The start of our night....

I wrote this for a woman I am interested in and who is, sadly, playing mind games with me as to her intent... I hope you enjoy and if you'd like to read more please let me know...

You arrive at the hotel I’ve booked a room for us in at the time I told you to. Checking in the attendant gives you a package, your heart beats a little faster because you know that this is what I have chosen for you to wear tonight.

I arrive at the time I said I would and find you in the position I instructed you to await my arrival in. Kneeling on the floor inside the door to the hotel room, dressed in the babydoll and crutch less panties I picked for you, collar around your neck, head bowed waiting for me.

Your nipples stiffen the moment you hear the click of the door unlocking, automatically you become damp, your cunt quivering in anticipation of what is to come.

I walk in, “Good girl” I murmur

I stop and lean my bag against the door and then walk around you, inspecting you, taking you in. I stop in front of you and reach down for your face, I bring it up so that your eyes meet mine

“Are you ready to serve me?” I ask

You nod, biting your lip, your breathing becomes heavier and I see your breasts heaving slightly

I bring you up so that you are standing and I lean in to kiss you, it is deep and carnal. Already you feel the heaviness of my hardened cock in my pants against you and the heat radiating from my body

I trace my fingers along the satin of the babydoll, I bring them up to your stiff nipples and squeeze them hard. I hear a sigh get caught in your throat and this just makes me bolder.

I reach between your legs and feel the wetness already seeping from your bare slit, I rub your mound roughly and slap it.

“What a little slut you are, already wet and ready for it” I snarl in your ear

“Only for you…” you whisper

“Only for you, who?” I demand reaching up and grabbing a fist full of your hair, pulling your head back quickly

“Only for you, Sir” you reply knowing this is exactly what I want to hear and exactly what you want to call me

“Good girl,” I say “but you didn’t get it right the first time did you?”

I tell you to go lean over the desk, you know what is coming and you steel your resolve to take it like a good sub should
I move the babydoll up begining to rub my hand over your arse and the backs of your thighs. I rear back and bring my hard hand down on your arse cheeks, they automatically burn but the sensation just makes you wetter as you look into the mirror on the desk letting out a moan and a yelp at the same time.

“Are you a naughty little slut?” I ask as I spank you again, this time harder and with more authority

“Yes… yes Sir I am” you stammer, looking into my face in the reflection with those doe eyes you do so well “For you I always will be”

This just spurs me on as I slap your arse harder and harder, your yelps have turned to moans as I go from cheek to cheek, running my hand over them before spanking them

I reach between your legs and feel your soaking wet cunt, happy that I am having the desired affect I grab you by the hair and pull you to the bed, sitting you on the edge.

I stand there and without instruction you begin to run your hands along my crutch, my hard throbbing cock straining against my pants.

“May I… Sir?” you ask

“Yes you may kitten” I respond as you unzip me, reaching in expecting underwear you are both surprised but not shocked to find there is none

You pull my thick cut cock out and you lick your lips, you look up into my eyes and then take me in your mouth

The warmth sends a shiver down my spine and I moan “Yes, baby that’s the way”

You smile inside because you live to serve me and you know tonight you will truly become mine….

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