cock sucking whore, l was quiet aroused by the verbal abuse and started stroking my cock. Matt grabbed me by my hair pulled me up to his face then started kissing me. We quickly got out of the shower and straight to my room. Matt pushed me on my bed spread my ass checks and slid his cock in my tight hole, using spit as lube. Fuck did that hurt. Eventually lube had to be used and Matt went of verbally abusing me, l laid there moaning with pleasure pre cum dripping from my cock. Next minute i felt this final thrush and Matt scream of excitement as blew deep inside me. Matt got up jumped in shower and went back to work.

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