She had borrowed his car for the day as hers was in the mechanics for all of Friday, dutifully she had dropped him at work early that morning and had arranged to pick him up after work at 5:30 precisely as his office was slightly closer to home than hers was, and it made sense to do it that way. He spent the day at work in various meetings which he hated with a passion so as the clock crept closer to 5:30 he yearned for the weekend and the quiet intense times that their relationship revolved around His penis stirred briefly as he day dreamed once again of the Love swing he had built into their bedroom a couple of months earlier and the acrobatic sex that had followed, he had really liked the later invention of the motorised cupping machine which took all need for her to move out of the equation. He mused briefly as the meetings speaker waffled on about some meaningless market data and sales projection that if he could market his latest sex contraption he was damn sure it would out perform any growth projections of this dreary company. Because that was where is true calling was he was an inventor who had been waylaid into this career of Sales. As a little reminder for his slut that he was thinking of her he fiddled with his phone and sent a activate text to her vibrating bullet for 20 seconds of Ethernet joy, God he loved how technology advances could be used to his pleasure.
Yes all in all he was really looking forward to the weekend as the clock went 5:30 he packed up his office flicked the lights and went out the door to stand on the corner in this largely industrial area and wait for her.
Meanwhile She was running very late another fictitious crisis at work plus an extended lunch with an old friend had seen her leave 10 minutes later than she should have and now the traffic was hideous as she raced across town to pick Him up, in the pit of her stomach had that familiar fear was building he was unreasonable when it came to tardiness and what was worse it was now starting to rain as one of the cities sporadic downpours pelted the cities inhabitants, She knew he would be icy cold both literally and figuratively when she finally reached,
He meanwhile had started to walk in her direction and had indeed been soaked by the passing downpour, He was not really amused at all and checked on her GPS tracker to see she was still 5 minutes away, as he strode along the footpath he started to work the muscles in his right arm and shoulder getting them loose and limber perhaps a little beating right on the street would suffice.. Then no he had another idea altogether and a slow smile spread across his lips as he contemplated a thorough weekend of training for her.
Finally she rounded the last corner and was on his street and clearly saw his large frame marching down the street, she could clearly see his face which although had a smile on it was incongruous with the rest of his body language. She pulled over and he got in she smiled and reached across to kiss him which to her surprise he kissed her back, after all he was still happy to see her for she was the one, But as a little taster for her just as there kiss finished he bit down on her lip a little reminder of his displeasure at being kept waiting,
He barked an order to drive to the local wood merchants which sent a shiver down her spine he was obviously angry but she knew he didn’t have a weekend project on so what was he going to do, they had been together long enough for her to realise the signals that he had obviously dreamed up some sort of contraption or device to “help with her training” as he called it, trying to lighten the mood she took one hand off the steering wheel pulled her short skirt up higher and stuck her fingers in her pussy she knew that by rubbing her wet fingers on the upper lip of his moustache the smell of her might lighten the punishment or at least she hoped,
McLaren’s the wood merchant was still open when they arrived but with 10 minutes left till closing he had to be meticulous with his time She watched from the car as he handled the lengths of timber to find exactly what he needed he selected 3 long wooden posts and a sheet of 9ply
phew she thought it did not look like enough wood for a rack or any of the more exquisite of the known BDSM devices but she was certain that whatever he had thought of it would involve a good deal of training she squirmed involuntarily at the thought of some of his other more elaborate training sessions. She worried that his extensive tool room and wood working equipment he already owned would no doubt mean that he would
He purchased the timber efficiently and with precision had strapped the timber to the roof racks of his Territory and climbed back into the passenger seat, the entire task took less than 15 minutes “Home” he said to Her, She started the car and drove out of McLaren’s and headed home with a building excitement in her loins, She had had a few relationships but this one by far had her totally captivated His need for sexual gratification was almost as strong as her and yet his creative and inventive nature meant she was often off guard when it came to some of his scenarios. One thing was for sure she was going to be sore come 7am Monday.
Once the car was safely ensconced in the garage and they had both entered the front door of their little bungalow they had shared for the past six months often only leaving it for bare necessities and sometimes not at all for the whole weekend.
