Cruising for a 3some

So a few years ago my girl and I went on a week long pacific cruise. It was on one of those giant boats that leaves from Sydney Harbour.

The cruise was fun enough, visiting Islands drinking all day and not doing much but lay in the sun.

As a couple we had swung a few times and had a few threesomes; but looking for it on a cruise was not really on our radar.

Like most people i took thet plenty of opportunities to perve. One lady I had seen a few times in the restaurant, the gym and the pool caught my attention, because she always seemed to perve back.

One night after we ate dinner this lady came walking over to our table and asked to sit down. We said sure grab a seat. She then asked flat out if we were a couple. We laughed and said yes. She replied that's a shame, and told my girl I was hoping he was single.

Well from there the ice was broken and a rather sordid discussion of prior sexual encounters began. She explained to us she was a single mum cruising with her friend and had planned to get laid but hadn't found anyone yet. At this point my girl said she would fuck her if no one else would. She reacted with a bit of suprise, then asked if we had actually done something like that.

My girl bragged about our limited exploits but in this case the audience was captivated. Eventually she asked sheepishly how do you find yourself in that kind of scenario.

I took my shot and said I think we are in one now. There was silence and we all looked at each other. After what felt like a long time my girl said should we go to our room.

One we got back to our room a nervous tension set in. We all sat on the bed waiting for someone to make a move. My wife flung of her heels and reached down to remove or new friends. I sat back ready to watch a show.

From this point the girls took over. They began kissing feverishly and clumsy removing each others clothes. They took turns locking each others pussys and rubbing and sucking there naked bodies.

I took off my clothes and sat watching holding my cock which felt like it may explode. Realising I may be forgotten I stood up next the bed. Well they noticed and began to lick and suck me. I pulled away so I wouldn't waste my load so quickly.

My girl said she wanted to see me fuck. Our friend eagerly got on all fours and standing next to the bed I slipped on a condom in record time and entered her.

I wasted no time in pumping, just hard grunting stokes. With my girl watching me I felt great. The moans grew louder and when my girl told me to fill her with cum it was all I could do to hold her bum, blow and not fall over as my legs shook.

We collapsed and fell asleep quickly. A few hours later we woke up and I headed into the shower. I was soon followed and the 2nd round would be to difficult to explain. A threesome in a tiny cruise cabin bathroom is really a challenge.

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