My desire

As I lay here
Your fast asleep,
Up your back
Your nightie does creep.
Revealing to me
No underwear tonight
Your hot little ass
Is so sexy and tight.
You roll over
Onto your back
You start to rub
Your pussies crack
I couldnt believe
My own eyes
As you spread open
Your hot as fuck thighs.
Two fingers entered
You were so wet
I pulled out my cock
I was all set.
You went faster
You started to moan
You screamed God I'm Cumming
Then let out a groan.
I was now stroking
Faster than before,
I'd soon be Cumming
That was for sure
You reached over
You grabbed my head,
Eat my pussy
Was all you said
I went straight down
I started to growl
Soon you let out
A mighty howl
Stick in your cock
Fuck me fast
I knew for sure
I wasn't gonna last
Together we cum
Then layed back to rest
You tapped my cock
Said that was the best.
Your weren't wrong
You were on fire
You certainly light up
My every desire.....

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