He had taken off his muddy shoes he turned to her and said go to the bedroom bring me the Collar the leash and the cane I will be in the lounge, he turned and walked to the kitchen and got himself a cold beer to wash away the week that was, he could hear her as she searched for his favourite cane
He made his way to the lounge where the large brown leather ottoman took centre space he had recently fitted it with bondage straps that tucked neatly away in a hidden compartment one underneath each of the four legs it was part of the a larger suite but he had taken particular care when purchasing it that it was big enough to hold a 160cm tall person with his recent modifications it meant he could strap someone to it very quickly and effectively yet it looked completely vanilla when in its normal state. He chuckled at the irony a lot like him he thought. He flicked on the surround sound and the pulsating sound of deep forest was playing from their last love making session quickly he flicked the dial and found the classical station where some soprano was giving it her all.
His slut returned god she both completely intoxicated him and frustrated him sometimes “come here” he said so she walked over to in front of where he was sitting. He immediately reached up and in one movement pulled her skirt panties and tights down to her feet “step out” he said, she did so, “Bend down “ he ordered again she was compliant he took the collar out of her hand and fastened it tightly around her neck , “on the ottoman” he said she immediately lay face down across the ottoman , he undid each of the four straps on each corner and then bound them around her arms and legs though the arms he did not do evenly meaning she was laying almost on a diagonal across it with her head off to one side slightly tipping off it it meant that the blood was starting to rush to her head giving her a little buzz, the leather was still cool to the touch and her bottom was now fully exposed and prone, with his right hand he took his trusty cane and administered the first of his love taps, after half a dozen he was starting to enjoy himself so he stood up and undid his zip and exposed the rod that was his hardened penis always the first few squeals from her and he would be aroused, he guess it was still the new relationship thing. Reseating himself on the couch sitting forward in his left hand he grabbed her hair and pulled her head up so that the tip of his penis would enter her mouth while the right hand administered a little more love, and so in gradual progression he rocked her head up and down on his penis by pulling the lusty handful of hair he held while still administering the punishment she so rightly deserved, as the soprano started to reach some painful points in the song so she could relate and let out a few yelps and whimpers herself.
He contemplated climaxing in her mouth as her simpering and the enforced blow job were starting to take effect but decided against it in the nick of time. She had not earned it just yet, he could smell she was aroused and he decided to take advantage of this,
Again ingenuity meant that for those looking at the enormous neo industrial looking lampshade that stood of to one side of the lounge suite might question the couples taste in furniture but again it hid its real purpose in plain sight, like a dentist’s drill or a shearers cutter, one arm of the lamp came out and swung around, he pulled at the arm and it came free revealing a double mounted socket,
he idly flicked open the front of the hidden storage compartment at the base and took out the largest dildo he could find and an anal vibrator smaller in size but no less aggressive and plugged the two of them into the now mobile arm. (He smiled to himself at the thought he was more James Bond than 007 himself).
He nudged the ottoman with his legs around so that he could pull the arm down and insert the dido and butt probe into place which he did after having lubed them both, then he twirled the dial and both little machines came to life,
Ahh time for him to relax for a while as she would now go on an automated ride for a while he stretched out his legs from where he had been sitting so that they now were atop her torso and with his right toe he could adjust the penetration of his little gadgets as they did their work.
He flicked on the footie with his iPad to catch up on the game as she started to moan, enough of that so he found the gag handily placed down the back of the cushion and placed it in her mouth,
The game was about halfway through as his beloved footie team was trying to mount a comeback they were a little behind but turning up the intensity he got so wrapped up in the game he almost forgot the writhing smelly mess of woman under his feet, he must have let her go for a good 40 odd minutes long enough he thought he sat up and reached across her buttocks and stuck his fingers into her pussy alongside the dildo just to check on moisture levels, He decided he had taken just about as many orgasms out of her for the night as he wanted to,
So he undid the straps that had held her so firmly to the ottoman removed the little electric friends and instructed her to get up. Go and get the ankle and wrist straps he said, obediently she went to the bedroom and opened the large chest at the end of their four poster bed and took out the four binds, and returned to the lounge with them. He then removed all her remaining clothes and stood her naked in front of him he attached the wrist and ankle binds and the said bend forward she did so and he attached left wrist to left ankle with about 30 cm’s of strap between them and right wrist to right ankle meaning she was now stuck bending over with the inside of her elbows helping to keep her thighs apart he then turned her around and attached another bind to his own right ankle and then linked it through her right ankle with about a metre of leash, She was therefore stark naked meant over in front of him and now attached to him like a slave from African days.
