Care to go for a drive?

It's burning in her mind and her mind generates energy that creeps beneath her skin.
It's your filthy mind and glorious cock that is making her skin itch with anticipation …….
The heat.
The urge.
The desire.
The innate need to feed.
The hunger swells within her tummy.
It ignites her senses ablaze.
From the wind rustling her hair as she winds down the window to the sinking sun kissing her skin with warmth of emerging ravenousness.
Her need to feed, when it's at its peak….is insatiable.
Contained….. it's manageable.
Heightened…… it's contagious.
It's an essence that comes from the depths of her belly, it's in her touch, her fingertips, upon her lips, her delving tongue.
It shines within her enticing brown eyes;
a look of definition.
A vibe that will excite your fantasies and
stimulate your body.
Your mind will spin with possibilities and your manhood will give your willingness away.

She's wet.
She's wet all the time,
but when the need to feed is imminent,
the glistening of her intoxication for cock drips down her thighs and puddles on the seat.
You can hear it's abundance with the movement of her pelvis.
You can smell its sweetness in the air.
You'll watch her lips curve with that undeniable smile as she holds your gaze.
She knows you know and that burns her mouth to be upon your enlarging bulge beneath her line of vision.
This mynxs love of cock is unique and untapped; no matter how many hard organs be in the midst of her succulent lips she aches for yours.
From the tip of her tongue circling, exploring, teasing.....To her lips encasing the girth of your rigidity.
Her mouth taking little by little.….
Her mouth wet and salivating to engulf your length…..To relaxing her throat to take your pulsating head to a depth tinkering on triggering a gag.
Her eyes will be raised to meet with your attention to the road, watching your dilemma flourish, watching you fight the desire to pump your sweet sweet load deep down her slutty throat just yet!
This mynx knows her ability to weave your need for this feeling to last, this insane hot visual to expand your experience of her sluttiness beckoning on the seat next to you.
The sound she enthusiastically emits as she is totally overcome by your gorgeous cock.
The moaning and slurping as she takes you to the brink of explosion.
There are cocks….
Then there are COCKS!
Yours has the power to transfix her,
Yours has the energy to heighten her need to feed. ..
She doesn't want this to end any more than you do.
She overtakes your consciousness and replaces it with her ambitiousness to suck you dry.
Every last drop. ..
She'll sense your impending upload.
She'll read your body,
She'll devour your pulsating cock with such voracity, you'll wonder where she came from.
She'll know when to deepen her suction.
She'll know when to hold your entire cock hard against the back of her throat.
She'll know just how much the constriction of her gagging throat muscles will massage your sensitive, enlarged cock head.
Each time it pounds past the resistance.
Each time it expands her airway then blocks it.
She'll know when to manipulate its hardness with a sliding hand and mouth in unison.
And in that undeniable moment of ecstasy she's pump your shaft with her grip while her gluttonous mouth sucks the life out of you.
In that moment of hunger this Mynx will fight the need to scream from her own orgasm, she'll arch her back and raise her needy arse in the air and feel her squirting flood the passenger seat of the car.
She wonders which passing drivers glimpse her head bop up and down?
She wonders which passing drivers are drawn to her bare arse up in the air while your hand explores her needy orifice.
Occasionally they tease and entice voyeurs by frequenting the car park below the big bridge. But more often than not, the whole drive, suck and blow, is maneuvered impeccably around the Bayside streets.
The energy and intensity of your cumming transcends you into a zombie like state as you depart from the driver's seat.
The energy and intensity of your cumming sets ablaze her need for more. …
Her hunger is indeed insatiable. ..
Her innate love of cock surreal!
This Mynx wonders how many loads would satisfy her?
This Mynx ponders if her hunger would only increase load by load?
The mind captivated at the possibilities. ..
Captivated by the cocks.
Captivated by the glorious cumloads.
She smiles and slowly runs her tongue around her lips…
This Mynx never wastes a drop!

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