Mrs Smith

I'm in my kitchen, making dinner. I look over and see my neighbor Nora (Mrs Smith) cutting up some vegetables in a large apron, as she turns around i realize.... shes only wearing the apron and some red lace G-string panties, clearly waiting for Mr Smith to come home.

Mrs Smith was 37 Blonde, big round peachy ass the every time she took a step each cheek would bounce in unison, kinda person that made you turn when she walked past. I really felt sorry for her future children as all the guys (or girls) would be talking about is how badly they wanna see her naked. Anyway, as she cut her vegetables she looked up and saw me staring and she waved and i blushed at how embarrassed i was, she chuckled as she continued to cut. Her husband arrived home and a long passionate and intense kiss took place with his hand instantly slapping her big phat ass and she loved it. she bent over the sink as she stared out the window and was moaning as she looked at me,i took out my now hard cock she locked he eyes on my young meat, she groaned and moaned as she was being licked out expertly.

she motioned for her husband to lay on the counter and as she sucked and slurped at his meat she never broke eye contact with me as i stroked and oozed out precum to the image of her big natural swaying tits with each stroke. i heard him groan as i was close to cumming i could only imagine how it felt with her wet lips and her tongue wrapping around the cock head of his meat and she just got up and left the room as he screamed and begged her to come back but she left with a wink and a kiss to me as i watched that swaying all leave the kitchen

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