To the bedroom now he said. She went first and he followed along behind her awkward crab like gait his view was of nothing but her luscious backside and the red strip marks his training had inflicted. He was now fully aroused and decided to quench himself he took his manhood in his hand and helped it extend to its full length and just as she got to the side of the bed he entered her moist pussy “stop here” he said at first he took his time just at the entrance of her womanhood moving the tip in and out but gradually he increased the penetration until he knew she was taking his full length her head was just on the side of the mattress so as his thrusting got more and more vigorous she bounced back from the innerspring, She loved the master penis and she tried with all her extensive inner muscles to hold onto it and give him the luxurious silky experience he so deserved,
Eventually he came and straight away she knew she had pleased him immensely she knew his loads intimately he ejaculated more than any man she had met before literally a tablespoon or two for normal load but this time it seemed to gush out of him like a fountain the warmth started deep inside her vagina and the flowed out down past her clit onto her leg and dripped all the way to the floor, he enjoyed leaving it inside her even after climax and knew that she would use her female muscles to try and clamp and hold onto it for as long as she could as it slowly retreated.
He pushed her onto the bed and smiled at her “Good Girl” he said he took his shirt off and mopped the excessive spunk from her, he knew if he left it there it would be itchy by 2am and she would spend the night uncomfortably, he undid the binds on her wrists and and ankles and let her get ready for bed. When she climbed back into bed he reattached her ankle strap to his so that she was attached to him and he pulled her close in a loving snuggle so entwined they were that he could feel the heat of the stripes on her backside give warmth to his loin. Vaguely his penis fluttered but he was so tired he quickly drifted off to sleep
The next morning he woke early he had much to do he undid the ankle strap from him and attached it to the foot of the bed, he left her in bed asleep and went and made the coffee she always liked the coffee he made for her and the accompanying chocolate biscuit were always a great way to start the day, Groggily she awoke to hear the coffee machine at full steam, she knew he was probably at the front window watching the dawn break the sky, as the machine went through its paces, He was back within minutes with a cheery good morning darling he passed her drink and biscuit here you go, do you want to come and see the dawn he asked ” no” she said the bed was feeling too comfortable, Ok then” stay here” he said
He left the room and she could hear him as he moved through the house and could tell he was heading to his tool room, she took a sip of the coffee and tried to imagine what was going to happen, in the end she gave up and tried to think about how they had first met a totally unexpected connection that had been forged from the first few words of chat.

He was back in 20 minutes knowing she would need the morning stream he undid her and lead her to the large completely tiled ensuite where he waited while she did her morning ablutions , he led her to the shower and pushed her in turning the dial to warm he took the hand piece and washed her down good maintenance he always said was the key to keeping a good slave, finishing the quick blast he commanded she take a towel and dry herself before he led her to the sink and the face washing teeth brushing began, he so preferred the clean fresh look. Especially if there was more fun afoot. Just as she finished he took the toothpaste from her and squirted a liberal amount onto his finger and with a quick movement he reached down between her legs and smeared it liberally around the lips of her vagina and finished by leaving a small amount on her anus, He smiled to himself as he knew from previous experience that there would be a couple of minutes of icy coolness down before the effect changed and became a warming almost burning sensation which could last for hours. “Back to bed” he ordered and she dutifully headed back to the four poster
“Face down” was his next order and she dutifully complied and stretched her limbs making that familiar star shape efficiently he was expecting , he strapped her to the bed and then found three large pillows which he wedged under her pubic bone making her arse stick up proud on the bed, He reached to the bedside table and took out his preferred blindfold for her and tied it tightly around her head then he quickly unzipped his pants letting his now bulging manhood free, Quickly he stepped onto the bed and mounted her,
He was in a vigorous mood and rather than plunging himself deep into her pussy he opted with a little persuasion to penetrate her anally, reaching forward he clasped his hands around her neck and though he was now dangerously overbalanced, his entire weight was driving his penis into her deeply and all the air out of her simultaneously, he tightened his grip and then used it like a pull up bar to move up and down building momentum he could see the base of her neck redden and knew that she was heading towards a blackout. Just as he was about to climax in her he released his grip and could hear the immediate large gulp of air she breathed and with that he came copiously and completely, god he thought he did like the morning quickie it really did set up the day…
Getting up he decided to leave her there, he had an appointment in the tool room and that would not be delayed, whistling to himself he strode purposefully through the house and out to his man space.
