Part three: "The Dresser Draw"./The euphoric difference between falling and flying!

I wasn't prepared for the emotion that Dave would provoke. I wasn't prepared for the evocative lust that his secret was going to implode within me. … It fragmented and resided in every element of my being; splintering my inference of attraction.
It made no sense, non whatsoever,
how could it,
how would it……!
My modest mindset of an abiding, county housewife was shattered to smithereens with the discovery of panties, suspender belts, stockings and heels...
Oh this was going to be a journey that mesmerized myself and challenged my reasoning, but the slightest indication of what laid ahead, brought butterflies to flight, goosebumps to the surface of my skin and a gasping to my normally composed breathing.
How could it be that lace panties, suspender belt and stockings would turned me on;
yet it captivated me, it drew me in. …
Yes yes just like a bee being drawn to the honey, I was besotted beyond reasoning.

We were caught up in the whirlwind of discovering each other's spent youth, our transpiring sexualities, our trials and tribulations and deepest desires. For myself, I longed to be given the privilege of knowing the identity you'd hidden away from the outside world. There was no reasoning just amour in what my mind was racing ahead to envisage.
The contents of your tallboy was undeniably a fusion of your true inner uniqueness.
A mélange of your inner and outer identities.
You hesitantly pulled open your third draw….. the pretty contents gave an unforeseen validity to the stories you had trusted me with. Like a curious child who yearns to touch something new, something stimulating, something visually enticing, my hands beckoned to explore its contents. ...yet there was an energy in the room I was vividly aware of.
I dragged my fixation from the soft colors to gaze upon your expression. Your eyes were alive and animated and yet the lines of your face and lip formation were anxiously tainted with an uneasy disposition.
I was aware of the predicament this single draw unveiled. My instinct was to protect your inner balance and reinforce your decision to share with me your most guarded intrinsic secret. I turned and gently held each side of your worried face, bent your forehead down and gently kissed it, then kissed each cheek and tenderly sought to caress your lips with mine.
I hoped the genuineness I felt in my soul would be evident within my eyes, even abaft
the tears that welled to the brim. .. as they toppled beyond my lashes and trickled down my cheeks to be caught in the corner of my smile.
The overwhelming desire to feel the silky materials draping between my fingers was just too irresistible….so my attention eagerly returned to exploring the intimate apparel beckoning my eyes within the open draw!
Each piece had been lovingly folded and laid in its own grandeur. Respectfully I individually explored a few enchanting retro pieces. The detail and refinement of the stitching, ruffles, design lines and luxuriousness of the material was impelling and provocative! I was instantly smitten with the covetousness that I felt about exploring further. It was alike to delving into your Santa Sack, each discovery brought titillation to my mind and was giving rise to Dave's cock, oh I was being swept away in the moment and was welcoming both the trepidation and the awakening of our sexual connection.
Dave's hand instinctively moved to the crevasse between my thighs.

I instantly wondered ….

Was he wanting to feel the luxury of the silk panties that society allowed myself to indulge in wearing?
Was he envious?
Was he turned on by the sensation that a slippery textile transmitted from fingertips to mindfulness?
Was he needing to discover how turned on his secret had given way to my pussy?
Would it give him his own validity to opening up his secret?
Was he going to give way to his “manhood” and be swept away in the moment?

I wanted to feel how hard his cock was.
I wanted to see its hardness and watch it spurting its load in the moment of exploration.
It was my driving hunger, my driving need to feel wanted and desired. … oh how that weakness to my femininity would change during our exchange of needs. ..each of our foremost guises would see my self-possession transform.
For now it was literally the heat of the moment and the essence that was in the air from exploring the “draw”, that swept us away. As we strip each others clothing free, Dave was committed to leaving my lingerie on.
I discovered Dave was wearing male briefs, not quite sure what I expected but the distinct hardness to his cock was evident in the fulness of his bulge. .. I eagerly dropped to my knees and looked longingly up to hold his gaze before hooking both thumbs in the band of his Calvin's and slowly sliding them down. His cock sprung forth, rigid and already glistening with precum. Size has never been a thing to me, the energy and eminence of a “pretty” cock makes me weak at the knees. I could easily envision Dave's in a pair of his silky panties and that thought had me inquisitive beyond reasoning. A sweet six inch cock that was cut and of average girth, full heavy balls that immediately had me swallowing in anticipation of the load they confined. I ached to release the fed that was penned in. My mouth eagerly encased his cock to its length, working it's conjuring talents to brim Dave to the brink again and again. But it wasn't me who defined the speed, the direction of play, the timing. … it was Dave… it was his alpha male persona… I was swept up in the energy and his charismatic vibe.
Spent and sweaty we laid heaped upon the bed, my insatiable mouth longing for more, but my mind content with the energy that was shared. With my body still buzzing from numerous orgasms I noticed a smile curving the edges of our mouths as our chests heaved and fell, trying to recompose our breathing. A contagious giggle escaped my lips as I saw the irony in our session. At the time it didn't puzzle me, afterwards I remembered to bank some questions for a better time.

Do you recall me saying some command the need to control?

I'm am not one of these people, yet to find the “mistress” within I was going to have to uncover the desire to lead and train,
Remember, just like time itself, nothing can stay the way it once was, nothing can be explored without change. …
Some accept change more readily than others….
There was a version of me that Dave needed to come to life for him to live his inner dream.
Something inside me had been awakened, I needed to find what it was.
The learning of discipline, domestication, denial and domination….would set my mind searching for a mentor.
So my femdom journey had begun. ...tenderly and meekly mild, yet leaving my mind antsy to delve deeper. Dave and I had started to ascend to a height that would launch our relationship into a space that needed careful navigation.
I was left feeling heady and somewhat disoriented, but knew where to go, to learn how to attack the angle of this energy.
The speed at which this relationship was to be launched would need to produce enough lift to overcome the obstacles that could weigh it down. ... and keep it from hitting the ground long before we could sustain its flight.
A world where a sissy cuck would wrangle with a conflicting dominant persona.
But whose dominant side would lose the elevation required to control the inner balance of sustaining the journey beyond where either of us had soared before!

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