Back to nature

After some pleasant chats over AMM Sally and I decided to catch up and do some exploring.

I picked her up mid week early morning, she was exactly like her photos and by the way she walked towards the car I could tell we were in for a fun morning. She jumped in the car full of energy and we hugged and started to drive down the highway, we drove over the Bolte Bridge and down towards Werribee.

The conversation flowed easily but I found it difficult to concentrate as my eyes continued to run up and down her body. She wore a tight little denim skirt with a white singlet and black bikini top underneath supporting her gorgeous E cup breasts, Sally was 11 years older then myself but was in amazing shape and didn't look much older at all.

The traffic was heading in the opposite direction so we had a clear run on the highway. Having such a strong libido it doesn't take much to excite me and having Sally there didn't help with that, my jeans had become extremely tight and my solid 7 inch peace was rock hard throbbing with the anticipation for what the day had ahead.

We arrived to the National park and being the middle of the week we had the place to ourselves, we jumped out of the car and began to walk. It was a perfect day weather wise 25 degrees, not a cloud in the sky and a slight breeze, a rare day for Melbourne. Being a gentleman I let Sally walk in front and not long into the walk I notice that she wasn't wearing anything under that little tight skirt. She had a perfect hairless pussy with nice size vulval lips. My excitement levels just went through the roof and my jeans just got a whole lot more uncomfortable.

About 20 minutes into our walk I'd receive multiple flashings of Sally's perfect vingina and I couldn't resist any longer... I grabbed her hand and lead her off the main track, not far because after the hour long car drive and the endless flashing I just had to have her. The desire of tasting that perfect little pussy had taken over and blood what pumping to all parts of my body. I push her up against a tree and held her firmly while kissing passionately. I ran my hand up Sally's shirt and untied her bikini top then ripped her singlet off to expose these gorgeous breasts that I've been fixated on ever since spotted her walking this morning. With one quick action I pulled my belt from my bulging jeans and pushed Sallys hands high above her head. I then walked to the back of the tree and used the belt to secure Sally's hands hard against the tree. The belt just fitted and the presser was extremely firm almost too firm but she was also feeling the adrenaline and I could tell she wanted it as much as I did. Now I move back around to have a really good look at my handy work. Sally's hands were tied almost too high and she was on her toes to help relieve the pressure from the belt. After taking 15-20secs gather my thoughts I then pushed up against her once again and kissed her while running my hands down her firm tanned body to unzip the denim skirt and dropped it to the ground. I then started sucked on her juicy breasts running my tongue around her perky nipples and softly biting them, being exposed to the elements had them sitting high and hard. After working her breasts with my mouth and hands I transferred my attention to that gorgeous pussy, I dropped to my knees and started by kissing the inner thigh her skin was so smooth a my juicy lips worked their way to her wet pussy. I licked and sucked, slurping away, she was getting wetter with each stroke of my long thigh. My face was completely covered with her cum dripping down my chin all over my chest. My efforts helped Sally forget about the pain the belt was causing she was struggling to stay on her toes as her legs were becoming weaker with every lick. As my fingers begin to chime in Sally ejaculates in my mouth and all over my face. By this stage a start to work my whole hand inside her, it's warm and wet and after carefully working her pussy I'm now wrist deep. Having only just met and to be able to trust me to tie her up in a public place and now let me push her to her limits with my tongue and hands was an amazing feeling. After undoing my belt Sally dropped to her knees completely satisfied and just trying process what just happened.

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