She lay there unable to move with his morning load slowly oozing out of her despite her best efforts, and listened, well really there was not much else she could do. He again had left the door open so she could clearly hear him as he used his saws and drills and hammers he seemed very happy with himself as whistled some of his favourite tunes. It must have been an hour or so but time was difficult for her to keep a track of she could sense he was nearing completion of his latest creation as she could hear the definite whirr of the sander as he was applying the finishing touches it would not be long now she thought. A small shudder went through her from the base of her spine though she had complete faith in whatever was to come he would treat her within the spirit of their relationship even if he had found ways of taking her breath away,
His evolution in this arena had been remarkable. He had initially made contact with her on his very first week on the new alternative lifestyle website he had just discovered and their connection had grown from that as she had initially mentored him and provided great insight into the real world of BDSM. He continued to harness his long suppressed passions and was feeling like he had finally found the yin for his yang, he felt the two shared a bond in bondage that was now unbreakable.
He surveyed his handy work it looked very similar to something he had seen online , gleefully he carried it through the house and into the ensuite and placed it in the centre of the room right atop the central drainage sink in the room, he quickly walked to the bed and released her binds and led her to the newly constructed symbol of his love for her. Moulding and shaping her body onto the table he quickly got her position in such a manner that her head was hanging down and her buttocks was proud and upstanding, he took a couple of leather straps and by way of tightening them created the much sought after thigh gap, opening her as wide as she could go, he stood back and admired his handy work such a sight of beauty he could not contain himself he lent forward and kissed her beautiful cheeks.
He reached inside the shower and took the moveable shower head in his hand he fiddled the dial until a small but steady concentrated stream of warm water gushed forth more than a dribble the outflow matched his typical morning stream, there would be No water blasting going on here,
She could feel as the warm stream initially sprayed across her pert buttocks and then the persistent drumming as it found her clitoris and then concentrated on it deftly he moved it slowly up and down the length of her clit, it felt so good immediately that already she felt waves of euphoria washing up and down her body, having her head below her knees was really magnifying the issues as the head rush was make her giddy by itself, the warm stream of water would not be denied it was touching and tickling all of her womanhood and very quickly she could feel herself reaching near climax her minute stiffening of her muscles were a giveaway to him that she was indeed closing in on the peak, just to speed up the process he reached forward with his spare hand inserting his thumb full length into her anus and his two top fingers deep within her pussy, the sudden intrusion had the desired effect shortly afterwards and he recognised her need to have a micro break.
Dropping the head of the shower back in the unit he went in search of his new purchase that had turned up that week it purported to be a pussy expander and had been quite expensive considering what turned up looked a bit like an empty coke bottle with both ends off, he found it and returned to the ensuite and inserted it deep within her it, it held her lips apart and standing at a certain angle he could see deep within her womb and found her Gspot which had been a bit of an enigma for her previous lovers, dropping the water pressure back a bit he had it coming out more like a stream of drops he deftly aimed through the coke bottle and found his target with a sure and precise aim.
Almost immediately she felt something different the usual lighter waves of euphoria that gripped her body during a clitoral orgasm were replaced by a deeper more penetrating wave that seemed to emanate from her very core, she was completely at its mercy as this new sensation gripped her entire body and she shook and trembled as it took over, the persistent drumming of the droplets would not stop she was driven to higher and higher levels of pleasure until she could control it no more she left an involuntary whimper and then she exploded in a gush of pent up feminine juices like nothing she had experienced before the sensation of orgasm left her body in total euphoria she hardly even noticed she was crying as the tears seeped out of her eyes.
“That my little slut is why we don’t leave people in the rain” he said you never know what new joyous experiences they might find, He unshackled her and took her back to bed where he made joyous love to her before they drifted off to a deep and contented sleep..

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